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I icked up this book for my great niece to build up her library but I was not expecting a great story about how anyone can write a story and that no idea is too silly In fact this book would actually help an aspiring young author by showing the steps they need to go through to actually write the storyI do love how the book starts Every story starts the same waywith nothing It s true every story that any author has written started with nothing to very little other than a dream to write that story I loved this book by Maggie Tokuda Hall about telling stories showing kids how adding different elements together can make a story The illustrations were bold with vibrant colours and amusing the carrot rocket was cute and I liked the octopus red toue Another meta book Or better a book to inspire the reader to come up with his own stories Just start with a little bit of nothing I can understand the high ratings but today at least this didn t wow me Too long before the reader is actually invited in maybe Or maybe I just can t suspend disbe The idea that all stories begin with A little bit of nothing is a wonderful unintimidating way to introduce story writing to students As it is I will be reading this book to my 8th graders to kick off NaNoWriMo Even the most totally awesome story starts with a little bit of nothing What happens next is up to you A delightfully meta The Art of Standing Still picture book that will set imaginations soaringIt begins with an octopus wholays the ukulele Since this is a story the octopus has to want somethi.

Ood for helping kids with creative writing or just being creative in general Adorable art This book has everything Aiden loves rocket ships a ukulele A Ladys Honor (Cliffs of Cornwall, playing octopus and waffles Need I say This little bit of nothinghrase about howwhat a story starts with is fantastic And so is the book Interesting way to introduce how to create a story Loved the illustrations and that the author encourages imagining options and future adventures The Storm Whale in WinterA story about constructing a story Also an Octopus settles upon a hero the eponymous octopus Bob and Larry in the Case of the Missing Patience playing his ukulele gives him something to strive after aurple spaceship that will take him to visit far galaxies and sets up a conflict the hero s lack of spaceship building skills The result is a meta fictional tale that entertains even as it self consciously draws the reader s attention to its own The War to End All Wars processA fun little read Also an Octopus is author Maggie Tokuda Hall sicture book debut and is both engaging and though Death Comes for the Archbishop provoking hopefullyrompting young listeners to consider just what is needed to create a good story The artwork by Benji Davies creator of such gorgeous titles as The Storm Whale and its seuel is just as lovely as one would expect The color scheme is subtle but appealing and the. Ng maybe to travel to faraway galaxies in a totally awesome urple spaceship Then the octopus sets out to build a spaceship out of soda cans glue umbrellas glitter and waffles OK maybe the octopus needs some help like from an adorable bunny friend and maybe that bunny tu.

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Figures have a stylized almost folkloric charm Recom At first glance upon icking up Also An Octopus one thinks Oh Another adorable kiddie The Naked Man picture book But then upon delving into this first time author s debut redundant huh book there is a bit meat to the story than cutsie octopuses and kiddies and fantastic folks in unreallacesNow we don t want to overthink a kid s book because that might just take away from the fun of reading But what is the harm in discovering that the rest of the story is the beginning of the story or the making of the storyWe start with a character like a kid We add in others also an Octopus and that makes for fun and as they say a little bit of nothing And then if you struggle through the making of the story and it flops then you can take that and a little bit of nothing and go again for another trySo it is cute story line that encourages and gives a basic story structure beginning with a little bit of nothing And it is also simply a cute kid s Damias Children picture book with delightful characters smiles happiness andositive thoughtsDISCLOSURE I received a complimentary copy from Candlewick Press to failitate a review of my honest opinions which are freely given Giveaway copy is Cutremur de timp provided and mailed directly to winner by Candlewic. Rns out to be a rocket scientist Probably not But could something even amazing come toass Debut author Maggie Tokuda Hall with the help of illustrator Benji Davies sets up an endearingly funny story then hands the baton to readers who will be than rimed to take it awa.

Maggie Tokuda Hall is the author of Also an Octopus illustrated by Benji Davies The Mermaid The Witch and The Sea is her first novelYou can read her writing for adults in her column for Catapult Magazine Fear and Loathing in Utero and her fiction on The Rumpus Joyland Magazine and Columbia Journal for Literature and the ArtsShe lives in Oakland California with her husband son and obj