Kitty Neale: A Family Scandal

A ood easy read I liked that the story flowed uite uickly so there were no boring bits The book s central character is Mavis at the start she moves into a new house with her mother and step father and their son downstairs and Mavis and her son and daughter upstairs Her past comes back to haunt her and her boyfriend is arrested It ends with a Verdammt verliebt good did he or didn t he scenario i was surprised at this one from Kitty Neale It wasntripping enough and took ages to The Way Between the Worlds (The View from the Mirror, getoing Hence the 2 stars unfortunately A lot of characters in the book that I kept on forgetting who was who In. A ritty and emotional family drama from the Sunday Times bestseller Perfect for fans of Nadine Dorries and Katie FlynnYou can never leave a bad man behindMavis Pugh has had a hard life Despised and abused throughout her teenage years she turned to the fir.

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Ts an accurate snapshot of how life was not so long ago The sense of community and true friendship shone through She s not shy on tackling the issues that happened too often back then I will definitely be reading her other titles It started out kinda badly but I ended up being unexpectedly invested by the end A ood read Got off to a wavering start and slowly The Good and Beautiful God got a little invested A reallyood bookI thoroughly enjoyed this book I am just oing to order the next book of this series Just now on my kindle The worst book from the author in my opinion I usually love her books. Andsome sign writer Tommy takes an interest in her she can't believe her luckBut Alec is far from a distant memory and unbeknown to Mavis he’s watching her and her happy family closely Just waiting for the right time to make his next – and final – mo.

The end I had to make a listI reckon Tommy deserved a medal putting up with his mean and miserable mother Fantastic read I chose this rating and ave 5 stars from the first page to the last it was very ood and had a happy ending I would recommend this book to friends and family and anyone else who likes kitty neal sadly not as ood as previous books I ve read by this author Had an interesting start an ok middle and very bland endingDisappointing Captivating from the startMy first book from Kitty Neale and it was a very ood start Very honest believable characters She pain. St man who showed her kindness But her new husband Alec uickly revealed himself to be a violent bullyWhen Mavis escapes from Alec she thinks the worst is behind her Moving to a large family house with her two children is than she ever dreamed of and when

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