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Marc Reklau stories his personal adventure from the moment he lost his ob until he managed through sheer determination to become an best seller He describes the different stages he went through as a self published writer and also shares tips and information on practical issues like how to edit your book find cover and so on I love success stories I have five books published myself and Marc Reklau story is an inspiration for me to keep going and bettering myself in all levels of my life Highly recommended Lots of good nuggetsI Neimhaim (Neimhaim, just skimmed the chapters and found tons of great information You cannot go wrong with this one I look forward to taking my time to read everything Perhaps a good book for the beginnerBut if you ve read a couple of books on this subject you probably know what this book says already The biggest thing this book offers is to tell you to get featured on Bookbub but doesn t really tell how to do that The author writes that our books don t have to be perfect then proves it with run on sentences comma blunders and missing periods He even refers to the Pulitzer Prize as the Pulitzer Price TWO times in one sentence Then on the next page he actually names his editor and says this person is a genius Sheessh The book had some good information and it was a fast read But had the same thingust like everybody had in there books The only with a few different had different suggestions of info that the6 offered Especially when it comes to the marketing for the email I g Clear briefIt is a clear brief copious and easy to understand book It also provides great examples of resources and action plans to write and publish a suc. From Jobl.

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Xpense and how to market it online If you already have a book on and would like to revive its fortunes this book will still help you in resuscitating it and giving it a second chanceI was given a complimentary copy of From Jobless to Bestseller The Step by Step System I Followed to Write Self publish Market and Promote my Book to Become a 1 Bestseller by Mark Reklau in exchange for my honest review The book is very useful if you are thinking of self publishing a book It made me realise that this is possible and made me do the first steps towards my dream It s motivational and I liked it much than the best selling book of the author A great overlook and step by step plan to publish your first bookI ve felt and denied a calling to be a writer for far too long No surprise that I felt unhappy and unfulfilled working a typical 8 5 for several years out of college despite the fact it was a management level ob with high pay for a billion dollar company I ve spent the past 2 years investing in and investigating myself As an INTJ personality type Myers Briggs I ve found myself coming up with all the ideas I could possibly ever hope for However as an analytical planner I wanted a detailed laid out plan from someone who s DONE IT THEMSELVES and can teach from that personal experience Marc unlike many eBook authors wasted none of my time with generic fluff before getting to what mattered Thank you for documenting your experiences and sharing them with us Marc Because of this book I m confident that the world s book population has gained a few titles that would have otherwise been denied existence and left prisoner within the exile of my skull. Stseller?.

Cessful book Useful guide to the self publishing processThis book is concise comprehensive actionable and encouraging You can read this book in less than an hour and it will give you a clear picture of how someone successfully wrote and published his book Worth it I cannot believe I paid almost 15 for this book I can t believe this guy makes so much money producing this level of uality He said he spent a month writing it and it shows not in a good way He also convinced me that if you hire an editor for 5 you ll get what you paid for a book with typos and random capitalization Also I m amazed at how many times he gave advice to do things he openly admitted he didn t do I mean I guess the upside is if this guy can do it anyone can There were 5 10 pages of reasonably good advice The other 100 pages were nonsense If I had to guess why this guy succeeded I d say it was 3 things His cover page his title and being featured on a newsletter I m also very suspicious of all of the positive reviews I m seeing for this book I congratulate Mark Reklau for this a short and doable book roadmap or primer for aspiring authors who do not wish to become expiring authors A must read for all of you who plan get your books on with minimal cost the step by step planning the tips tricks and web sites you need shortcuts and pitfalls But this fun read is like a recipe book You still need to go to the kitchen here word processor and sweat it out if you want to taste success He even gives his email ID in case you want to communicate with him He tells you how to plan your book how to develop it make it publication ready what to skimp on and what is worth the Ess to Be.

His current home base is the beautiful city of Barcelona Spain Marc's mission is to empower people to create the life they want and to give them the resources and tools to make it happenHe spent thousands of hours researching studying and applying the principles and secrets of success and happiness His message is simpleMany people want to change things in their lives but few are willing to do a simple set of exercises constantly over a period of time You can plan and create success and happiness in your life by installing habits that support you on the way to your goal