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Elp but to root for them Evan has his dumbass moments BOY DID HE HAVE THEM and Penelope has her frustrating ones HE LOVES YOU HE LOVES YOU I wailed for the mpteenth time but either way all relationships takes work and this relationship TONS I love how Evan works hard to prove himself to Penelope that he can take care of her to get her to trust him and in their relationship I love how Penelope has to work to believe that she actually deserves a whole lot than she thinks It just feels real to me Overall I ve never been one to be able to elouently express why I love a book ITried but I m than excited to see what Jen s gonna offer next 4 Young love dies hard stars I adore the Undone series by Jennifer Dawson and when I saw this title on NetGalley I couldn t help but ask for it This one is nothing like the other series but i liked it euallyI liked that it wasn t reminding me the other series and i liked that it was lightThe only thing that i didn t like was that while i was reading it i was wondering about the previous books and now I m dying to learn all of the other Donovan s storiesThe only sure thing is that Jennifer Dawson knows how to create beautiful characters and god she knows how to built the sexual tension between the two main charactersI mean i was going wild with all this sexual atmospherePenelope was a very organised and workaholic woman Every aspect of her life was in order except her own heart Since she was six years old her heart was drumming wild for her best friend s brother Evan Twenty five years had passed from that time and her heart is insisting to tremble near to Evan even though from outside she seems very composed whenever she is around him Her secret is safe since nobody knows about this crazy infatuation of hersAfter all she knows very well that she and Evan are miles apart Except that she doesn t appreciate his ways of life She d always made rash decisions where Evan was concerned Clearly age hadn t cured her Later much later she d contemplate her actions Evan Donovan is a football star who is living for his sport women and partying He was always the black sheep between the rest of his family and he was keeping add fuel in the fire Also he loved to get in the nose of his sister s best friend Penelope and to stay away from her as far as possible He had too many regrets in his life Too many bright promises The Drifter unfulfilled He didn t know what was going on between them but he couldn t afford any mistakes with her He at least wanted a chance to make some sorts of amends An accident in the field will force Penelope and Evan to come closerEvan after his accident and the ending of his career he is so depressed and he is spending his days with a bottle of alchool to keep him company His family is so worried about himPenelope whom by annwriten rule she is a part of the Donovan family can t stand this situation longer and she is deciding to take the matter in her hands After all she knows Evan better than everyone else This was the last time she d put herself in this situation After tonight she d work on forgetting She d forgotten once she could forget againShe just needed to make it throug. N injury had ended Evan's NFL career The notorious bad boy was in a depression no one could penetrate except maybe the one woman who still knew him best and still wanted him most    Penelope is the last person Evan wants to witness the wreck he’s become So when she shows p at his door he’s less than welcoming even though the sight of her brings back the same old rush of desire As a teenager the emotions overwhelmed him Now when

As Good As New is not my first book by Jennifer Dawson but it was my first from the Something New series and I can honestly state that it is indeed readable as a standalone novelAfter reading Crave last year it was no estion for me that I was going to like this authors writing style The Ice Maidens Sheikh (Sons of the Desert unless she would have changed something significantly So it was an easy decision to pickp this book as the plot seemed than interestingAnd I was not disappointedI am honestly not sure if I really liked Evan very much in the beginning he seem superficial at bestBut Penelope was an easy likeable character I loved her from minute oneAnd I wanted to high five her when she read Evan the riot act in his apartment to set him straightIf a book features a second chance love I would like it to be like this strong characters that show their ability to grow and change without loosing themselves in the processRecommendable readFor Reviews subscribe my Blog like my FB Page Excuse the abbreviated review Just adopted a puppy my boy EJ and as of right now I have the attention span of a puppy so I m going to keep this as succinct as possible Still loving Ms Dawson s writing and her ability to take standard romantic tropes and write the ish out of them Evan and Penelope s chemistry is crazy hot There s a scene where they re building p to kissing not even kissing mind you and I needed a fan When it finally gets to sex it was top notch Evan has his dumb bunny moments but I did love his sincerity For the record Evan telling your girl about sexploits in an attempt to show it s always been about her is NOT a bright bulb move Penelope is hesitant but after what Evan did to her essentially emotionally gutting her then walking away 15 years ago I get why The trust had to build and Ms Dawson did a fab job of doing thatIncredibly chemistry and strong characters made this a standout in the series and another enjoyable romance from Ms Dawson I continue to be impressed with her writing and I m looking forward to her next bookARC provided by publisher via netgalley for reviewFor reviews visit No way in hellSee E ARC received thanks to the publisher and NetgalleyPenelope had been in love with her best friend s brother Evan for years and for a short stint she thought they had somethinguntil Evan ditched her cue gasp in the audience Fast forward a decade or so Evan s career was cut short spiraling him out of control ntil Penelope out of the goodness of her heart slapped him back into reality literally and dun dun dunOH MANin my The Name of the Game review I asked myself how is Jennifer Dawson gonna top the awesomeness that is James and Gracie because YOU GUYS James and Gracie are SO PERFECT I cannot even imagine how any couple could beat thembut Ms Dawson managed to outdone herself again because THIS is so great The Cowboys Valentine (Crooked Valley Ranch ughhhhhh I still couldn t give it a 5 because James and Gracie are still the King andeen of my OTP list but Evan and Pen are Real Closebut then there s also Shane and Cecilia whom I also love NOW DO YOU SEE MY PROBLEMok the thing I love most about Jen Dawson s books is her characters I m very invested in them in their happiness and I can t He was the high school hottie She was the teacher’s pet But in private none of that mattered   At the tender age of six Penelope Watkins fell for her best friend’s brother Evan Donovan future hunk By the time they were teenagers they were having heart to heartsand hot and heavy top secret make out sessions All that changed when Evan’s father suddenly died Abruptly Penelope lost him to grief and to his true love football But now

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H this night The Billionaires Unexpected Heir (Illegitimate Heirs untouchedBecause if he touched her she was finished The only thing that she could never imagine was that Evan would take an turn and that he will decide to rebuilt the past Their secretly past The one that nobody knew except from both of themThat turn scares her and excites her at the same time even though that she is refusing to admit itEvan was her dream boy after all but in the past he had hurt her so damn much How can she trust him This is what you need to The Courage to Love Her Army Doc understand Pen what you never did get All that power I had over you that s exactly the power you had over me Evan from the other hand knows his mistakes toward Penelope too well But he can t deny longer his feelings Feelings that never got away even though his huge efforts Now he is ready to accept them and to chase before the only person that means something to himBut how can persuade Penelope that his feelings are real and that he won t bail away from her for once againThe battle is too difficult but he is determined to not givep So will he manage to rebuilt the past I m doing what I should have done all alongI don t know what that meansIt means I m going to fight for you and I m going to win Well i loved very much Evan and PenelopeYep Evan had made mistakes in the past but he had good reasons for that No he didn t copy well the last fifteen years and he made many stupid things but i loved him in the presenceFrom the moment that he accepted that Penelope was the one for him he was so determined to show her the depth of his heart He wanted to prove her that he was worthy of her And i liked this determination and his patience She looked like the girl he The Change in Di Navarras Plan used to know and this strange mysterious woman she d becomeLike everything he d loved about the past and everything he feared about the futureShe looked like sex and lifeLike something too wild to contain and too addictive to let go Why I liked Evan s patience Well Penelope was making it really hard for himYep she was heartbroken but all this thinking of hers was doing only bad She just couldn t let go of the past and she was beingnfair to Evan She was very insecure in everything that had to do with him and she wasn t making any efforts and that was pissing me off It was so much easier when he was some wild out of control jock who cared about nothing but partying and football Who treated her like she didn t exist That was a man she could hateBut since his injury he d changed Now he was like the boy from the basement Well those two together were like an electric discharge Everything around them were catching fire when they were in the same room And the sex was wild Yep organised Penny was like a wild cat in her private moments BahahahahaFinally i would like to say that i loved all the Donovans and their loved ones I liked the way they were loving Penelope as was their own blood But i was a little bit furious with them that they didn t believe in Evan so much But they were having all of them so lovely personalities and they were so tight between them Yep i want like crazy to read their own stories I m so curious ARC kindly provided via NetGalley for the exchange of an honest review. E wanted to be overwhelmed Penelope wasn’t playing She was telling the golden boy it was time to man p It may have taken a concussion for Evan to realize it but that’s exactly what he wants to do starting with her  Praise for Jennifer Dawson   “Witty repartee memorable secondary characters and powerful attraction skillfully handled will have readers eager for the next in the series” – Publishers Weekly on Take a Chance on

Jennifer Dawson is the author of the popular Something New series spicy small town romance released with Kensington and pens the dark and edgy contemporary romance series Undone Jennifer Dawson grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and graduated from DePaul University with a degree in psychology She met her husband at the public library while they were studying To this day she still maintains sh