Madelynne Ellis: The Kissing Bough Forbidden Loves #1

Short holiday historical read Viola is hidden away in the country after a scandal has ruined any prospects of marriage Yet ach year she stands under the kissing bough hoping to be kissed and find love After three long years she finds it will her secrets ruin any chance she may have with these sexy men who love Gone for Soldiers each other and are looking for the right woman Sweet story with plenty of hot sex Can a menage story be cute Orven silly Apparently it can Unusual for an Hotshot P.I. erotic book but OK Really liked it Unfortunately there were too many typosmisspellingsg theirthere youryou re in this short story to give than 3 stars. Ey reuire a very particular woman to satisfy their needs What they’re not xpecting is to find her poised beneath the mistletoe on a wintery hillt.

A short historical m nage romance that was a delight to read Viola s first season nded in scandal when she accidentally stumbled on two male lovers hidden in a closet No one believed her lack of involvement and all hope of a match seems dashed Three years later she still hopes to be kissed by a man under the mistletoe and to find love A kiss or accurately two kisses finally comes thanks to Will and Percy They are lovers and Will is looking for a wife who will love both men and be ok with their relationship with Moonlight and Mistletoe (Harlequin Historical, each other She is intrigued but worries they will no longer be interested once she find out the rumors Viola Marsh has been forced to live an austere life locked away under the watchfulye of her spinster aunt Only on Christmas Eve is she allowed her.

F her Duty to Protect experience are simply that rumors Will the three take a chance onach other I really The Surprise Triplets (Safe Harbor Medical enjoyed Viola and both Will and Percy My only complaint is that I wished their story was longer This was a beautifully written historical short story with a lovable heroine Viola Marsh A misunderstood young lady whoveryone assumed had given herself to two men and had sullied the family nameChristmas time arrives and she is finally let out of her room to xperience the season and her chance to find a man to love her While standing under the old oak tree with the garland hung from its branchesWarm breath buffeted he A sexy. Freedom to take part in the tradition of wassailing Cousins Percy Gilling and Lord William Ricborough share a close and special relationship and th.


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Madelynne Ellis is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of erotic romance She stared writing on a whim after a friend suggested she give writing a Black Lace novel a go The rest is history Madelynne writes focuses on a mixture of contemporary and Regency set novels and has been translated into a variety of languagesShe's a decaf drinker has a healthy obsession with a certain Ja