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For him and everything he does seems to be for the good of someone elseWhen said bad guy is not bad at all because all the horrible things he is notorious for have been someone else s deed that he s been forced to be bad when he didn t want to be and you realize the only bad thing the man has is the wrong people he encountered in his ifeThat s my only explanation as to why I ve wanted to hug X since the very first chapterJust imagine a man hurts everything he touches He has never LOVED IT I was expecting a great story from this author and that s exactly what I got Superheroes supervillains romance and action Angel was a kind hero but kicked some serious butt when you pissed her off Executioner a villain really had a good heart but was forced to do some horrible things I The Dawn of Modern Thought liked him even before I knew he was a good guy down deep He kidnapped Angel from the superhero headuarters I mean come on The head supervillain Cruel Countess was seriously demented and just straight up evil I couldn t wait until the heroes came face to face with her Great read Well this was differentSuperheroes aren t really something I have read aot about I normally reserve them for films and in all The Infamous Ellen James (Infamous, likely hood that will still be the case even after reading this book Don t get me wrong I enjoyed it but it s hard to take it seriously I m not sure I m even meant to here A hero and a villain met once upon a time Mortal enemies And then the impossible happened A touch a kiss a wholeot of fighting and then this I m not even sure what to write for this review The uote above pretty much says it all This was Samael Aun Weor, The Absolute Man like a guilty pleasure fun witty over the top an egotistical bunch of superheroes and a power stealing baddie with a secretair This had all the things a superhero novel or film needs including the hot kinda bad X He gave this story some depth but not muchIf it was a Dragonfrigate Wizard Halcyon Blithe (Halcyon Blithe, little darker and the sex involved I would have rated this aot higher Light action packed read about a H forced into becoming a supervillain finding and falling for the one woman he can touch I wish the characters and writing were deeper there is a blink and a you miss it smex scene but the book is mostly clean The book was a bit Satria dari Negeri Tayli 1-28 like a movie script On the go all the time People whoike obsessed heroesH kidnaps h for himself snarky h s and superhero romances will Goethean Science like this one35 starsSafe romance This was a pretty cool read Ioved the superhero vs super villain Out of the Shadows, Into the Streets! love match Angel was sassy and kicked ass Executioner X for short was big bad and broody She s a healer by touch and he brings death by touch Together they counteract each other Once X realized he could actually touch Angel and no harm would come to her he knew he would neveret her go This had some awesome side characters so I really hope that means the author will make this into a series I want Borrowed on Kindle Unlimited When did I Digital Crossroads last read a superheroine storyI don t even know Have I I m a romance girl but if there s some asskickin action in there I m all for itLaura had me from the first page where Angel explained the inadeuacies of her tight superhero outfit with no pockets for her phone She jabs it into her cleavage and from then and on the story straight out skyrockets At breakneck speed. Is the attention of the Executioner a supervillain who kills with his touchBut the moment she survives a caress and a kiss at the mercy of hisethal skin.

I feel ike this may potentially get me hated and scorned by many But honestly guys I really wasn t a big fan of this book Had I known I was going to face down death today I totally would ve bought myself the slurpee sighs of dismay exhibit A of why I didn t ike this book However before i go too much into that The Einstein Theory of Relativity let s talk about the plot Angel is superhero whose superpower is to heal The Executioner is a supervillain whose superpower you guessed it is to killWhen binaries collide the results shock everyone The Executioner cold ruthless handsome can finally touch a person without mortally disintegrating their innards Problem is his boss The Cruel Countess demands the one thing he s ever wanted in hisifeAnd darn it he How to Negotiate Your First Job ll do whatever it takes to make her his ummughhuuuhhhh I feel awful but I would honestly and probably rate this as a 15 star This is weird for me because Laura Thalassa s Vanishing girl series is my Ultimate NA series Not even kidding she had set the bar for me with those 2 glorious books Which is why when i read this one I couldn t help but wonder what the heck this was Seriously supervillains and superheroes No you know that s fine if you wanted to take this premise Totally rock it out but the whole freaking time Angel annoyed me Theove part came so uickly almost bordering on Insta ove Angel would says things ike I was a superhero damn it It honestly felt Perfect Justice (Ben Kencaid, like she was prone to hissy fits than actually well saving the world She came across as so juvenile I would not even trust her with my cat I didn tike her at all At first I thought she was cutesey but that wore off uickly and became darned annoying The executioner is practically a The Literary Relationship of Lord Byron and Thomas Moore lovebug one of those cases that he s a villain because he had no choice which is fair enough but that made the plot so darned generic This is your fault Thalassa you showed me your genius with the vanishing girl series and anythingess than that glorious standard just doesn t appeal to me But in all honesty it was so freaking I ve read this before type of book It annoyed me so bad there s a group of side kicks and a mad dude who had prophecy abilities the angel of the group falls in Suggestions for Marketing Small Timber love with the bad ass villain you get my drift I m sorry I know manyiked it but i didn t Stay Awesome The Book HeraldCheck out my blog The Book Herald Blog help the New Exploration little people tweet me thebookherald This was pretty good it was pretty short and went by fastiked the characters and romance but it felt just a The Shaping of Western Civilization little too fast to meBut I hear her other books get better and better so I can t wait to try her other books this book was still good but I have a feeling I m gonnaike her series a ot Why can I not stop smiling Sighs contentlyThis was just too good Laura I will read anything you write You are a freakin genius and one of my favorite authorsI ve been putting off my Macroeconomics homework to finish this book so a full review will be posted aterPS This is available on Kindle Unlimited Go get it Re read 13072020 Sweet Awesome Fun Short A perfect punch First Read 08052018 AAAAAAAAAAAAAH MY HEART5 Touches That Burn in a good way Staaaaaars You know you are screwed when you fall for the bad guy When none of the bad things he does keeps you from having feelings. There are few things superhero Angel wants in ife World peace Unlimited chocolate banana milkshakes Spandex outfits with pockets What she doesn’t want.

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I m introduced to the heroWait VillainWait Yeah that He s hot as all get out dangerous as shit and freaking just straight out delicious did I hear Book Boyfriend from the roams of superheroes slash villains Or I could just say in the words of Twitter allthelove A ast warning to the weak of heart there isn t just some asskickin action involved No There s a hell of alot of asskickin action involved and man is it worth it To get to that end That beautiful awesome my kind of end I was in heaven while holding my breath through it all Badasses say huh Powderpuffs say huh Goobers say huh Don Juans say huh Da geeks say huh The super heroes just say WHAT THE FUCK What s the What I think I hope that this was supposed to be a spoof y type book This kinda deal Of I hope Anyway The FMC is snarky and to her credit she does deliver a few funny one Medicine and Religion liners Iove snarky I should The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, love her I don t I imagine it s kinda how people felt in realife about A Valentino little goes aong ong ong wayThe MMC The talking points are there antihero turned savior finds the only woman he can touch and goes caveman brooding asshole etc It s just all veryOh isn t that nice Plot He is evil super villainShe is good super hero He kills by touch She heals by touch He tries to kill her She thinks he s hot He can touch her without killing her She can be touched by him without dying He must have her keep her pet her She does not want to be had kept or petted insert mastermind bad gal So now we are at 50% of the talking points err book She s annoying He s wallpaper I m bored Riddle Me This His Pecker I do wonder if his secret super power isn t pecker willpower Dude has NEVER intimately touched a woman without killinghurting Sexual frustration One would think But no He s all Is she thinking about sex I m thinking about sex adjust crotch No what if I m reading her wrong Ohhh she is thinking about sex Seal the deal dude Oh the temptation NO Don t be the man that takes advantage of the situation Good night and don t Shunned let the bed bugs bite You think I m exaggerating but sadly I m just paraphrasing He super EVIL villain has her captive his pecker has been hard for 60% and ALL he s done is kiss her twice and make a cuddle agreement MMKAY Mr X evil Vill age And no this chick is not wilting virgin hero She has a sign above her bed explaining THIS RIDE WILL GET YOU WET Bottom Line Iove snark I Craving (Willow Creek, love para Iove slapstick spoof dry humor etc This however was a fail for me other than a few good Oba, the Last Samurai lolines A couple of Yonen Buzz, Volume 1 (Yonen Buzz, laughs surrounded by blah meh ehh does not a book make for meI do think that younger gals 13 16 mayike this storyline The problem is that the author floated the ine between YA NA This is not going to appeal to mass NA and Rom com crowds It s all but a clean book Yet it has just enough sexual content one mild sex scene of he thrust in and I came apart around him kinda deal two mention of dick one of cock and cursing anguage and sexual innuendo that most parents aren t going to find suitable for 13 year old age bracket So I m not sure who I could really recommend this to unless you re just The Wood Demon looking for a silly read thatl occasionally make you First Shapes laugh aittle I do suggest a sample before buying as it will give you a feel for the writing flavo. Angel realizes her problems just got a whole ot bigger Because the only thing worse than a supervillain who wants to kill you is one who wants to keep

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