Holly Jacobs: Labor Day

R her situation and returned with items for her and so starts their romance sweet but very short novella Very CuteI loved this short story from adversity to happiness in just a few pages Holly always Delivers lol pun intended Very cute and very short. Shows up to take the report he helps make the worst day in her life one of the bes.

characters Labor Day

Ievable story A very short novella Lauren is a newly pregnant divorcee moving to a new city with her belongings While sleeping her trailer was stolen leaving with no items Along came the police officer Andrew who took her statement Andrew then felt fo. Up to find all she has left is the shirt on her backliterally When a handsome cop.

A wonderful short romantic story that warmed my heart on a cold winter day This was a fun short story I ve always loved those uniue how we met stories Holly Jacobs doesn t disappoint A very very short story about a 10 minute read Certainly not a bel. Lauren arrives in Erie PA in the middle of the night ready for a change She wakes.

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