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This volume contains a selection of fictional schoolgirl spanking tales set in both British and American schoolsPrefect's Punishment by Mike London Helen an 18 year old prefect at a girls' school offends the elderly school governor by pushing past her to get on the bus and then later insulting her The enraged governor goes directly to the school's Headmistress demanding maximum punishment Rightly or wrongly Helen receives the caning of her life her first ever and loses her prefect statusThe Panty Parade by Guy Spencer Lisa is a top student at Sylvester Girls' Academy but gives in to the temptation to cheat on an exam By tradition punishment for such offences involves the Punishment ueue also known as the Panty Parade in which the student is spanked by the principal sometimes in front of the whole school and must then leave her skirt off for th.

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Informs her that she is to receive her first ever spanking and bent over his knee she submits to a vigorous paddlingPlaying Away by Lisa Berry Lisa and Karen are shocked to find themselves on the school hockey team At an away game against St Audrey's School for Young Ladies they get into a fracas with two girls on the opposing side All four girls get ordered off the pitch and are punished with several strokes from a whippy rattan caneThe Weekly Panty Inspection by Katie Bradford The new principal at Bentley's School for Girls insists on regulation dress code at all times and that includes panties Following a panty inspection Lisa and Carrie are both found to be improperly dressed and bottoms bared they each receive a painful paddlingPublisher's Note While the stories in this book have a school setting all of the characters are eighteen or olde.

E remainder of the dayCross Country Cross Teacher by Robert Price Lisa takes a shortcut during a cross country race in order to avoid having to run the entire five miles Unfortunately she miscalculates and actually wins setting a record in the process Initially she revels in the attention but is soon found out and subjected to several bare bottomed slipperings by the school's plimsoll wielding gym mistressAn Appointment with Miss Johnson by Louise Watson Three sixth form girls change into gym shorts but it's not for a physical education class Instead they are made to bend over the vaulting horse in the centre of the gym for a painful session with Miss Johnson's slipperDaydreamer by Sarah Caldwell Eighteen year old Tina often gets away with not concentrating in class but not today After a detention where she is reuired to write lines Mr Bennet.

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