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The previous one was set in Zion and these are two parks my husband and I are going to visit in Oct I had hoped that I get some park information couched in a good story but these weren t what I was expecting You Building Ideas do get some information but it tends to be on one very specific aspect of the park this one was on the plight of the condorsThe four member Landon family are the main characters in each book In the two I ve read they also have in tow one or two foster children who at first appear to be villainous but are redeemed by the end That makes me slightly uncomfortable These kids are however members of a race social or cultural group that is often stereotyped andor misunderstood so perhaps the author is trying to broaden our horizons in that regard as well as evoking the strong sense of place of the parkAt any rate they re okay but not what I expected Good book but there are better books in the series I would recommend this book for young adults This book about the Grand Canyon caused problems among our family when we visited earlier this year The writtenescription of someone being pushed over a cliff into the canyon was so vivid that when we were there one of our kids bit a lip until it bled pretty badly in fear but of course no one pushed us over into the canyon It should be noted that afterwards the child was able to hike some of the rim top trails and the Bright Angel trail partway Betting on Ideas down into the canyon without being troubled by fearHaving said that I actually liked this book and soid the fearful child Some of the conversation regarding the Morgan character was interesting Cahokia debating the reasoning as to if hunting for sport is OK why isn t killing people OK The answer that s left in the book is just that it isn t without explaining why I wish the book had gone further to explain why so maybe that s a good conversation starter Of course my particular kids aren t fond of hunting at all so maybe that s not as much of an issue with themMorgan s fascination witheath was a little creepy Also there was the tame issue of respect for others and the responsible use of the internet I liked the Hreat except Dr Landon's aughter Ashley She's sure it's the handiwork of Morgan Rogers self proclaimed anarchist and computer geekSuspicions mount when.

Tatement that Rex made A computer is like a thief that steals our children and Morgan s response You on t have to give up one world to visit anotherI ve only read two books in this series this one and Cliff Hanger about Mesa Verde but it seems like they follow a pattern The Landon kids seem to be very impressionable and one of them takes on the negative ualities of the foster child that they have for a time in their family In the backdrop of a mystery and a national park these negative ualities are examined and reasons are found for continuing with positive ualities Although the two books I ve read have Jack absorbing the values of the foster child my little reader tells me that in another book of the series it s AshleyI would Chicago Neighborhoods and Suburbs definitely say that this is a worthwhile read especially for children on the brink of exploring the internet but that it should come with a warning that it can be frightening for some children especially ones that might visit the Grand Canyon Read this as a family on a road trip after we left the Grand Canyon so it was fun to know all the places she referenced In this story Jack and Ashley go with their parents to the Grand Canyon National Park where the giant condors areying from lead pellets they are consuming Jack and Ashley s parents take in a foster kid named Morgan who has a bad attitude Morgan also likes computers AS the story unfolds Morgan is accused than once of things he Back to the Breast did noto and he has to prove himself over and over A good story to read This was a mediocre book It maybe okay for a uick read on vacation for an upper elementary school child or a lower middle schooler but I would not particularly recommend it If my child picks it up to read I would not stop him but I would not encourage him either I personally found it cringingly bad toward the end and I started skipping pages just to get through the story and get it over with I also found the writing weird at times and the story was trite and bland I m not going to read anything else by these authors As I said before the book is not really bad but it is not special in any way to spend ones time on it. The eath threat almost becomes a reality and Morgan is the only witness Is he innocent or guilty Journey into the maze of Morgan's cyberworld and find

We are going to Grand Canyon NP and I think it will be better than the book but the book was also good This mystery is better than the last book I read in this series The Hunted A Mystery in Glacier National Park mainly because the culprit isn t given away in the prologue Also I think the character Ashley is straddling the line between hardheaded and potentially annoying I think if she was in any other kind of book she would be a very scary and angerous character Middle grades fiction features a foster family where the teen in emergency placement with them is a sullen hacker who s suspected of some cybercrimes It s an easy read and the foster care subplot shouldn t end up too offensive to anyone though some of the characterization is overbroad for my tastes Apparently other books in the series include other emergency foster placements though the scene where the social worker shows up at their house in the middle of the night with a teen in tow and then takes him out to he car so the family can Consumed decide whether to keep him was alarming though I m sure that s happened and the father was himself in care as a child which is a nice touch Over the Edge is book number seven in the Mysteries in our National Parks series Jack and Ashley Landon are siblings in a family that temporarily houses foster children Their family travels to our nation s many national parks and find mysteries waiting for them In this book the pair find themselves at Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona Their mother Dr Landon goes missing shortly after revealing her plan to save the condors Morgan the troublesome foster child they are currently housing was the only witness to her fall over the edge of the Grand Canyon and Ashley thinks that he just might have pushed her Jack and Ashley have to get to the bottom of their mother sisappearance before it is too late I really like this series because it is set in places I would want to see someday AND features animals in every book I also love a good mystery This is the second title in the Mysteries in our National Parks series I ve read recently this one set at the Grand Canyon. When Dr Olivia Landon receives this anonymous e mail shortly after broadcasting her controversial plan to save the condors everyone thinks it's a crank

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