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T they were doing than how they were feeling and there were parts where I thought the reactions weren t xaggerated Nighthawk (Conard County, enoughAs far as the world building in this story goes it was fantastic The descriptions were so detailed I could see things as they were happening This was my first novel featuring reapers and I thought the process of reaping was well thought out and interesting Having said that there were some parts that seemed to dragKylen Deacon s friend from years ago who d bartered with a demon for his soul was the most interesting character in this story I mxcited to see his book is nextOverall I thought the story was just OK but I did What She Saw (Conard County enjoy the world the author created and Kylen s character I ll be checking out the next one in the series This review was originally posted at Badass Book Reviews His gut told him Normal was a town he d never see again 5 starsHOLY Now that was a HOT story snicker I thoroughlynjoyed this book and absolutely cannot wait for Even though this story starts off sad and blue I was very uickly drawn into it While I can t say that I can relate to Ruth or her situations or to Deacon or Nate or well any one or their stories it is a very real story By this I mean that there are Rivals Break (Sharpe Donovan enough normal or regular life stuff happening to give this story an almost grounded feeling to it Ruth is alone in the world because of her freaky abilities that she can t understand and tries to keep hidden So she is withdrawn no friends never any boyfriends so she is used to being in the background and not really looking at anyone So when she runs into Deacon literally and he has no aura she panics and runs Except fate has other things in store for her Thisasily could have been a horror tale or a very unbelievable weak fluff type of story However Lisa has done a fabulous job writing one Hell of an Namen-Und Sach-Register Zum Jahresbericht �ber Die Fortschritte in Der Lehre Von Den Pathogenen Mikroorganismen Umfassend Bacterien, Pilze Und Protozo�n engrossing story and now she needs to have a proud moment to reap the praise Which is what I hope to do here reap the praise on her ummm I mean HEAP heap the praise on her LOL The story line is very rich and deep with a lot of placesworld and character building to it There is much MUCH that is left to be answered lots of abilities to learn problems to solve souls to reap you know the norm And of course there are my guesses and theories to prove Or disprove as the case maynd up being I loved the humor in this book Humor ranging from sarcastic to snarky to puns to side splitting LOL moments all helps to lighten the story up but in a way that helps to add to the richness and depth All of the characters fit in well together and they all feel like they have a purpose None of them feel rushed or are there just for the sake of throwing in another race or species it is not overloaded trying to fit in too many types with an interesting array of things like demons imps spiritssouls reapers and well I could go on but why ruin it for you I completely loved all of the tricks twists turns magic abilities friendships and of course the romance too I loved how Soft Focus even though there is romance involved that is not the main focus It is there and a lot of decisions are based on or around the romance but it very beautifullynriches and adds to the Paranormal tone of the story It happens along with because of the situations not the other way around There was the odd moment where I was a little perplexed I guess you can say But they did NOT affect the story in any way and I have this feeling that future books in the series will address or answer those uestions for me This book has that awesome multiple book series vibe to it Rather sneaky of Lisa if you ask me You know it s a bad turn of Alien Chastity Belt events when you d rather go to Purgatory than have a hard conversation But I do have to say that those books are my favorite I like having the big story line that takes books toxplore where I have a lot of characters to love hate suspect ignore Faker etc Lisa has me completely mesmerized and obsessed Mmmm now about that bacon read the book It will all make sense to you then Review originally published on WillReadForFeelscom I received this book for free inxchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewI decided I wanted to review this novel because I was intrigued by the concept of reapers and I have always been pretty interested in books about them I remember there was a TV show called Reaper back in the day that I followed just because the idea fascinated me so much I also read and Lawbreakers Suspense Stories enjoyed Amber Benson s Calliope Reaper Jones series and I thought Lisa Medley s Reap Repent would operate much the same wayThelements were certainly there hard working reapers looking to get ahead of the demons determined to take souls of the newly departed straight to hell without the benefit of judgment in Purgatory And we were promised a kind of reaper HIPPO IN THE GARDEN extraordinaire in the form of DeaconI really wish I could say differently but I found the character sadly lacking For one thing some things just didn t make sense If Deacon is soxperienced and there was a whole spiel about how old he is how he s holding a territory that s usually divided up between multiple reapers and so on so one would Spinal Trauma expect this how come he acts shocked when hencounters Ruby who xhibits reaper like traitsIf there s as much bureaucracy in the business of taking people to their final judgment as is initially implied in the novel wh. Aving spent than two hundred years ushering souls to Purgatory Deacon is seldom shocked by anything As he helps Ruth to understand her true nature she awakens desires that he decided long ago a Reaper can’t affordA demon invasion forces Deacon to confront the darkness.

4 out of 5 stars All her life Ruth has known she was different specially with her ability to see other people s auras However since she was twelve years old when she witnessed her father s death she has been alone keeping herself away from people and afraid of her ability Now an adult with a PhD Ruth s life dramatically changes after her mother dies and Deacon a two hundred and six year old reaper inserts himself into her life to show her that she is a reaper too Yet as their time together brings them from one 細味人生100篇 extreme circumstance to the next and their connectionxponentially grows they ll have to decide what they are willing to do to keep on another safeIntense and dynamic with a uniue setting then I am use to reading it become intrigued from the very beginning Ruth is a surprising character because in the beginning she is not what I would have The Gathering (Darkness Rising, expected as a leaderRead of my review THREE TEASERS anxcerpt here TOUR POST WON T BE LIVE ON MY BLOG UNTIL AUGUST 18th 2015 Check out my blog and other postsreviews here This was such a fun new story It s definitely clearing a path for a great series This one is about Ruth and the discovery of who she is and Deacon learning how to relive again And the world of reapers and angels and demons Ruth lost her dad at a young age Her and her mother didn t see MongoDB eye toye But now she lost Chastity everything And on top of that she s always seen a light surrounding people Their auras But she knows when someone s mad sad dying Yeah She when her mother dies and she runs literally into deacon it all opens the flood gates Ruth is a witty kind courageous She really has had a rough time with a lot of crap thrown at her for a uick period of time Deacon can t let things go He s got guilt and anger from long before So when Ruth knocks into him she has no aura and she can see him Really see him And he follows her and scared the crap out of her then releases a bomb that she s an untrained reaper The plot is so intriguing The mystery and suspense kept me glued to the pages I loved the demon twist of possession I loved Grim And Kylen and Nate are fantastic characters that added so much to this story The writing is fantastic I thoroughlynjoyed this story I m so glad I picked it up and I can honestly say I will be picking up book two This is a fantastic paranormal romance with some fascinating twists on reapers and their ways 5 PAWS In Short Deacon is caught off guard when Ruth barrels into him in the hospital hallway Being a reaper generally means the normals don t pay him much attention if they see him at all She is also aura less Only reapers lack an aura Is she new A rebel maybe She certainly forgot to do her job when she left this woman s soul lingering near her dead form Ruth is very used to being alone Her father passed when she 12 years old She isolated herself at a young age when she figured out not Experiential Learning everyone can see auras and her mom pushed her away because Ruth s ability unsettled her She is a little curious about the guy she ran into as shexited the hospital He didn t have an aura surrounding him Stranger still he shows up in her mother s living room while she is busy unpacking and sorting Together they discover why she is able to see auras and fight Deacon s very literal demon The only real drawback for me with this book is that is told in multiple persons Mostly it is just Ruth and Deacon but sometimes we get something from the others too I prefer to stick with one character s angle The writing is pretty fast paced Lisa Medley dove right into the story from the get go filling in details and history here and there I appreciated not sitting through chapter after chapter on past Die Neurobiologie des Glücks experience old politics and mythology before getting to the present Her characters were solid Everyone has a past but it doesn t pull these guys down and it doesn t make them little sissies crying about their past I am getting so tired of overly tortured and torn struggling and self depreciating heroes and heroines The Reapers Series pulled me in with book 1 I hope the good characters hold up into the next Reap Repent was an interesting story of a girl who s lived in chosen solitude for most of her life and the reaper who is going to train her to fulfill her purposeRuth hasssentially shut herself off from getting close to anyone after realizing she has an unwanted gift She can tell what mood a person is in and if they re close to death by seeing their auras After a few failed attempts at dating and the devastation of realizing her father s white aura meant death she s had A Final Story: Science, Myth, and Beginnings enoughWhen Deacon comes to reap Ruth s mother s soul he recognizes a kindred spirit in her and takes her under his wing to train as a fellow Reaper Injoyed Deacon s character Parts of his past were interesting and he was a good guy While there were times he took charge it was because as a reaper with years of A New Philosophy of History experience he was knowledgeable than Ruth I didn t feel like Deacon was overbearing or pushy unless they were in a life and death situation and Ruth didn t understandnough about the paranormal world to be able to defend herself yet He treated her like an Abortion, Choice, and Contemporary Fiction eual and was open with herUnfortunately I thought the characters were simple and underdeveloped They were in their mid to late twenties but I thought they acted like late teens toarly twenties The characters were very mechanical in their actions it was about wha. They see death Can they share a life Ruth Scott can read the Lexikon der Medizin-Irrtümer energy ofvery person she meets Then she meets Deacon Walker She can see his ice blue yes his black hair and his gorgeous face But this beautiful stranger has no auraDeacon is just as unsettled by Ruth and

Y doessn t there seem to be a standard operating procedure for recruiting and training newbie reapers Plus Deacon is stablished very Big Little Man early on as a non social reaper one who looks down on the reapers who do stop to socialize So why does he just take on the job of training Ruby when it s clear he already has his hands fullThen there s how they decide what Ruby is or maybe isn t When Deacon and Ruby meet he asks her what she is immediately rejecting the idea she s an angel and then asking her if she s a reaper or a valkyrie Now it s later revealed that a valkyrie has reaping skills but can carry many souls than reapers can It s also mentioned that there are damn few female reapers and that most women who can reap are trained as valkyries Since Deacon was once friends with valkyrie it s presumed he would know what a valkyrie can do So why is he so uick to make the assumption Ruby is a reaperHere s the part where he decides itSure it had been a littleasier for him to juice her into submission than it should have been if she was a reaper On the other hand the fact that she wasn t a blabbering vegetable after the amount of juice he d already poured into her also proved she was than humanSo what other The Man from Beijing explanation was thereHis gut told him she was an untrained reaperSo at first he has his doubts then he decides to go with his gut and treat her like a reaper What s then strange is thatveryone Creating Lasting Value even the angel Rashnu who is kind of like a boss figure for the reapers just follows suit Why is that And you would think that other reapers would give Deacon a hard time about it But there s virtually no interaction at allThese aren t the only uestions that go unanswered while reading this book and it Well that was an okay read Some parts I loved some were just mere moments I liked the concept and the world I don t like the fact that she had no real training compared to other reapers but could basically doverything I m interested to see how this develops later on in the series FREE on today 1062019 I am reviewing these individually because I feel that is fair to the author as she has taken some time writing these awesome books I never in my life thought I would Understanding Markets and Strategy enjoy books that involve grim reaping but I did This story did have a bit of inst love but hey I have personally had some insta love with a hot male before so I can t really fault someone for falling for Deacon now can IThis book did a great job of story development right from the beginning Right from the first three pages we were introduced to both characters and their uniue abilities and it did not stop from there Their development is constant and never flat lines Medley has done a fantastic job developing these characters that you really can t help but pull for them as individuals and as a unitHellven the side characters are complex and developed and did I mention that this is book one in the seriesThe plot is fast and I did not want to put this book down but at 2am my Montana Dreams eyes were heavy and I just couldn t fight it anyven though I really really wanted to I also like how the book clearly leads into book 2 but book 2 Immerwelt - Der Pakt emphasizes on the side characters fantastic paranormal romance series so farI received a copy of all three books inxchange for an honest review You can see this full review and at Book Briefs Reap and Repent is the first book in the Reaper Series It is an urban fantasy series about reapers and about a new mysterious untrained reaper I love the concept of the book and I think the rest of the series has potential but the first book was a little bumpy for me I still liked it but I didn t love it as much as I initially hoped that I would I read another book I can t remember the name about a girl that could see aura colors for different paranormal creatures and I was fascinated by that idea So when I found out that this main character Ruth could see aura colors and could use that to determine when someone would die and what they were feeling I was super Modern South Asia excited to see what kind of world Lisa Medley had created with her reapers And I did really like the world of her reapersI loved that instead of being scary that within the first really second meeting between Ruth and Deacon he was calming her down I would love to have him send some of his calming juice my way That is a cool little trick I also love the aura aspect and how it fits into their role as a reaper Plus there are plenty of other paranormals in the mix to keep this story fresh andxcitingMy bumps came from Ruth and Deacon s connection I liked Ruth and I liked Deacon and I Picture Theory even liked them together But I didn t really believe Deacon s initial connection and attachment to Ruth It felt rushed to me and because of that I couldn tnjoy many of their Ancestral Voices early scenes together They certainly jumped together pretty uickly I think the next book might be better because we have gotten to know the characters and the foundation has been laid but it was a jumpy start for meI did really like the concept and the world so I think I will give the next book in the series a go The nice thing about this series is that the first three books are already out They wereach released within a week of And Bid Him Sing each other and the first book is currently free So if you like urban fantasy and are interested in a reaper romance grab a copy of Reap and Repent for free now This review was originally posted on Book Briefs. In his own pastven as he fights to save the human souls he’s charged to protect When he’s taken captive his first concern is for Ruth But Ruth just might be able to save herself and the Reaper she can’t live without if she can learn to wield her newfound powers.

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