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The characters were so annoying in this book it took me way onger than it should have to finish because I was so annoyed at them I had to walk away The dancers all seem Nocturna (A Forgery of Magic, like incredibly shallow terrible people Liss is acting super atrocious the entire time and Dan doesn t get a chance to do anything but be a jealous cluelessug The mystery is decent but it takes way too Wikipedia U long for the actual authorities to unravel what should have been very simple When the dance company that Liss used to perform with comes to town for a performance she expects to renew friendships and play hostess to her former colleagues She does not expect to have to help solve the murder of the company s manager who chokes to death from a mushroom allergy at the reception after the show With the help of her friends and two males both of whom have a romantic interest in her she finally figures out who the murderer is but not without getting herself and another innocent person in aife threatening situation This is a good read for mystery Cannibal Encounters lovers Another exciting adventure and mystery starring Liss MacCrimmon and Dan Ruskin in the rural Maine town of MoosetookalookWhen Liss former Scottish dance troupe Strarhspey comes to town and their manager is murdered she s bound and determined to find the killer Of course Liss must uestion the motives of all her friends There sots of running around some dancing The Chatterbugs Manual little smooching and some sneezing Youl enjoy the chase and the intrigue A great cozy for a dreary winter afternoon This was not as good as the first one nor the Transformational and Charismatic Leadership later one I read out of order but I didn t hate it I read some of the reviews and while I agreed with some of them this series was not meant to be greatiterature Lighten up It s a Fizzics lightheartedittle mystery with characters that some may h After reading Kilt Dead I immediately checked out this book hoping to cozy up some with this small town and see where the series went I enjoyed this book but not as much as I did the first book Although this set of suspects should have been interesting to me as they fill in a Richmond Must Fall lot about Lissife before the first book began and I did enjoy them to a point it didn t have uite the pull for me as rediscovering Liss roots and how the town had changed in her absence I d say that is of a personal taste though than a real comment on the story itself I really Dropsy, Dialysis, Transplant liked the continuation of the renovation of The Spruce Hotel and how that gives an overarching storyline in the background but would haveiked to actually have seen Liss aunt in the book this time around Maybe she would be too much of a stabilizing and sensible influence on Liss to allow her to be involved but I m dying to hear her voice in the mix Now. With one solved murder case under her dance belt Liss has no idea she’s about to spiral into another Liss still misses the ife of a professional dancer with Strathspey the Scottish dance company she belonged to So she arranges a reception for the troupe whe.

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How feelings rather than physical tedium I don t really care what anyone s wearing nor how they ook beyond basic sketches but if I know their concerns and their personalities essence I am keen to follow them along and root for themThe first mystery was much interesting believable and personally poignant It was clear why Amaryllis elderly benefactress was killed and by whom This plot only mattered insofar as friends being suspect The Creationism in Europe loss of the victim mustered no major sadness but the author created another plausible reason for Amaryllis interest When we discover the explanation no one would disagree a visitor using scones at a public banuet is very far fetched This person could have discreetly killed anytime However the rest of the novel was nicely done and enjoyed by me so I give four starsFeedback is docked also because Amaryllis boyfriend was written as a whiny stick in the mud an obstruction than an aid Iiked him previously However even bearing in mind that insecurity is reasonable when you want a relationship to surpass its status his behaviour towards Amaryllis Scottish troupe disgusted me He should be thrilled and eager to meet such a big part of her past When he had the rare chance to see her dance the author should have written in pride and high emotions He certainly shouldn t La mythologie selon Game of Thrones leap to jealousy over a mere visitor nor begrudge houseguests who would only be there a week An observation was made about trusting Amaryllisoyalty I think that grumbling about her dance family in place of delighting in them spoke volumes about his I am continuing my research to avoid contradicting myself on details about people and places in the book 13 in the series I m writing now An aside I shouldn t read one and two and sometimes three star reviews of my own books It s depressing Some people just don t Golf by the Numbers like my protagonist Okay I get that I don tike all the characters in books I read either But I wish some of the commenters didn t have to be uite so nasty about it Liss is what she is I wrote her that way deliberately As for the murderer being too obvious well yes there are clues along the way that Liss misses It s called playing fair with the reader It s also a tactic I was trying perhaps unsuccessfully to use to make readers think that person was TOO obvious to be the real villain Personally it doesn t bother me at what point in a mystery I figure out who dunnit I m interested in following the character s journey of discovery and in seeing how she or he pieces the clues together or fails to The ending of this one is still one of my favorites just a ittle bit goofy after all I AM writing in the humorous cozies with eccentric characters sub genre but ogical in its own way. But she has no idea how miserable until Victor bites into one of Liss’s prized cocktail scones collapses and dies When the police set their sights on Liss and her best friends it’s up to Liss to find out whodunit before this culinary killer makes an encor.

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For the whodunnit portion I read a ot of reviews where people said they knew immediately who it was and how it was so obvious What I have to say to that is that I disagree I think Dunnett did a good job of giving multiple options and motivations throughout the book which eft me not 100% sure on anyone I Liberty Arrives! like Liss didn t pick up on the inconsistencies which just goes to show that it is extremely plausible for someone not to see it especially someone who is not a trained investigator and also has a few blinders when it comes to the people it could be I often easily see the outcome of non mystery books but stick around for the ride because I want to know how it came to be Dunnett s books though have had me not willing to commit to saying a particular person did it and that says something to me and makes me enjoy the books in ways that I don t with others I alsoove that she doesn t do what so many authors do and hold back crucial pieces of information that you can t solve the mystery without She Mary Elizabeth Garrett lets the readers get there if they do giving them the tools and shows how Liss is flawed and not the best mystery solver at the same time I applaud that That being said I found the mystery compelling and veiled in the first book The second book in the Liss MacCrimmon series wasn t as interesting as the first one Iiked the setting of a Scottish emporium in Maine and the characters were good but the story just wasn t very interesting to me It took a How to Know the Ducks, Geese, and Swans of North America long time for me to get into a relatively short book and I figured out the killer pretty easily I guess I m just not a huge fan of the mystery cozy style Exciting addition to the seriesThis book is just as good as the first The story is written with so much detail it s very easy to believe you are in MoosetookalookJoin Liss Sherri Dan in this wild adventure When the dance group comes to perform Liss is saddened by the end of her career Seeing old friends should bring a smile to her face instead someone is dead and Liss is back in investigation mode It wasn t as good as the first ones I read and yes I did read out of order but it s still fairThere s noack of really bad puns and no Rebellion in Black and White lack of people to suspect as a murderer I got aittle tired of Liss and her potential boyfriends wanting to protect her I also didn t follow the romantic history between Dan and Liss possibly because it was so often stressed that Dan failed to mention how he felt Still it was good and nice escape Dwarfism literature Iike this series and I didn t expect to It may not be award winning My Lai literature but Kaitlyn Dunnett s storytelling and writing keep her plots trotting along evenly Detail is never to excess nor do weack insight into characters It s best to N they’re on tour complete with a Scottish theme that includes a new spin on the classic Scottish SconeLiss soon realizes Polar Bears life in the group isn’t all happy jigs and fancy stepping Victor Owens the company manager has been makingife miserable for everyone.

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