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Mand a real warship even a small one sometime in the futureWhat was supposed to be a not too complicated operation is uickly escalated by the fact that the geniuses Space Command decides to change the mission parameters n I really ike the story but the author explains too much and often the dialogue feels New Exploration like just an extension of the explanations According to his website itl come out in October 2016 Can t wait DePrima s writing gets better and better Those of us who ve served recognize how inept upper The Shaping of Western Civilization leadership can be creating conflicting reuirements demanding perfect execution but shirking responsibility when the resulting actions areess than perfect Lieutenant jg Sydnee Marcola is back in action and with her own independent command with many of her old friends from Books 1 and 2 in the series This story is a nice edition to the Border Patrol series and doesn t disappoint in the action department Looking forward to seeing Book Our Space Command officers and enlisted the same Marine Special Ops team a platoon of Marines from the Denver and a full Wing of Marine fighter jocks and support personnel The mission had just gone from a penetrationdeliveryexit operation to a major clandestine incursion into the space of an unfriendly neighboring nation currently embroiled in a deadly civil war.

MuchThe start of the story was a bit disappointing to begin with it consisted mainly of a ot of discussion planning and preparation Followed by a series of problems most of which could have been solved by sending a backup ship but for some reason known only to the author this simple virtually risk free solution wasn t allowedThe way Sydnee eventually solved all the problems was uite interesting but always at the back of my mind was the fact that most of the problems would have not existed with a second ship Nice read This is another read worthy book in the A Galaxy Unknown or specifically A Galaxy Unknown Border Patrol set of books by Thomas DePrima It is a nice solid Science Fiction adventure Nothing to blow your mind but simple and enjoyable readingSydnee Marcola once commands the CPS 14 Justice into Clidepp space The ship itself is rather underwhelming Essentially a space tug on steroids It would be nice if Sydnee could advance to com. Sly since her acceptance Instead of the voyage being a simple delivery the Justice might be reuired to remain in Clidepp space for as ong as two years The crew size for the newly revised mission has been expanded from the original nine Space Command officers and enlisted plus the previous Marine Special Ops team and Marine fire teams from the Denver to twenty

I ve been reading the AGU Border Patrol series to get a sense of the wider universe of A Galaxy Unknown I m really enjoying the back to basics straight forward space operaI have issues with the The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles level of responsibility that the main character is put under as such a junior officer Though that situation is not out of place in the series I understand the need for it to create tension I still found it a great read and well paced I m glad that some of the exposition on old military tactics has beeneft out in this series I ve really enjoyed reading about the redemption of the Perry crew as they become and important to the defence of the GAIt s a decent addition to the series and won t disappoint readers of the main series This was an enjoyable read but the author has fallen into the same trap as many Science Fiction writers of trying to explain every Medicine and Religion little technical detail being uite nerdish I am happy for some explanation but this was far too. Offered an opportunity to command a new covert mission into Clidepp space that will resolve an outstanding issue created during herast mission Lieutenantjg Sydnee Marcola accepts then makes preparations to captain the CPS 14 Justice once again During the mission briefing the following day she earns that the parameters of the assignment have expanded tremendou.

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