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W up to uanta better than uantaIn part I think that is because I know the characters now I want them to succeed I am invested in their fictional ives But is also because the author has done such a good job with the narrative In this book confusion and instability reigns and this Satria dari Negeri Tayli 1-28 leeches through the page into the brain of the reader to ensure that the readers mood mirrors that of the protagonistsThe resolution for the issue raised in this book is in my opinion particularly cleverOverall an immensely enjoyable uick read I await the concluding part with eager anticipationI voluntarily reviewed a Review copy of this book Iove everything written by Lola Dodge so I couldn t wait to read this series I Goethean Science loved this book and will be reading from Lola Dodge very soon as I have been approved for another two of her books 35 StarsDESCRIPTIONuanta has escaped heraboratory prison but that s where the good news endsLife at the Shadow Ravens compound is a disaster She s drowning in visions of the dark pasts and darker futures of her fellow Ravens and is plagued by her own panic inducing memories but Lady Eva still expects her to train and participate in missions Plus the food tastes ike burnt plasticThe only bright spot is her genetic pairing to the brilliant Altair Orpheus As their relationship grows she s positive that chemicals aren t the only things drawing them together although chemistry is definitely involvedWhile they test the imits of her game changing new ability to reset time word arrives from Eva s agents Doctor Nagi is still experimenting with her DNAREVIEWI read this book three weeks ago but the thought of writing a review has eft me conflicted uanta and Altair were great charactersin the ast book Unfortunately I don t think they needed a second book More than half the story dealt with uanta and Altair struggling to understand and control her powers The same issue was repeated over and over and felt redundant Added to the fact that they solved the problem in one page made me feel the book was a bit superfluous Worse the solution wasn t something that they figured out or solved on their own it just fell into their ap Very disappointing I think it tainted my view of the whole bookDon t get me wrong the writing was great I oved getting to know about the Ravens and exploring everyone s uniue abilities I even The Einstein Theory of Relativity loved their missions and the new characters introduced in this story I h As uanta s powers seem to grow after the first bookuanta herself is growing weakerShe s destabilizing with timeghosts showing aikely future where she explodes killing innocent and guilty alike We re pressed up against the glass holding our breath waiting to see which will win the power to take down her enemies or the seemingly inevitable self destruct that erases even her allies Then her Clone enters the picture and Tair is captured by the Seligo I thought that uanta Reset had plenty of twists action and adrenaline pumping scenes which fly from the pages and it certainly kept me captivated and anxious to know how on earth uanta and Tair s future could possibly turn out well Really this book puts on uite a power show and I m How to Negotiate Your First Job left wondering what could follow itJack Murphy Nice storyIt was a nice story so many things happening uanta is a very strong character Iove her she never give up and always people in front of her own need I ike to see how her and Tair interact together I can t wait to read the next book. Although chemistry is definitely involvedWhile they test the imits of her game changing new ability to reset time word arrives from Eva’s agents Doctor Nagi is still experimenting with her DNA If he succeeds in duplicating her powerForget the Shadow Ravens The whole world is toa.

T they can do on their own and as a team uanta is having a hard time being so close to so many people but Altair continues to be a great support to her Although I Perfect Justice (Ben Kencaid, liked the story and didn t have any issues getting through it there wasn t much suspense and there wasn t a wholeot happening The Literary Relationship of Lord Byron and Thomas Moore like in the previous two books It was of a filler bookUANTA RESET ends pretty suddenly which does makes you want to read Itooks Suggestions for Marketing Small Timber like book four UANTA REWIND will once again feature uanta s story I do miss Cipher being the main gal though so I hope we might have of her in the next book This book was provided free of charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review I m surprised that the series will continue focusing on uanta Her powers are cool and I enjoy her as a character but I also reallyiked Cipher I kind of figured that each book in the series would be a new red and a new escape And while this book was enjoyable it was also fairly short with a very simplified ending Still good and I still plan on continuing but I was hoping for uanta Reset is absolutely wonderful It picks up right where the New Exploration last bookeft off If you The Shaping of Western Civilization liked the first book I will guarantee youl ove this oneuanta isn t used to controlling her visions with this many people around no matter how hard she tries she just can t have full control When visions of a spy in the compound flood uanta s head they make it their mission to find him and bring him in for uestioning When uanta unintentionally kills the spy Tair realizes that uanta is destabilizing What s worse is that on the spy s computer uanta and Cipher find a video of one of uanta s clones helping Doctor Nagi I absolutely oved uanta and the second book was just as good In this book you get to see a The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles lot of uanta and Tair socializing with other Ravens and working with them As much as Iove uanta and Tair seeing uanta hang out with Cipher was one of the best parts in this book We also get introduced to a new character but I Medicine and Religion ll get to heraterThe plot The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, line of the story was really really good It had the same timeline as the first book how the action didn t really start till about half way through the book But once the action starts you can t put the book down because its that amazing SPOILERS AHEAD The one thing that I didn tike about the book was when Tair was taken by the clone I understand why Lola dodge wrote the part about Tair having feeling for the clone but trying his hardest to resist her Yet I would have Valentino liked it so much and respected Tair if he was just turned off from the clone right from the beginningI can t wait for the next book in the series and I m desperately waiting to read Devan s story and see of this world I highly recommend this series to everyone It s absolutely stunning Happy Reading Aneta 5 Shadow Ravens When weeft off uanta and Tair had managed to unlock her new power and escape from Dr Nagi and rejoin the Shadow Ravens and Lady Eva and while things were better than being prisoners they were far from happy go ucky uanta was struggling being around so many people and focusing with the constant assault of time ghosts the pasts and possible futures and et s not forget they are in a war and in hiding We pick up uickly after that uanta is struggling at the compound Her only bright spot is Tair and their decision to Shunned look at their genetic pairing as a positive rathe I m just going to come right out and say it I think that this is a great follo. Expects her to “train” and “participate in missions” Plus the food tastesike burnt plasticThe only bright spot is her genetic pairing to the brilliant Altair Orpheus As their relationship grows she’s positive that chemicals aren’t the only things drawing them together.

I wasn t giving up yet I wasn t giving up at all I had too many reasons to survive uanta Reset picks up right where the ast book ended with uanta and Altair at the Shadow Ravens compound uanta is still struggling with her powers and being surrounded by so many people is not helping her She s constantly surrounded by visions making it hard for her to even walk near the other Ravens and the only thing that calms her is being near AltairThe story continues to be told through both of their POVs and I still enjoyed this Lola Dodge perfectly captures both of their individual voices while ensuring every chapter flows together nicely It was easy to connect with these characters again and instantly root for their safetyAs uanta is trying to find the spy within the Shadow Ravens I could feel all the weight on her shoulders I ove uanta because she s incredibly selfless and brave despite everything she s been through She wants to help the Ravens and it truly does hurt her to be surrounded by constant visions of their deaths Determined to help other Reds out there and end the Seligo government she puts her pain to the side and helps Lady Eva find the spyTogether uanta and Altair discover new information regarding the past they thought they eft behind Plus Altair and Lady Eva figure out that uanta is destabilizing Altair s main concern is still for uanta s overall safety but you can tell that their connection is now deeper than just a genetic match I iked how their relationship didn t feel too insta ovey in this book I also appreciated that their romance wasn t the main focus throughout this book of course what romance there was is still adorable And Altair is just as great as he was in the previous bookAs the story progresses we are introduced to a few new characters Some of these characters are ones that were mentioned in previous books such as Cipher and Knight and I enjoyed getting to know them a ittle better in this one It was fun to see how uanta interacted with other people besides Altair or Lady Eva and it just helps the readers see how big her heart truly isCipher and uanta end up discovering that Doctor Nagi is still experimenting with her DNA and it is not good Which I found that Dodge did a wonderful job reminding us of past events while continuing to move the story alongThere are so many twists and revelations as the story comes to an end There was plenty of intense action and I oved it It does end on a cliffhanger though and now I really need the ast bookOverall I oved this book The characters especially uanta and Altair were great and I enjoyed all of their growth throughout the story In my review for uanta I said I wanted world building and I was not disappointed this time around The world expands the descriptions are perfectly placed to help you relate to this world and these characters The story was nicely paced eaving me entertained the whole timeIf you ve enjoyed the previous books then you must continue with this series If you haven t read any of the books yet then I highly recommend checking them out if you re a fan of fantasysci fi stories Originally Published on Simply Nicollette I gave it 35 starsI had enjoyed both of the books so far in The Shadow Ravens series so when I saw that it was continuing with UANTA RESET I didn t hesitate to grab a review copyUANTA RESET continues the series with a great uick pace and easy flow The characters continue to develop and First Shapes learn wha. Uanta has escaped heraboratory prison but that’s where the good news endsLife at the Shadow Ravens’ compound is a disaster She’s drowning in visions of the dark pasts and darker futures of her fellow Ravens and is plagued by her own panic inducing memories but Lady Eva still.

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