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Ook me on from the opening pages to The End Beamish means beaming and bright with optimism promise or achievement infreuently used but often in tandem with boy I should have surmised that but was thinking beamish might have Yiddish roots and mean something else albeit similar Beamish also uite aptly yet surprisingly describes this memoir itself Aptly because there are points in the story where one feels a mother s oy and exuberance yet surprising because the memoir chronicles the whole gamut of emotions fear frustration seething anger adoration delight and Eros Unbound (Great Loves, joy and two constants utter exhaustion and unflinching determination as the family forges its way through the first two decades of life with autism KETCHUP reads like fiction exuisitely crafted brutally honest with villains and heroes If only it were fiction The author says If you ve met one person with autism you ve met one person with autism As one family s uniueourney KETCHUP sheds light on life with autism generally This is an important read for all parents educators healthcare and social workers elected officials PS The book closes with THE END which struck me as both ironic and touching and I wondered if that was the author s intent What I felt in seeing those two words was No this story isn t over I wondered what new and persistent challenges Liane her husband Marc older son Jonathon and Mickey have been facing since the book went to print Also I couldn t remember the last time I d seen The End spelled out I like to think this was a lovely nod to Mickey who surely knew that his mother was finished penning her remarkable first book A mom s struggle in raising a son on the autism spectrum It covers the span from pregnancy to diagnosis and through age 21 when he leaves the protection of the school system Touching moving and inspiring Having a grandson on the spectrum it hit home I ate this book up I was pulled along by Liane s story which is like my family s in so many ways but also so different and uniue I laughed out loud in places and got tearful in others Beautifully told informative and moving My kind of bibliotherapy. Read but Liane's prose is so good so smart and funny and lucid and elegant that even when she's exploring the fears and anxieties a parent faces she makes it all somehow entertaining There's real information in these pages for parents going through similar ourneys but it's accompanied by so much empathy and warmth that even those whose lives are untouched by this kind of thing will enjoy reading this I would recommend it to every parent I know' Claire LaZebnik author of Overcoming Autism.

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A must read for ALL parents not ust those who have a child with autism Carter whose essays I ve enjoyed for many years in various publications writes with honesty humor courage and intelligence and opened my eyes to many situations and issues I m so grateful for this enjoyable and moving look into one loving family told by one loving mother who like every mother wants the best for her child Ketchup is My Favorite Vegetable was written from a mom s perspective What makes it so special is that Liane Kupferberg Carter speaks from her heart This memoir is honest and doesn t sugar coat her family s experiences It is a satisfying read and can be enjoyed by anyone whether they have a special needs child or are Mes recettes au baby-robot just raising a family This book should be on everyone s list who has a child with autism or knows a child with autism or isust looking for a great book to read about a special family This book invited the reader into the family life of the Carters in a way that was warm real and thoroughly engaging I oscillated between being unable to put the book down and not wanting to read too uickly because I didn t want the book to end Carter expertly weaves past recollections in with the story she tells never confusing always heartfelt and wonderfully respectfulI have read many many pieces from the perspective of parents raising autistic children Too many of them spend so much time focussing on the hardship of the parents in raising their children they seem to blame the child I didn t feel this in this book Not that the book paints a rosy picture of the difficulties it doesn t But nothing in it embarrasses or blames the child I love thatCarter is a wonderful story teller who has clearly worked hard to hone her craft I hope to see coming from her Beautifully and honestly written memoir that is an education for your head and inspiration for your heart I hope there will be a seuel because I now feel like a member of this terrific family and a great fan of Mickey and his elouent Mom Read it Share it April 2018 In honor of Autism Awareness Month I m re reading some of my favorite essays in thi. 2017 American Society of Journalists and Authors Outstanding Book Awards Honorable Mention2016 Foreword INDIES Book of The Year Awards FinalistHow do you create an ordinary family life while dealing with the extraordinary needs of an autistic childMeet Mickey charming funny compassionate and autistic In this unflinching memoir Liane Kupferberg Carter delivers a mother's insight into what really goes on in the two decades after diagnosis From the double blow of a subseuent epilepsy diagnos.

S wonderful book This is a rare book On the one hand it is the riveting story of Mickey and his family as they grow up with autism But it is also a beautifully written powerful literary memoir about motherhood I loved this book Now where do I shelve it It doesn t uite belong on my shelf of autism books perhaps with my memoirs near Joan Didion and Mary Karr I think for now I will leave it out so I can urge all visitors Please read this book This is a rare book On the one hand it is the riveting story of Mickey and his family as they grow up with autism But it is also a beautifully written powerful literary memoir about motherhood I loved this book Now where do I shelve it It doesn t uite belong on my shelf of autism books perhaps with my memoirs near Joan Didion and Mary Karr I think for now I will leave it out so I can urge all visitors Please read this book Extraordinary book It s beautifully written Even important Carter conveys both the grief the La Stratgie du camlon joy of living with a child now adult with Autism Spectrum Disorder While none of can truly know what it s like her honesty opens a door into her world can teach all of us I was also impressed by all she her husband have learned about medical educational treatment options for individuals with ASD Their knowledge experience clearly make them strong advocates for their son but can also serve as a guide for other parents and professionals in the fieldCarter her husband sound like remarkable people remarkable parents And they are clearly proud of the accomplishments of both their sons Liane Kupferberg Carter author of KETCHUP IS MY FAVORITE VEGETABLE uses the word beamish a small handful of times in her book about family life with autism in the book s dedication To my beamish boys midway through the book uoting her husband who was kvelling about Mickey s newly revealed Opera Voice and once again toward the end of the book Because I was reading the paperback and not an e book version I didn t pause to look up the word until the third time I spotted it Now I will never forget the wordust as I will never forget the ourney Kupferberg Carter Is to bullying Bar Mitzvahs and prom Mickey's struggles and triumphs along the road to adulthood are honestly detailed to show how one family learned to grow and thrive with autism‘Ketchup is my Favorite Vegetable is the best kind of autism memoir because it is a family story Even the pets are included After all autism is a family experience’ – From the foreword by Susan Senator'It's rare for someone to be able to write about life with a special needs child and make it an enjoyable.

Liane Kupferberg Carter is a nationally known writer award winning author and an advocate in the autism community Her work has appeared in the New York Times Washington Post New York Magazine Market Watch Chicago Tribune Next Tribe The Manifest Station Brain Child Magazine Full Grown People Brevity and PBS's Next Avenue Her work is freuently anthologized and has been featured in num