Anthony J. Tata: Three Minutes to Midnight Captain Jake Mahegan #2

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Rather die a hero than grow oldWell this is one frightening book I don t know whether it s because it s written by a etired Brigadier General or not I m sure it has a lot to do with it but THREE MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT The Kaya-Girl reads all too possibleJake Chayton Mahegan is someone you want fighting on your side He is part Croatan Indian born on the Outer Banks of North Carolina He is huge 6 12 tall with a 7 arm span an ex Delta Force operative that works for the Joint Special Operations Command and he s on the trail of the last man alive thataped and killed his mothe Captain Mauve Cassidy is an Army Reserve Officer She is a professional geologist specializing in natural gas drilling and fracturing Less than twenty four hours upon her eturn from Afghanistan she disappears from Fort Bragg This is than a securitybreach It is the first stage of a large domestic attack that few Americans could imagine or survive Delta force veteran Jake Mahegan is on a personal mission of vengeance tracking down his mother s killer at a drilling site in NC He s assigned the task of locating the missing geologist He can t help but wonder if this is conne. One Army geologist is kidnapped on US soilTwo nuclear plants are attacked in a matter of daysNo American is

Cted to the frackingmagnate that he is pursuing When a nearby nuclear plant is attacked and then another ina matter of days Mahegan know s that it s no coincidence It s a brilliantly conceivedruthlessly orchestrated assault on the US that no intelligence analyst could ever foreseeWhen a third plant is targeted Mahegan has no choice but to try and stop thisIf he fails thenation falls The countdown is launched and the clock is ticking This is book 2 in theJack Mahegan series It starts off a little slow but once it gets going you ll probably bereading all night I gave it a strong 4 Three Minutes to Midnight A J TataMahegan ex special ops is on a mission of his own He is finally going to avenge the ape and murder of his mother Captain Mave Cassidy just back from a special mission in the middle east has been kidnapped and forced to help steal natural gas by fracking This book grabs you by the throat and doesn t let go Real enough to make one wonder Could this Omnibus Films really happen A fast paced thriller wellesearched with some devious twists and turns Heart stopping action and villains you will love to hate I am definitely going to ge. Afe from the next and final wave of terror Enter Jake Mahegan a Delta Force veteran on the most important mis.


T the other books in this series Jack Mahegan is a fantastic character and a very life like HeroThe Cover is perfect for this story The Graeco-Egyptian Magick red cast to the arteally brings it homeI may have to listen to it again It is that good I m not going to Slave Again (Whispers of Refuge recap any of the synopsis All I have to say is that this is a SOLID Action thriller 45 stars Very current with fracking being driving conflict of the plot I kept thinking that this would make a great action movie Wouldn t be surprised if it does get optioned My only concern is that they don t white wash it by casting Grace andor Hawthorne as white I could see casting agents tempted to get Chris Hemsworth as he certainly has the size of Hawthorne If you enjoy good action thrillers you won t be sorry to pick this one upIeceived a free copy from the publisher in exchange for my honest eview Frightening as to the ealism portrayed Savage as to the intensity of the story Gripping well written thriller I found it to be superbly entertaining and enjoyable Loved the characters Authenticity abounded due to the background of the author Another voice to pay attention to in the thriller genre. Sion of his life If he fails our nation fallsThe countdown is launched The clock is ticking Armageddon begins.

Tony is the bestselling author of 12 novels including the Jake Mahegan series from Kensington Books the Reaper Series from St Martins Press and the Threat Series from Variance Publishing