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Loved eading this book with my son Yes he understands this is not a non fiction book about suirrel behavior Interesting characters plot twists lessons for how to stand up for yourself when you just don t fit in Stories where animals are portrayed as human like characters don t normally appeal to me so I was skeptical when I picked this book up I was pleasantly surprised by how uickly I was pulled in to the plot Lucky is a Essays One red suirrel who awakes from an injury to find he is now living with a gray suirrel colony He doesn temember his past and is wary of his new family Soon he is thrust into contests of courage and must prove himself to be both loyal to new friends and worthy to stay in his new home There are adventures intrigue peril and even some wonderfully written police dogs At the back of the book Hill includes some interesting facts about gray and Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose red suirrels I highlyecommend this book to even skeptics like me In the tradition of the well loved Redwall series this chapter book follows the adventures of Lucky a ed suirrel who finds himself in unfamiliar terrain in Albion Park where the suirrels are. Lucky a lost little suirrel finds himself in Albion Park surrounded by native suirrels that are very big very tough and VER.

Gray and very large But Lucky is pretty fortunate since First Daughter befriends him and he eventually becomes friends with another athletic suirrel called Nimlet Even among the suirrels there is plenty of intrigue and political posturing and Lucky becomes caught up in it As the Northender suirrels threaten the Cloudfoots Lucky and Nimlet ise to the occasion and behave courageously I love how there are so many different character types eminiscent of humans in this story which has villains a slightly ditsy heroine who ends up saving the day and betrayal from unexpected sources The antics of the dogs and the fox who live in the neighborhood add humor to his story perfect for late elementary or early intermediate eaders I hope there will be books following the Cloudfoots Reminded me of Nuts to You To start off with I cannot emember a book starring a suirrel solely or suirrels as the main character in so long It s a breath of fresh air much needed among the normal booksLucky is a far interesting book once you get past the first ten pages which can be a bit daunting It s not near as well paced in the first chap. Y different than him He needs lots of luck to fit in and even to pass the Suirrel Trial that will give him a permanent plac.

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Ter a measly ten pages which feels like a loosely gripped manner of setting the stage for the est of the book but the characters in chapter one are not the characters for the Graeco-Egyptian Magick rest of the book As soon as chapter two starts everything is jump started to a new depth and the characters don t feel as stiff or stilted They are alive full of personality and charmI saw many comparisons to Warriors for this book and I gotta say Lucky beats Warriors in the first book and maybe There s no incest or weird underaged scenarios here noeal kidnap of young to make into soldiers forcefully Lucky s got all the fang and claw of Warrior books without the stuff that made me never want to touch them or Foxcraft againThe book ends in a way leaving plenty of opening for another book while wrapping it up all the same Regardless with the opening to a follow up book especially on the topic of Slave Again (Whispers of Refuge red suirrels versus grey ones I hope it comes one day but it s been five years and no second book so I suppose theide ends here I can only hope books about animals with fighting blood strong characters death and such come along and fill our lives. E in the park But when he discovers a plot that threatens his new home he'll need than just good fortune to set things igh.

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