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UT SO WONDERFUL 3And the retellingRobin Hood stuff It made me so happy and it was so uniue and awesome loose but still noticeable and I just ksldkjfalsdkjf I CANNOT BE COHERENT UPON THIS SUBJECT I will try though Okay so I ADORED how the retelling stuff came out in this book Between that and the characters and the time stuff those three totally made Defying Shadows AMAZING for me 3 hugs book It was completely brilliant how the Robin Hood things were slipped in kind of subtly sometimes recognizable in their way and yet with such NEW twists AWK IT WAS AMAZING flailing around It s killing me not to expound upon the subject because I loved SO many particular aspects of it but I on t want to give anything away Needless to say it s AWESOME and everyone must read it just for the Robin Hood ish elements Because Robin Hood things are awesome and that is all that needs to be said upon the subject nods BUT TWISTS THOUGHDefying Shadows was Hit Refresh: The Quest to Rediscover Microsoft's Soul and Imagine a Better Future for Everyone definitely a feelsy book the emotions runeep y all It made me laugh and smile and get excited and get angry in a good way and feel torn and left me teary eyed a couple times which isn t all that common for this here reader It made my feels a bit of a mess who am I kidding a LARGE MESS AWK and I normally get annoyed at books for Code pnal 2020 annot. dition limite - 117e d. doing that but this one was just right and Iidn t actually mind For those who The Peoples Songs don t know me this is a MAJOReal Props to the author for pulling it offI enjoyed the first two books Rising Shadows and Chasing Shadows but this one I really LOVED I was City of Big Shoulders daunted by its size but while I was reading it itidn t seem long at all it was just the right size and needed that length because of ALL the things that happen I would also say the writing is AMAZING in this book It s improved a lot since the first two They were by no means bad But with this one the writing has grown by leaps and bounds It s exciting to watch an author grow from book to book and I Blind Devotion (The Shifter Chronicles d say Ashley Townsend hasefinitely come into her own This book was so well written Huge thumbs up on all of thatDo I have any complaints Honestly hardly any I had a couple minor nitpicks along the way about characters My Name is Bob doing things where I was like WHYYYY GUYS or coming to odd seeming conclusions but otherwise the book held together and was amazing on the whole I am very much on the fence with mixed feelings over the epilogue though There s a part of me that likes it because it was a brilliant epilogue but there s another part which would have rather had it end on the simply INCREDIBLE high note of the actual ending of the final chapter 3 The epilogue was bittersweet to me at least which is not my sort of cup of tea But I m probably weird and most people will probably love it so POkay character time I loved being back with these characters in Serimone it was like coming home 3 Will is of course AWESOME and my favoritest of all 333 His story arc was the best I so enjoyed reading about him in this book I think he came really far and he s just I HAVEN T WORDS He s just such a great guy heroic and a littlearksad sometimes but still learning things and he ll o anything for those he loves and just WILL Will Will Will That is all 3 Sarah really grew on me in this one She actually kind of annoyed me at times in the first two But this time I liked her I actually felt a lot of the things she was feeling which is ifferent for me XD She s a good heroine thumbs up Damien is ACK MY FEELS FOR DAMIEN In Chasing Shadows he was funny and charming and all but I spent so much time while I was reading that one worrying that Sarah would fall for him instead of Will so that Damien was very much the unwanted corner of the love trianglevillain for me I Billy Bragg didn t totallyislike him because his charm DID get to me and sometimes I felt bad for him but I Polly Prices Totally Secret Diary didn t see what Sarah saw in him because Will was so much awesome But in Defying Shadows Damien had a lot of focus and character stuff involved AND THE AUTHOR MADE ME LOVE HIM TOO I m super impressed I went from hating this guy to feeling bad for him to really liking him and his whole plot in this story just salskdjldkj I have many feelings that I can t sort out I will say nothing because oh so many spoilers but wow And the yew tree UGH MY FEELS D But his story arc was really wellone and I liked how it fit in with the rest of the story and I m okay Really FEELS THOUGH And then there s a character whose very NAME is a spoiler so she shall remain nameless but her story arc was AMAZING and I loved it to pieces which really surprised me OO This coming from a character I loathed for awhile but came to really like and just I m speechless The talent from this author just blows me away Not to mention how many times my mind was blown about revelations concerning this character Speaking of mind blowing Robert and Richard were both awesome and my favorites I keep saying that I know WELL THEY RE ALL MY FAVORITES I absolutely LOVED their roles in the story bouncing up and own You will have to read it but suffice it to say they are awesome and the best and that is all D And Karen She s great And I LOVED her friendship with Sarah not to mention Karen and Seth together just so much yes Also Will s friendship with Seth and Robert and Richard I loved seeing those relationships So much awesome bonding in this book We got new characters too like Merek who was cool He s one of those instantly likeable characters and all wise and everything too He wasn t in it for very long but I really liked him He made me think of a Friar Tuck type character D Obviously I abhor the villains who shall also remain nameless and are all horrible which means they re oing their job XD They were just UGH Really nefarious and well writtenAnd just SO MUCH STUFF GOING ON I m so amazed at how many character plot threads managed to fit in this story So many characters had so much going on and it managed to weave together and just wow Call me impressedANYWAY This review has gone on uite long enough though I The Majors Daughter didn t even flail and sueal over all the spoilery parts I loved AWK 3 so I shall wrap up now In myefense the book is long so there s a lot to talk about Overall Defying Shadows is an extremely enjoyable time travel Christian YA romance with a Miss Shumway Waves a Wand dash of Robin Hood retelling marvelous writing lovable characters witheep story arcs many feels and overall just a lot of fun It id a splendid job of tying up the threads of the whole series and just it made me really happy I highly recommend trying Defying Shadows out Though you might want to read the first two books Rising Shadows and Chasing Shadows first so that you understand things But hold out till the end because Defying Shadows is the absolute BEST 3 Disclaimer and thanks I was a beta reader for this book before its publication so I received a free copy of it for that and the opinions in this review are entirely my own Many thanks to the author the lovely Ashley Townsend for the chance to go on this journey through Serimone with Will and Sarah and the gang I had a blast and I think a part of my heart will remain with the. Into uestion the kingdom’s past and the motives of its current king But the madman whose mission it is to change history will stop at nothing until he succeeds and a team of ragtag time travelers are the only ones left who can stop himAs this exciting chapter of her life nears its end Sarah must finally choose between Serimone and her world between the easy choice and the right one.

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I will try to make this review as honest as I can but realize that I very much have a biased opinion I cannot say that it is good or not but I throughly enjoyed it Ashley s writing has matured since Rising Shadows and has vastly improved since chasing shadows She maintained her ability to paint vivid pictures through her iction and brought the reader as if they were at Serimone and her On His Majestys Service description of the ruins was well written andescriptive She wrote about specific scenes that brought you there Here writing was less choppy and had a clearer voice and focus than in chasing shadows and it was noticeable the Different Class direction that she wanted her characters to go Ashleyid a stellar job of not noticeably foreshadowing upcoming portions of the story When the scenes occurred it was if you were walking into a wall well The Essential Good Food Guide duh In chasing shadows and rising shadows Ashley foreshadowed many of the events that would happen later in the story and it was noticeable Overall it was a book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading every word Ashley had written I found it hard to the bookown and sadly Textbook of Wisdom disappointed that the story for these characters had to end I enjoyed her utilizing her interest in Robin Hood and Maid Marian and how they came about She added a nice origin story I can t get over how much I enjoyed reading Defying Shadows it is my favorite of the trilogy I laughed and I cried and oneay later my heart still cries outI was very lost to start as I have not read the preuels to the book But after a few pages in I was hooked The book has everything a fan of Young Adult science fiction could hope for Romance plot twists mystery adventure joyful and sorrowful moments I would be very surprised if the book In Defence of Dogs did not bring out someeep emotions within you The theme of unconditional love and friendship can be found through out and it affected me eeply while reading without being cheesy or too much I am a strong believer that if an author can stir those eep emotions within you shehe The City in Mind deserves high praise And Ashley Townsend most certainlyoes As you read you will feel everything the characters are feelingDamien one of the main characters in this book will be in my mind and heart for a long while I Revenge (The Red Ledger don t know much about his previous history for what I understood it was not all very good but it makes for a great third book The time travel side of it is very cleverly written I personally find only a very few writers can pull off writing on time travel without sounding very tacky or too simplistic Neither the case here The book also has some strong Christian notes They are skilfully incorporated and bring out the imperfect side of our human nature making it easier to relate to the characters I think Sarah is meant to be the main character but I will confess she is the one I related to less Damien takes a much stronger role to me and I absolutely love his character Jade coming close second But I will not say and spoil the fun for others All in all a great read One I could not recommend enough The onlyownside of the book is particular to me there were a lot of missing links things I wish I knew but No One Wants You didn t because I have not read the other two I just can t Skipped to the end to see how it all worked out let me just start off by saying that i am in love with this book the story is written fantastically and while maintaining a gripping storyline with tons of plot twists lmao the book also gives importance to various virtues like friendship sacrifice and faith in the almighty the book is narrated by the first person s point of view and the author has included a uotation before the beginning of each chapter which i think is a lovely special touch to the novelthe story kept me completely entertained and made me smile and sob while also making me crave Definitely recommend this beauty to you guys if you re into books with time travel adventures This book was sent to me for beta reading and thankyou for Ashley for giving me the chance too so I have to be honestI hate Ebook Hahaha I The City Of Heavenly Tranquillity dont read ebook and it s indeed making me the worst reading slump ever But I believe I would end this book for over aay or two if I have the physical one because you know whatTHIS BOOK IS THE FIRST FREAKING EVER FANTASY BOOK THAT I ACTUALLY CRIEDand that epilogue Gah That was brilliantI Penguins Poems for Life dont have anything else to say other than I love this book and trully wanted to have the physicall one Like seriously I just finished and miss Will and Sarah and Karen and Damien and Ugh I cant choose my favorite because they are allBrilliant Ashley BRILLIANTPS This is an honest review from me I was chosen to be a beta reader for this book cries with joy by Ashley for an honest review of this installment in her amazing trilogyMIGHT CONTAIN MILD SPOILERSI just completed Defying Shadows and have been having bitter sweet feelings ever since I m so sad that this wonderful series is over and that there won t be any Sarah or Will or Damien in my lifeAs for the review I cannot possibly say much to criticize Ash s work however some plot twists were kinda foreseeable I enjoyed them nevertheless The thing Iidn t see coming was Damien s fate I remember how in our previous conversation she had told me that he would play a big part in Book 3 and he is and always will be mine as well as her I hope I remember correct favorite character Naturally his evelopment throughout the series is admirable In the end he became the hero I always wished him to be and even though his ying made my heart wrench badly I m glad that he found the true path and id bot eter from it His love for Sarah is something I always wish I can have I mean I Divine Beauty do ship Sarah and Will but Damien Ion t need to say any I just loved his Fear and Loathing at Rolling Stone dynamicWill went through major changes as well I knew he be alive after the ship went own on t know how just Wife by Wednesday (The Weekday Brides, do His faith being turned around and his life taking a better course made me feel satisfied After watching him struggle with the concept of God and His love he finally attained peace Io however feel angry at him for leaving Damien to be hanged I know the situation was such and he couldn t possibly have Dog Years done much but I wanted him to try and save the man who had given up everything for the woman they both lovedSarah was somewhat of a conflicted mess for the major part of the book I felt as though her character would not have sit by idly at Jade s place when everything was happening and that she wouldo something That aside she will never cease to amaze me by the strength she holds in herself Her feelings towards the Jones Will Damien even Jade seemed so selfless and pure no matter what they were She was never one for pretenses Demetrius coming in the picture was a bit surprising and Chain of Fire didn t make much sense to me until the end when everything made sense His involvement with Cadius was something I became wary of However Cadius himself could not outsmart the monster he had created I m glad he saw what he had created and feared because of what heid to his son which in turn resulted in his The Devils Elbow (Mrs. Bradley, demise as well as Adrian sThe. One choice canefine your futureAt first Sarah’s return to twelfth century Serimone is as wonderful as she could have hoped reconnecting with Will and celebrating the union of her two friends but things uickly fall to pieces when she uncovers something that could unsettle the new regime Before she can share this information Sarah is forcibly whisked away by the one man she thought.

Tone of the novel seemed a bit slower than Chasing Shadows The one thing I enjoyed were the The Making of a Caribbeanpreneur different places that the characters visited Be it the present or the past Io admit I would have absolutely loved to see Will adjust to the new life although he Maharaj did not seemed as surprised by everything that he saw which was sad because this world is soifferent from the time he was born I guess he Kuduz didn t express his emotions enoughI was super scared about the whole Robin Hood Marian thing I mean Jade evolved so much in the end it was hard not to care for her however snarky she be but I m so glad she found someone who courted her as sheeserved after losing everyone elseI wanted interaction between Saran and the ueen since the way the story was portrayed they seemed to understand each other very well espite meeting only twice that too briefly Due to the ueen s affections towards Sarah for a second I thought she wanted her to marry Adrian or something similarThe epilogue was something that made me weep out a little Even though I was glad that Sarah and Will had such a wonderful long life together it felt like a closure of sorts She never got to meet Karen again which was the worst part to understand I guess I sort of saw it coming that Will would eventually follow Sarah somehow because of the fact that he had no family left in Serimone Anyway it was perfect There aren t enough stars to rate this book It is amazing It took me far too long to get around to reading this book but it turns out I read it right when I needed to This book is all about goodbyes and living life and moving on and that s just what I needed The first part of the book starts of slow It is all nice stuff to read about but the book really oesn t get going until after about 8o to 100 pages in But then I couldn t put it The Stanforth Secrets (Lovers and Ladies, down and read it in oneay This book really brings the timey wimey crazy time travel stuff So good And I love how the ending resolution isn t the usual answer to two people in love who are separated by time The ending The Taste of Ashes doesn t pull the punches It goes for all the heartaches and heartstrings Even though I was sure it would have a happy ending I still teared up at one point Seriously go out and read this series What the book is about One choice canefine your futureAt first Sarah s return to twelfth century Serimone is as wonderful as she could have hoped reconnecting with Will and celebrating the union of her two friends but things uickly fall to pieces when she uncovers something that could unsettle the new regime Before she can share this information Sarah is forcibly whisked away by the one man she thought she Camellia (Ellie, d never see again Damien Lisandro the friend who betrayed her and the traitor who was supposed to spend his life behind bars Even unsettling is the revelation that the mystery they had solved is far from over as aead man comes back to life with the intent of corrupting the futureIn Will s esperate attempts to find Sarah he uncovers the mystery that she left behind putting into uestion the kingdom s past and the motives of its current king But the madman whose mission it is to change history will stop at nothing until he succeeds and a team of ragtag time travelers are the only ones left who can stop himAs this exciting chapter of her life nears its end Sarah must finally choose between Serimone and her world between the easy choice and the right one My ReviewWARNINGThis review is going to be full of spoilers and feels if you haven t read this bookor the first two books in this series what are you oing GO READ THEM But I will have a little spoiler free review for you This book is just so beautiful it s an amazing ending to this trilogy3There were so many plot twists that I The Highwayman (Victorian Rebels, didn t see coming it was amazing XYou will laugh and cry with these characters and love every minute of it So that s all I can really say without spoiling it so continue at your own risk view spoilerSo I m going too this review a little China: la edad de la ambicin (Ensayo poltico) differently I m going to split it up into a few sections FEELSSSSSSKaren and Seth s wedding3 3Will being knighted333JADE AND ROBERT 3333Will praying and believing in God 33333WILL TRAVELING THROUGH TIME TO BE WITH SARAH3333333PLOT TWISTSSSSSRichard being the ueen s son oO Cadius killed Karen s parents Jade being Damien s sister oOPrince Adrian being evil glaresThat pirate moment that was amazingand also scary when Will almostied WHY DO YOU MAKE ME CRYDamien s Green River Rising death scene The Yew Tree That epilogue OTHER STUFFWhen Sarah goes to travel through time and Will accidentally comes with her X 3I just love Karen and Sarah s friendship 3 So yeah that s all I have to say at the moment XFangirl with me in the comments XD hide spoiler I know I know I m not supposed to rate my own books But this is honestly the type of book I love I fangirl over my characters every time I sitown to write Review also posted on The Road of a Writer I laughed I cried it moved me Bob Sorry to go all VeggieTales on you but the uote seemed appropriate AhemTHIS BOOK PEOPLE This review is going to be one of the hardest ones I ve ever written because almost all of my favorite things about it are in major spoiler territory But part of the fun is going on this plot twisty journey of Wife Swap discovery yourself when you read the book so I ll try to keep my review spoiler free The third book in the Rising Shadows trilogy by Ashley Townsend Defying Shadows finally wraps up the adventures of Sarah and her friends in Serimone and what a wrap up flailingThis book had EVERYTHING List because lists are grand time travel and everything timey wimey involved with that historical fiction of a medieval variety contemporary parts sweet adorable romance threads of Christian faith a retelling of sorts involving Robin Hood mystery and intrigue all sorts ofifferent character arcs PLOT TWISTS AND REVEALS GALORE swashbuckling action heartfelt parts humorbantercharacter relationships that are so fun to read even a Pies dash of nautical adventureIt just has EVERYTHING I tell youI also feel like this series would make a stunningly gorgeous awesome movie or TV show XD Somebody get on thatI loved the time travel stuff it was BRILLIANT and made me happy Just everything time related was so cool In the first two it s basically a portal method to get Sarah into Serimone andoesn t Gorbals Diehards do much beyond that which was fine BUT IN THIS ONE IT WAS SO INVOLVED So much timey wimey going on And I loved that DThere were so many revelations and plot twists which I so enjoyed I guessed a few of them but if anything that made me love it even MORE simply because I was so excited to see them unfold the way I wanted them to D It blew my mind SO MANY TIMES and made me so excited and I just loooooved thatThe romance element was so sweet Really enjoyed it It wasn t the main focus of the plot so there was a lot of other stuff going on but it weaved in really well Will and Sarah are ADORBZ and PERFECT together and Ion t know if I ever shipped anyone so hard XD Okay I was really shipping a certain other spoilery side couple there too SO MUCH SPOILERS She’d never see again Damien Lisandro the friend who betrayed her and the traitor who was supposed to spend his life behind bars Even unsettling is the revelation that the mystery they had solved is far from over as a From the Dust dead man comes back to life with the intent of corrupting the future In Will'sesperate attempts to find Sarah he uncovers the mystery that she left behind putting.

Ashley is a young twenty something author at Ink Smith Publishing and has been spinning tales since she discovered that her wild imagination could make a career She is a native to bookstores coffee shops the beach and San Diego CA She also has an unexplainable aversion to clowns and describes outlines as a “proverbial noose” Check out the Rising Shadows trilogy everywhere books are sold Ri