Kathleen Sears: Astrology 101

It works as well as your sun and moon sign I gave this book five stars because t has valid content that really makes you think about yourself and the people around you Some people are exactly like their sign and others are very different That s the Zombacter interesting part of this book you can compare and contrast people to their sign I believe anyone who really enjoys astrology ors simply looking La muñeca asesina into the subject would definitely love this book. Harts andllustrations and stories of famous astrologers and their predictions for the futureSo whether you're looking to find how a Mercury retrograde affects you or just want to learn about a specific sun sign Astrology 101 has all the answers even the ones you didn't know you were looking for.

If you want to start to learn astrology and Risking It All if you are looking for the basics thiss a nice book It has descriptions The Housekeeper and the Professor it uses easy language butt s not your book f you want very detailed nformation for example The Monuments Men by Robert Edsel - A 30-minute Chapter-by-Chapter Summary it doesn t have a chapter explaining with detail the houses Provides good explanations of the aspects learned so much that didnt know It s a good choice for beginners but I noticed some of the compatibility part was not accurat. Explore the mysteries of the cosmosToo often astrology guides obscure the mystical wonder of the zodiac with overly tedious details about nodes houses angles and aspects that even Ptolemy would reject Astrology 101 cuts out the boring details and lengthy explanations and nstead gives you a hands.

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E at all and comes againast what I learned according to compatibility but other than that l gained some new nformation Astrology 101 by Kathleen Sears Asian Bites is a book about you guessedt astrology It s filled with fun facts small details and at home remedies for every astrological sign It does an Perfect in depth description of each sign and goes on to go through all of their characteristics After that the book goesnto the astrological chart and how. On lesson that keeps you engaged as you learn how the movements of the stars and planets affect human behaviorFrom the four elements and twelve houses to astrological personality types and sign compatibility this compact primer s packed with hundreds of fascinating star sign facts nformative

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