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Fura was thrown from her world due to the tragic death of her parents and into a fantasy world where the only person she nows is Kiyani Kiyani is a loner in the pure sense angry at the world with a dark background and forced to Never Go Back (Jack Reacher, keep track of the very green new girl from an I will admit that when I first got this book its size was a little intimidating coming in at nearly 700 pages but I was surprised when I first sat down to read it I was almost immediately pulled into the story of Fura Feure a youngind of loner girl who spent her time working and freuenting the local renaissance festival Tragedy strikes when she is at the festival destroying her home and the only people she The Temple of Death knows as family with no where else to go she is taken in by her fellow fire dancer troop at the festival despite the protests of Kiyani another outsider taken in by the troop some time agoI really enjoyed how the fantasy elements of this st. A group of men wielding elemental magic It was the stuff of fairytales The local fables of Barandor The Sect of Seven wasn’t supposed to be realSeventeen year old Fura Feuer thought she was already living in the midst of fantasy working as a firedancer at her local renaissance festival since she was thirteen How was she tonow that that.

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For the story to follow I am anxiously awaiting the continued journey of Fura and Kiyani and see where the story goes from here I won this autographed book from Goodreads a while backIn addition to that the author was super sweet and included a little note to me in the package This beautiful cover has been calling to me from my to be read I really enjoyed this book It grabbed me within the 1st few pages There were some instances where I felt that the author lingered a little too long on the main characters relationship and some encounters seemed a bit repetitive but she definitely creates a bond between them I m curious to see how that plays out in book 2 I went into this journey nowing that I might get left hanging at the end but I think she did a nice job wrapping it up where she did However there are a lot of unanswered uestions As a new author I think she is very talented and I look forward to reading from he. F in another realm it isn’t long before she ends up on a journey with a man who acts as if he hates her She’ll discover that darkness lies ahead for the Nyte Fyre Prophecy has been unleashedAll she wanted was a place to stay what she got was a trip of a lifetimeTragedy myth and magic intertwine in the first novel of a new fantasy serie.

Ory were introduced making it all feel believable We deal with Fura realizing and coming to terms that they are no longer in the world she has always nown but a mystical realm filled with beasts and magic as She and Kiyani are hunted and tracked by servants of the enemy the shadow lordThe story is not always fast paced but it doesn t need to be I feel like it unfolds well and is told very well all while Shame On Her Volume 3 keeping the reader interested in what is to come next They meet and part company with a few interesting characters along the way and I cannot help but wonder if there will be to come with the master of the small town they sought refuge in for a number of days or the ueen of the Fae and the friend she made while in the realm of the FaeI am only disappointed that I didn t end up reading this book sooner howevernowing that the 2nd book is now if the final stages of editing had helped dramatically reduce my wait time. Was only the beginningWhen her home burns to the ground one night she’s forced to find refuge with the only other family she’s ever nown – her fellow workers in Pyropheric Yet as she follows them into the night she begins to realize that there’s to the group and the leader she’s idolized for years than she thoughtFinding hersel.

Kendrick von Schiller was born in Germany to a military family Though she didn't grow up there she dreams of returning In the meantime she spends her life pursuing multiple forms of artistic expression A fan of costuming the Renaissance Festival swords and sorcery the fantasy realm is a second home that writing only brings her closer toWhen she's not busy writing she can either be found