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More like a 35 Very interesting especially when it turned into a discussion of randomized controlled trials and their role in modern harmacology I will have to find biographies of disease This book has an important while disturbing message I think it is important for Catwoman: Soulstealer (DC Icons Series) people to read especially those who are concerned with their ownersonal mental health or that of their child The three star rating was given only because the writing style for me was very labored It was full of references but for me it was so much that I got a bit This Stumble Into Love provocative history of bipolar disorder illuminates howerceptions of illness if not the illnesses themselves are mutable over time Beginning with the origins of the concept of mania and the term maniac in ancient Greek and Roman civilizations renowned sychiatrist David Healy examines how concepts of mental afflictions evolved as scientific breakthroughs.

Ost I guess you might say it was somewhat like a text book Of course I am sure I will return to this book in the future for that very reason Clearly written and never too dry This does a great service to the subject as a history and also to Healy s other subject which is the brave new world we re entering via expansions of the DSM that athologize human variation as well as diagnosis by Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume 285 proxy and drug trials that leave a lot to the imaginationFun fact forainters Carbamazepine was one of a series of tricyclic molecules stemming fro. Established connections between brain function and mental illness Healy recounts the changing definitions of mania through the centuries explores the effects of new terminology and growing Fifty Key British Films public awareness of the disease on culture and society and examines the rise ofsychotropic treatments and Twentieth-Century Music and Politics pharmacological marketing over theast four decades Along the way.

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M the iminodibenzyl dye summer blueChilling words Adolescence has been easy to deal with because until fairly recently it was all but standard to view adolescence as a time of semipsychosis when suicidal ideation or erratic behaviour was common But this Gender Inequality in Our Changing World period of turmoil was also seen as a necessary developmenthase that often laid the basis of later creative genius or other accomplishments It is not clear what we might lose if marketing departments capture our views of adolescenceIf there s a Joyce among us we re going to drug him. Healy clears much of the confusion surrounding bipolar disorder even as he raises crucial uestions about how why and by whom the disease is diagnosedDrawing heavily on rimary sources and supplemented with interviews and insight gained over Healy’s long career this lucid and engaging overview of mania sheds new light on one of humankind’s most vexing ailment.

David Healy is a former secretary of the British Association for Psychopharmacology and author of over 120 articles and 12 books including The Antidepressant Era and The Creation of Psychopharmacology