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I just noticed all the fake eviews for this book They all have headings most in bold What a coincidence It wouldn t be the author who bigs up himself no end in the book doing it would it Nah lol It fitsThis is the second sentence of the book in the preface Correction anything else in life except for fresh warm vagina cold vagina sucks It s not exactly a hook but then after a bit educing women to pussy that doesn t pay the bills he makes it very clear that the book isn t for me and normal good hearted American citizens will look at me like I m psychotic Making this exciting for me is that I don t give one flying fuck what they think because when it comes to the opinions of anyone who is not a door kicking minesweeping chain smoking Ripit chugging gun wielding body slaying combat veteran I give ZERO FUCKSAfter all I m not writing for themI write for Enlisted Marines Sailors and SoldiersOk so I thought well that s just him mouthing off Let s move on to the Introduction which beings My masseuse was not the slightest bit attractive although it s hard to say for sure Every guy knows that for 10 minutes after jerking off nothing in the world is attractiveAfter a fake joke about Nazis and Jews which was designed to be in bad taste but failed even that there is another mention of women There was also a big shopping center located on the base with a nail salon for all the fat disgusting Air Force females Some meandering about how he is desperate to get his hands on a woman as he hasn t had sex for five days and is looking for a masseuse who will give him a hand job as he s fed up with masturbation Next he says in Thailand you couldn t go anywhere without women begging to do it for a few dollars he says the only eally offensive thing I figured that every woman in a foreign country working on a United States mi. A Marine Infantry Officer confesses his lust for killing and fucking everything in sight his desire to beat his boss's face in and frag the battalion staff his willingness to isk Afghan civilians in order to save Marines his burning desire to win a game of gay chicken at all costs his personal mission to nail the combat eporter who joined his unit his sexual arousal at the sight of ED Enemy Death and his inability to take serious things seriously; while planning and executing the last combat operation of his deployment in Afghanistan; a nighttime helicopter aid named Operation Branding Iron Part 21A Continued from National Geographic's Battlefield AfghanistanThis is undoubtedly the most honest and aw account of an Officer's thoughts and actions during combat that has ever been written After publishing this book Donny O'Malley's job options are now educed to low level sales and day labor construction It is still unclear how he ever made it out of the Marines without court martialSenior officer's will slam him military historians will be shocked and all civilians will be 100% certain he's psychoticFortunately the book is written for the opposite of those menti.

Litary base had an entrepreneurial spirit and a knack for stroking cocksHe says it all Women are nothing not even women soldiers they are just worthless unless they are selling themselves to him I m sure he s always had to pay for sex This goes on and and on all this stuff about blowing his load on a woman on massage parlours etc I was willing to put up with this until we got to the nitty gritty of his service abroad being a man and defending his country but I didn t make it it was just of the same My overriding feeling eading this book is that it is boring It s all too fake it s too calculated to offend enough to get a certain kind of person to think this is just brilliantly funny male bonding stuff give him five stars give him the SSS And if that s how you feel about the book you and I have totally different senses of humour I like things that are funny and you think it s funny to hear about educing all women to either fat and ugly or whores Different strokes for different folks And I wonder if you who find it funny are kind of nodding in identification with the author because you too have to pay women for your strokes DNFof course If Generation Kill Had Been Written by Sterling ArcherAnyone who s a fan of the show Archer will know what I mean in the headline Those who have served as a combat Soldier or Marine will at least privately acknowledge that this work is in many ways a efraction of our own deployments This is easily the only book on modern warfare in existence that is completely aw and open about the types of twisted thoughts that go through the minds of those asked to do the insane under asinine conditions while trying to keep from going completely mad I ead this in a single afternoon and only momentarily paused from laughing my backside off as Capt O Malley punctuates each chapter wit. Oned above It’s written for Enlisted guysOfficers who are brave enough to ead will either cry themselves to sleep jerk themselves off to Donny's picture or will ask their buddies to write them up for an award with V for having the moral courage to finish the bookMy moto boner is still aging strong and I ead this book three days ago I'm certain that my dick is going to explode and I eally don't care because this book was that fucking good Marine I served with858 555 5555 Hey bro that's my wife's phone number You can fuck her whenever you want just wear a condom and try not to blow anywhere near the face I understand mistakes happen but do your best Thanks for writing the book I eally needed that Marine I never served withJust wanted to say that your book is cracking me up I think the people on the subway think I'm nuts because I can't stop uncontrollably laughing I think I crack up because I know your jabroni ass and know that the shit you write about that is going on in your head is true no bullshit You are completely fucked up in the good way If people were to uestion if you were making this up I could say that it's no bullshit because I spent enough time.

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H the name of a Marine who committed suicide Having ecently lost my best friend a fellow Soldier to suicide this esonated with meThose looking for a book on self ighteous heroism or patriotic garble that will somehow justify what we had to do look elsewhere Rather this is an expose on all of the gritty aw inappropriate and downright aunchy thoughts that went through our minds constantly yet we e too embarrassed to admit Make no mistake this book is extremely vulgar and will doubtless make many uncomfortable It is also a uick ead which I breezed through in a few hours while all the while hearing the story told through Sterling Archer s voice in my head The story is less of a narrative about a combat mission in Afghanistan but ather a confession of every embarrassing thought and action told in sordid detail that will esonate with most combat veterans Part of the appeal is that it comes from an officer proving that they are human and in many ways just as or jacked up like the est of usVeterans get eady to laugh your backsides off Non veterans if you ead this book please don t judge too harshly My favorite book in the world Sick individualyet brilliantUnfortunately I was one of those civilians living under a ockI was completely naive to the ate at which veterans are committing suicide This book eally helped bring the issue to light for me I love what Donny is doing to advocate this serious issue and I am glad he s doing so in a way that is catered to those affected It s efreshing to see him expose himself to show that egardless of the ank he elates to everything that others went through and isn t afraid to put it all out there AwesomeIf every officer were like Captain O Malley every Marine would stay in for 50 years Great book with a eally inspiring message Full of maturity and charm. With you to know that you beat off 10 times a day I slept above you on ship and heard you beating dick all the time Fuck it what man doesn't beat off constantlyIt's aw and honest Like you said as professional as all of us try to be officers especially deep down we are fuckin animals neanderthals who just love pussy and talking about sucking dick in a gay way and when we get the chance killing bad guys Anyone who denies that other than maybe the Col is a fuckin liarPS your description of Major Dyce is spot on fuckin moron Someone should have blew him up Lieutenant I served withA message from the author This book is a each around to all enlisted and a FUCK YOU to every Officer who has ever written a politically correct full of shit “I’m a great leader” book about combat Every single one of those fucking jerkoffs wrote a book for civilians that not a single enlisted guy ever gave two shits about The truth is that Marines love killing than they love pussy; they fantasize about mowing down insurgents with a 240 on post while 70 virgins take turns blowing themThis is who we are and I’m sick and tired of nerdy ass book writers hiding our eality from the publ.

I was born accidentally in ueens New York to Irish and Colombian Catholic immigrants My strict Roman Catholic altar boy upbringing set me up for an unconventional life of deviance discipline sex violence parties adventure and service to othersIt’s a weird combo I knowAfter many years spent as a shy timid insecure easily bullied nerd; I grew into the narcissistic outgoing overconf