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Wards the end everything seems to get very choppy Yes I know the story is about a person with a sleeping disorder but it feels mostly like the author is trying to be clever Meh Not so muchOn a positive note I did find myself eager to keep reading it The story did suck me in and the characters were likable enough I ust won t be reading it a second time I expected a good story but it turned out to be as confusing as the episodes that the lead Claire hasI was looking forward to her coming off strong and making sense of her life despite her sleeping disorder but what I got in turn was ust one confusion after the other involving BrendanI would however say that the idea is good the story is worth a read but somewhere in between it loses its lustre I truly enjoyed Ms Lothlorien s first book The Frog Prince so writing this review pains me However it is less painful than actually reading Sleeping BeautyWhere to start Let s start with the premise Claire a pint sized budding actress on the brink of her big break has a rare disease called Sleeping Beauty Syndrome She falls asleep for long periods of time and while she remains semi functional in a catatonic state she doesn t remember anything from her weeks asleep Enter Dr Charmant Smart attractive and around Claire constantly It could have been cute but I found the situation of not being able to remember weeks of your life sad than uirkyEven after not being hooked by the premise I kept reading There are some very funny lines but the dialogue lapsed into pages of medical speak and then would switch 180 and be pages of stereotypical surfer talk neither of which I understand or am enthralled by Also I was not convinced by the romance between Sleeping Beauty and Dr Charming It wavered between weird and parochialI over looked the dialogue and kept reading Why Rosy memories of her first book Then the story attempted to make a turn into serious mystery Without ruining too much there are some sexual assault charges a missing person and Claire s desperate attempt to handle them both among her own personal trialsIt was all ust too much I don t like my chick lit peppered with a side of sexual assault I don t like my mysteries to be transparent and lack depth I m not sure how this book was supposed to be marketed but either way it failed I didn t care about the characters their motivation was unrealistic the dialogue was contrived and Claire was a person I would never have even a conversation with in real lifeMy apologies to Ms Lothlorien for the rough review But honesty is the best policy and this book was not good I couldn t even finish it. Ory of ever seeing him out of his white coat Still she can’t help finding herself than willing to fall for him again After all doesn’t every girl deserve a Prince CharmingBut when Brendan’s arrested and she discovers that she’s the alleged victim of a heinous crime that she can’t recall she’s crushed to find that her dream come true was all ust a cruel illusion Despite having no memory of the actual crime there are mountains of damning evidence against him So why is she risking everything to save both of them from this hellish waking nightmare.

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Hehe finished yet another book Couldn t take my eyes off it Just kept wanting to know what happens next Loved the ending but was hoping for Enjoyable in every way It also taught me about a few medical disorders I hadn t heard of If only there was another book to it I want to know if she grows out of it and I want to learn about her daughter So I really love how this author takes fairy tales and puts a modern twist to it I did fall in love with this book immediately The characters were lovable and I enjoyed being in the main characters head The story line was uniue and engagingIf you are looking for a uick easy read romance this one might be a great one to readAs a warning to some of my sensitive friends 1 There is some extreme swearing words but not a ton2 There is love scenes But they are either uickly written or they fades out without giving any graphic details It s pretty clean So in two subseuent days I have read and finished both books by Elle Lothlorien and while the first book the Frong Prince was enjoyable this book was far betterLothlorien takes a bit of liberty with the idea of KLS syndrome and cataplexy but uses it in such a way as to make the story plausible and believeable Her characters from the sleeping beauty Claire to her doctor boyfriend Brandon Charmant and the cleverly well written Davin show uite a bit of humorreliability and welllifeI really enjoyed this book I hope the author continues to write books based off of some well known fairy tales with a modern twist Her sense of humor is uite like my own Unfortunatly this lovely review was completed on my phone since my compter died So I applogize for for the multitude of spelling errors and the brevity of the review I wish I could put in but the lack of a working computer and typing on this phone makes for a very frustating experience I m actually tempted to give this one star without reading it for the slight chance that the author will read it and address meDue to this Utter BullshitYou can read a real author s opinion on this travesty here Utter Enlightenment This really wasn t what I expected Claire has been diagnosed with a rare sleeping disorder known as Sleeping Beauty Syndrome When she s having an episode she doesn t remember much So when she wakes up from an episode she s rather surprised at how dramatically her life has changed She s uickly caught in a Hollywood whirlwind as her bit part has suddenly turned into a leading role Her brother s boyfriend and her nearly constant companion has been acting strangely Not to mention her doctor s not her doctor any but rather her boyfriend It is part. Alternate cover edition for B005K151Y4Sure Claire Beau thought about sleeping with her doctor With his moss green eyes and sexy petulance neurologist Brendan Charmant is definitely worth fantasizing about But she didn’t actually do itdid sheClaire should be able to answer this simple uestion but she has no idea All she knows is that she met him in a sleep lab for an appointment one day and woke up at home seven weeks later to find that he’s suddenly her warm and loving boyfriend instead of her cold and remote doctor According to Brendan her brother and.

Medical drama part courtroom drama part Hollywood drama a shallow glance at the world of hardcore surfers And very little romance and almost no comedy for a book billed as a romantic comedy all the parts fail to come together into a cohesive whole There wasn t a theme to tie it all together What is said about Claire s syndrome reads like wikipedia and the climax of a courtroom drama dragged on an on in a series of uestions and answers that was tedious to slog through It was difficult to get to know any of the characters They somehow managed to be inconsistent AND repetitive Claire was supposedly 29 but no one not a single person thought to tell her anything important She was a half developed character herself and the rest of the cast treated her like a child Not to mention the total improbability of certain events that went well beyond suspension of disbelief As in sneaking into an active naval bombing range Living in a military family that was ust one step too far for me Like The Frog Prince this is a nice contemporary romance no actual royalty in this one The main character suffers from Sleeping Beauty Syndrome She has blackout periods that last a few days to a few weeks and she has no memory of any activities in that period I liked this one even better than the Frog Prince I will definitely read books by Elle Lothlorien Honestly I thought the beginning was fine I almost stopped reading half way because I was so creeped out It was really weird I really wanted to stop reading but since I was already half way I Stripped just finished it anyways I did not like the plot because it was so WEIRD and different It was not a romantic comedy and I didn t think it was funny what so ever Unless the author thought that those certain topics are funny It s not I m sorry but I m really disturbed by the fact that this is listed as a romantic comedy Some of the plot line really disturbed and annoyed me I ve got to start off by saying this isn t typically the kind of book I generally read However it grabbed me on my Kindle and seemed like it had a good sense of humor to it so I thought I d give it a shot Since this ISN T the kind of book I usually go for it isn t a big shock that I m not that wild about it It has some laughs to it but the male characters seem to blend into one another to the point I would get confused as to who was who The guy in the story who doesn t seem to be like all the others is Doctor Charming Yes we all got theoke We didn t really need it explained to us half way through the book who doesn t really seem to be that charming but rather sour and scowl y most of the timeTo. All their friends Claire is in the middle of a whirlwind love affair with him a claim bolstered by the weeks of steamy emails and text messages the two of them have exchanged But to Claire he's ust the arrogant doctor with only a passing interest in finding a diagnosis for her debilitating symptoms Claire Beau is afflicted with “Sleeping Beauty Syndrome” a mysterious disorder that causes her to sleep for days at a time and black out for entire weeks Dr Brendan Charmant might have given her the best night or two or three of her life but she has no mem.

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