Caroline Craig: The Cornershop Cookbook


Also lots of elpful tips. To a down and dirty Meatball Sub; and finally there are sweet treats like Frostie Florentines Using easily available ingredients this book will inspire you to create delicious meals for the whole family ‘Filled with simple and tasty dishes conjured from easy to find umble ingredients’ Crumbs.

Ipes and gorgeous pictures. Night in like Linguine with Tinned Crab; vibrant alternative takeaway offerings like Twice Cooked Aubergine with Vietnamese Sauce; solutions for weeknights from simple Smoked Salmon Baked Eggs to the larger scale Fish Finger Tacos; there is comfort food from nourishing Thyme Chorizo and Leek Broth.

Lovely book brilliant rec. Looking for uick ealthy meal ideas using ingredients from your local shop The Cornershop Cookbook as the answersFrom yam to Spam and greens to sardines these mouthwatering recipes reveal the wealth of culinary creativity to be unlocked in your local shop There are dead simple recipes for a uiet.

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