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Story while not playing with the minds of the readers nrespectfully how to spot the damn liars from all these statisticiansdata Everyone must read this book on today society because we are empowered as human beans if we are educated If you need a crash course into visualization and basic statistics then go with this one Alberto is a great storyteller and a clear and sharp mind This is not just a book about visualization it s a book about how to do better with data how to present stories and a how journalism is at everybody s hands if they believe on the power of the story the data and the people Clear and packed with content I enjoyed this one than the first book Functional Art although it s probably because this is geared towards data viz and Cairo gets down to business giving specific advice on how to Sweet Valentine use charts and maps in infographics and visualization Readers will learn what kind of statistical charts exist and how tose them correctly; what maps are with an introduction to cartography terms and techniues; the basics of maps including how to create locator maps and how to nderstand basic cartographical terms such as projection scale symbolization etc; and the main kinds of thematic maps choropleth isopleth proportional symbol etc and how to se them In Part

I think this is what I have been looking for without knowing it The math of how stats work and the concepts added in with the ability to visualize or see what the data looks like is incredibly helpful also its fun to read loved the recommendations and links to other websitesportfolios keeps for reading WIll also look for the next book with is described as of the actual design side of making things presentable whereas this was on the present good information side of things TODO full review Overall I love this book It s a thoughtful explanation of both the craft of information visualization which graph depicts it best how why and an insightful warning on the ethics of information visualization should I drop the wrong values how should I emphasize my. The Truthful Art is an introduction to Ice Wolves (Elementals, uantitative thinking and statistical and cartographical representation written specifically for journalists and designers A followp to The Functional Art it goes into the specifics of how to create functional charts maps and graphs Part 1 in The Truthful Art provides a broad introduction to statistics written with journalists and designers in mind Cairo avoids sing jargon and formulas focusing instead on how to manage and interpret data sets and how to extract stories from them In Part

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Ot illustrated infographics Definitely recommend this for anyone who is starting or already doing data visualization as it covers a number of important practical considerations and helpful tips without being dogmatic subtweet Tufte It s probably also a helpful book for anyone who just wants to avoid being misled by charts they see A very solid introduction to data visualization along with some basic statistics Primarily aimed at journalists and those with less of a antitative background I m a scientistengineer Not much by way of the technical details on how to construct visualizations but that wasn t the goal of this book Lot s of great examples from other folks in the field and plenty of excellent references to check out Overall a pleasure to rea. Cairo leaves the classroom and enters the real world with an in depth look at how information graphics and visualization teams are organized at publications around the world including The New York Times La Nacin Costa Rica Estado de So Paulo Brazil and He also explains how to develop a successful style book for graphics sing sample pages from several real style books for examples Part 4 the last section of the book features interviews with six to 10 leading designers of charts and maps including Jer Thorp Amanda Cox Ben Fry and.

Alberto Cairo is the Knight Chair in Visual Journalism at the School of Communication of the University of Miami The author of several textbooks he consults with companies and institutions like Google and the Congressional Budget Office on visualizations He lives in Miami Florida