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Riptive the landscape was brought to life for me Morpeth the steamer to Sydney via Newcastle all familiar Mystery intrigue and tangled emotions mix with etermination and loyalty India was a na ve young woman who was trying to make her way in a man s world Her strength and Witch Week (Chrestomanci, desire to succeed made her a character to love I thoroughly enjoyed The Horse Thief and have no hesitation in recommending it highlyWith thanks to NetGalley the publisher and the author for my copy to read and review This was a very enjoyable Aussie rural romance Set in the 1860s the story revolves around a horse stud the fictional Helligen in the Hunter Valley Once flourishing and prosperous the stud is runown Memory Boot Camp due to a series of tragedies Owned by Alexander Killhampton successful importer and exporter it was once his pride and joy but after his wife Laila fell from her horse and became an invalid and their baby sonied he sent his London Calling daughters off to school and buried himself in his businessoften spending weeks away at sea Now his eldestaughter India is Orchard Valley Grooms determined to rebuild the stud and has hired a studmaster Jim Mawgan What sheoesn t know is that Jim and his family have connections with the stud and he has come back for hidden reasonsTea Cooper tells an interesting story and has a wonderful sense of time and place This is not just a romance but a family saga centred around horse breeding and the early Croma Venture: The Spiral Wars, Book 5 days of the Melbourne Cup when it was every breeder s aim to show they bred the best horses by winning the cup She has alsorawn some great characters India Killhampton is in many ways a very modern woman feisty and smart ressing in gaucho pants and refusing to ride side saddle or marry the wealthy older man selected for her Her younger sister Violet is almost her opposite flirty and spoilt she is useless around the stud and wants nothing than to be back in Sydney going to balls and parties And Jim a typical horseman who is loyal and fearless espite his secret reasons for coming to HelliganRecommended for those who enjoy a well written historical romance with a good mystery to be solved India Kilhampton has always The Tycoons Very Personal Assistant dreamed of breeding a Melbourne Cup winner To achieve this she needs a stud master so she advertises for one Jim Mawgan answers the ad and it seems Jim is exactly who India needs Once Jim arrives at Helligen Stud in the Hunter Valley he seems to settle into his task rather uickly but unbeknownst to India he has his own secret that he intends to keep to himself Wanting to accomplish his father sying wish may come at a cost and could it One Girl One Dream destroy India s lifelongream The Horse Thief is a remarkable story which I found really hard to put The Amazing SAS down Theescriptions throughout this story are amazing If you enjoy reading historical fiction then make sure you read this book I absolutely LOVED this book and I have no hesitation in recommending it HIGHLY. E his ownership of the prized stallion JeffersonJim and India iscover they share a common goal but as the secrets of the past unravel old enmities surface Although betrayed will India save Jim before he is branded a horse thief and sentenced to eat.

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Beautiful setting Charming leads Was interesting to learn about the history in the 1800s with horses and women in that era I enjoyed it What a story I won this book from an Australian Rural Romance competition which was also signed by Tea Cooper I enjoyed reading it immensely A story about how past events no matter how much they were covered up and misunderstood can be resolved worked out and forgiven to make a future that was meant to be Jim and India had a passion that brought them together no matter what happened in the past Thanks Tea Cooper for such a great story I look forward to I love nothing than getting my teeth into a historical written by someone who takes the time to research and get it rightTea Cooper nailed it with the characters and the era well Broken Prophecy doneI ve always been a fan of a strong woman and India Kilhamptonoesn t The Dangerous Debutante (Romney Marsh, disappoint in any way It also helps that I live in the area Ms Cooper has written about and can envisage it in my mindCommon goals old secrets and a reputation at stake can India save her family s livelihood and reputation with the help of the one person who could end it all An intriguing read that had a hornets nest of activity between the KilhamptonCobb families set on the Helligen farm India and Jim carried the story well and the many secondary cast of characters add theirimension to what shaped up to be an enjoyable read with the evident attraction between India and Jim and the tale surrounding both families The Surrender My Heart (Harts in Love, descriptives of Jefferson were awesome and his part in the story was a highlight Jim and India s boundless attraction was oftentimes sweet and portrayed well and formed a perfect picture for this reader Lots of emotional elements throughout the read that this reader relished Author T a Cooper writes such stunning characters in many of her novels and The Horse Thief held its own for a potent read Strong characters a stunning backdrop and fabulous story combined for a great readReview copy received from the Publisher India wants to bring her family s country home back to its former glory Helligen Stud used to be so active and vibrant and India misses thoseays To make her wish come true she has to show her father she s capable of running the estate and he s given her a The Wedding Challenge (The Matchmaker deadline She wants their horses to matter again and to achieve that she plans to win the Melbourne Cup To be able too that she needs a capable stable master When Jim applies for the job it s like a Quadruplets On The Doorstep dream come true India s wishes might be fulfilled Only Jim is carrying a secret one that has everything too with the troubled past of both of their families When things go horribly wrong will they be able to save the situation and each otherThe Horse Thief is an amazing book about a beautiful home that has a sad history Even though Jim and India Luke don t know exactly what happened in the past they have toeal with the con. Can she save her family’s horse stud and reputationWhen India Kilhampton is caught up in the heart stopping excitement of the first Melbourne Cup her mind is made up She will breed a horse to win the coveted trophy and reunite her fractured family.

Seuences of the problems between their parents I loved the theme and the way Tea Cooper handles the secret giving up a little bit every time I also really liked the setting which is amazing I m a big fan of books about animals and The Horse Thief The Hero Next Door (Lighthouse Lane doesn tisappoint in that area The A Bride For A Blue-Ribbon Cowboy descriptions of the horses are fantastic and I enjoyed reading about their characters The romantic part of the story is very good I couldn t wait to find out what would happen to India Her sister is a spoiled brat and she tries to make India marry an older man in the city so she can have her lifestyle and status back This leads to a lot of friction which I found really interesting The cover of The Horse Thief is as beautiful as the story I liked it a lot It was fun to read about the past toiscover how people used to live back then The connection between India and Jim is great There are a lot of spectacular moments and I loved the ending I highly recommend this wonderful book Another fabulous read by Tea Cooper Set in the 1860 s India is full of The Witnesses (Lancaster Burning dreams of making a go of the family horse stud and breeding a horse Aelightful romantic yarn Centered on the beginnings of the Melbourne Cup Where the ability to prove with papers the lineage of the horse Tea Cooper writes enjoyable yarn where the story proceeds at a cantering pace Left by her father at Helligen Stud in the Hunter Valley with her invalid mother and sister Violet along with the servants India Kilhampton was etermined to use the twelve months her father had granted her to make a ifference to the fortunes of her home The sadness and tragedy of the past would be to some egree made better if she could breed a champion stallion which would win the Melbourne CupWhen she advertised in the local Maitland Mercury for a Stud Master using her father s name but without his knowledge she was excited to receive a response almost immediately And when Jim Mawgan arrived regarding the position she knew his knowledge of horses and what the job entailed made him the perfect candidate Was it possible she could actually o what she had set out to achieve Her excitement and passion was intenseBut Jim had an ulterior motive one that he had no intention of telling India or any of the Kilhampton family As India and Jim worked out a plan to breed from the mares that remained on Helligen Stud India felt sure that Jim had the same goal she The Best Revenge (Redstone, Incorporated did Jim s stallion Jefferson was a beautiful horse his pride in him was obvious the love of his horse outstanding But gradually the secrets of a long ago past rose up threatening to engulf them all What had Indiaone when she brought Jim into their lives Was she Ranchers Perfect Baby Rescue destined to fail her family once again The Horse Thief by Aussie author Tea Cooper is an exuisitely written historical fiction novel which is set in the beautiful countryside of the Hunter Valley in NSW Wonderfullyesc. Determined to make her Silent Confessions dream a reality she advertises for a horse breederJim Mawgan arrives at Helligen Stud in the Hunter Valley to take up the position Jim however has a mission he must fulfil his father’sying wish to right past wrongs and prov.

Tea Cooper writes Australian contemporary and historical fiction In a past life she was a teacher a journalist and a farmer These days she haunts museums and indulges her passion for storytelling