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LD xperts and academics which brought to light a wide range of trends and innovations worth understanding and 3 Selingo s broad multi decade Mr. Christmas experience in higherducation which provides a perch from which Selingo provides useful perspective informed by lots of time in the space Selingo s structure of the book is fairly formulaic which for some might read as repetitive or less Where My Heart Used to Beat engaging However I found it useful to have anasy to navigate structure with a key point in The Truth (Discworld, each chapter laid out in straightforward chapter titles and a number of sub points andxamples with liberal use of in chapter headings and sub headings While his archetypes in chapter 1 make sense I was less impressed with how the survey results supported these characterizations Or frankly of the way the survey results were presented Mr. Perfect especially in the appendix section on this The author identified key markers forach archetype with some broken down into sub archetypes but there was no direct comparison by archetype by dimension For Secret Suffragette example he points out that 30% of sprinters are studying STEM fields but doesn t highlight STEM percentage for the other archetypes Or he notes how many persevering stragglers have part time work affiliation without comparisons to other archetypes The lack of data tables showing comparisons by dimension makes me uestion the validity of the data which is a big miss It would have been veryasy to provide a number of very useful cuts and comparisons but instead he seems to compare apples to oranges across archetypes This is a major flaw of the book although the archetypes he 7 Secrets of the Goddess ends up with do resonate and I can understand if the data came back messy and he had to do some creative box forcing if you will Overall I found the book to be well researched and well structured Given the somewhat formulaic set up I m including some key items fromach chapter below both for my own benefit for looking back at later times to remind myself what was covered and as a way to give readers a sense for what was covered in the book overallChapters and some points I took from them 1 The sprinters wanderers and stragglers a There are several archetypes sprinters are go getters who know what they want and usually get it wanderers are those who usually Indianomix end up in a good role but only after a few detours stragglers struggle 2 What theconomy needs what My Favorite Earthling (Otherworldly Men, employers want a Key skillsmployers want and how they re identified Burning Glass is shared as an Doglands example intermediary between students andmployers b Suggestions on how to position yourself to be relevant he says to 1 be curious ask uestions and be a lifelong learner 2 build Riveted (Iron Seas, expertise take risks and develop grit 3 seevery job as a tech job 4 learn to deal with ambiguity 5 be humble and learn from peers and mentors 3 The benefits of a detour a Benefits of taking time off b Options for doing so An Officer and a Spy eg travel gap year academic gap year others 4 Why a college s location matters a The importance of being in an urbannvironment Fates (Fates, even if in a small town vsnormous metropolis b List of college towns matched up against Recipe for Temptation (Madewood Brothers, employment hubs by size 5 Hands on learning for a career a Co opxperiences and universities that focus on these g Northeastern University of Cincinnati b Makerspaces g Lehigh s use of old Bethlehem Steel buildings 6 Learning to launch a Finishing schools OBaby eg Koru b Gap yearsg Venture for America Americorps Selingo is clearly a big fan of gap Nerds experiences 7 Redesigning the bachelor s degree a New models for degreesg Georgetown s BAMA in four years ASU s project based competency based degree vs seat time degree and USC s Garage incubator b Alternate paths Zack (Areion Fury MC eg Enstitute s two year program putting people into apprenticeships with focus on career skills c Community college s role 8 Education delivered just in time a Stanford s six year open loop plan b Boot campsg General Assembly 9 How Shadow on the Crown (The Emma of Normandy Trilogy, employers hire a Hiring remains a black box to many b People analytics is a game changerg Knack the game or LinkedIn and its huge set of data on job seekers and ContamiNation employers c College not mattering so muchg Google recruiter talking to students on campus about how Google doesn t care about degrees 10 Telling your career story a Asking the right uestions about what you want to do Taxi ins Glück eg worknvironment fulfilling jobs plan for where you want to be in five years. Individuals do to nd the current ducational and Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas economic stalemate and offers a practical step by step planvery young professional can follow From the The Magic Rolling Pin end of high school through college graduation he lays outxactly what students need to do to acuire the skills companies wantFull of tips advice and insight this wise practical guide will help Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, every student no matter their major or degree find realmployment and give their parents some peace of min.

Every parent of a college age child or recently out of college AND Not Without a Fight every college age child and recently graduated child NEEDSMUST read this book Itxplains the job market for the 21st century and what the college agerecently graduated person needs to do to be successful It didn t prepare me at all for the real world Jessica said somewhat abruptly This sentence begins Jessica s description of her Garden Bouquets and Beyond experience at one of the US News top 10 national liberal arts colleges in the US The uote from Jeffrey Selingo s new book There Is Life After College What Parents and Students Should Know About Navigating School to Prepare for the Jobs of Tomorrow also captures in dramatic fashion one of Selingo s main themes The book details how schoo Written by the journalist onducation Jeffrey Selingo this book discusses various aspects of how to optimize college The Unseen Wonder education andxperience to be successful in career The primary premise is that the current college The Management Bible education lags behind the fast development andvolution of the workplace As a result many college graduates face difficulty in finding a job and Zu schnell excel in it The author believes that the modernconomy looks for workers with a T shape knowledge structure The works need to have a broad spectrum of abilities including social skills self management lifelong learning and communications They need to ma Jeffrey Selingo presents several modern challenges in Sleepless (Bird of Stone, educating and preparing youth for the workforce He summarizes the problem as follows students blindly follow don t think about what they want from college and don t make the right decisions to make sure college pays off as a long term investmentThe book contains many useful Injoyed this book but it didn t completely resonate with my xperiences working at liberal arts institutions Many comments seemed too general to me There Is Life After College is a must read for anyone who is in a bachelor s degree program planning to nter a bachelor s program in the near future or has a child who is planning to nter a bachelor s program in the near future Jeffrey Selingo does a fantastic job presenting a comprehensive overview of the current state of higher ducation and what students need to know to navigate starting a career in their twenties He also addresses a number of related topics that desperately need a bigger spotlight such as how and why so many kids are shoehorned into 4 year bachelor s programs straight out of high school I ve never seen anything Invisible (The Curse of Avalon else that comes close to covering this subject in such detail and from such a fresh perspectiveNow 33 years old I spent much of my twenties feeling as though a bachelor s degree did very little to prepare me for the real world Beyond that I felt like I did what I was supposed to do to guarantee a great job right out of undergrad Needless to say the journey wasn t uite thatasy It was Yummy Supper extremely validating to read a book that confirmed so many of my deepest gripes with the current higherducation system and the outright lies many students receive about how to become ducated and marketable in the modern conomy I know that I m not alone in these sentiments In the past decade since I finished undergrad the Deep Listening economy has become much volatile and the job market has become much unpredictable These trends aren t likely to reverse any time soon We need this book now thanver beforeSelingo concentrates a lot of his advice around competitive job fields such as finance However a lot of the tips are applicable across any job field For xample theater administration may not be a hot field but there s no uestion that interning at a local theater over a summer in college is great work xperience for anyone interested in a career in theater I appreciate the wide range of advice that he presents in the book Many of his tips are inexpensive and straightforward such as using LinkedIn as a networking and research tool and connecting with alumni while still attending a bachelor s program From small town college kids without a clear plan for a major and a career to city college kids with clear major and career plans there is something for Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature everyone hereFinally I appreciate that Selingo acknowledges the lack of a clear cut path for current students and how hencourages them to find a path that is the best fit for them He doesn t make any guarantees wi. New York Times BestsellerFrom the bestselling author of College Unbound comes a hopeful inspiring blueprint to help alleviate parents’ anxiety and prepare their college ducated child to successfully land a good job after graduationSaddled with thousands of dollars of debt today’s college students are graduating into an uncertain job market that is leaving them financially dependent on their parents for years to come a reality that has left moms and.

Th his advice about getting ahead in the job market You can go to a great school line up stellar internships and participate in a range of xtracurricular activities and still Trajan end up having to change your career course drastically because your intended career path doesn t go as planned any bitter web design majors out there His overarching advice about developing soft skills and becoming a lifelong learner with a willingness to viewducation as an ongoing pursuit will serve students better in the long run than any single internship or graduate degree As a senior writer for a local university I m always in search mode for books that shine a light onto what I see on campus And after reading Carol Dweck s Growth Mindset a book our faculty are using to road map how to get their students ready for the working world I saw Jeffrey Selingo s book in our university library in the New Book section and figured Why not I m glad I didSelingo the former Bunnys Book Club Goes to School editor in chief at the Chronicle of Higher Education used his journalistic skills to write a clearyed book on what families and their college bound kids face and what universities need to do There Is Life After College reads like a long news feature But Selingo segments it out into thematic chapters between 20 to 40 pages long that make his book manageable to read and digest Plus it s interesting Here s a snippetToo many students today lack the necessary coping skills and grit to succeed and they The Peculiar Pig end up in workplaces unwilling to invest in training them Even the companies considered the best in their industries have reduced what they spend onmployee training by 15 percent since 2006 Yet colleges are still playing by the old rules on a field built for a previous century They still regard their role in the transition from college to career the same as they always have as an interested observer and passive coach Career services on many college campuses are merely an add on amenity to the bachelor s degree somewhere just below parking as a matter of administrative priority in the words of one university president Selingo doesn t just point to problems as in what you read above He offers solutions he s found at various universities from Arizona State to Georgetown to a few schools in between He spent two years on the book and it shows Good information here particularly for any parent with a kid bound for college And yeah that does include me After I finished There Is Life After College I stood by our copier and ran off the last chapter I m going to give it to my son a rising senior in high school Maybe that s the best testament to why Selingo s book works Passing it on to someone who really needs to know An Cherry Ingram eye opening look at how college and the post grad job market has changed since we were in school I am a relatively skeptical person when it comes to self help or life advice books This book however was surprisingly straightforward and informative I really internalized some of the information which is often not the case for me Selingo was not necessarily trying to push for one particular path instead he presented information that if we like can help guide our decisions Overall I m glad I read this book It s definitely one of the better books of its kind I found this to be a useful guide for navigating the rapidlyvolving college to career pathways While I m not making those moves at this point I The Mermaids Shoes entered the workforce out of Duke University in 2007 the book provides an insightful look at how careers are changing and what that means for studentmployees as well as for universities Untameable Rogue (Bennett employers and intermediaries My sister is a rising high school senior who simply LOVES getting advice from her much older brother so the book provided some useful fodder for unprompted college and career counseling services The book is most useful as a hands on guide for students and their supportive parents who are trying to make sense of how the world is changing and what that means for how they should position themselves to get good jobs out of school You can think of the insights as coming primarily from three sources 1 a survey of 750 students that Selingo did as part of this work and that helped to archetype students the weakest source on my criticisms there later 2 conversations Selingo has had with dozens ofntrepreneurs business leaders. Dads wondering What did I pay all that money forThere Is Life After College offers students parents and The McKettrick Way (McKettricks, even recent graduates the practical advice and insight they need to jumpstart their careers Educationxpert Jeffrey Selingo answers key uestions Why is the transition to post college life so difficult for many recent graduates How can graduates market themselves to mployers that are reluctant to provide on the job training What can institutions and.

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Jeff Selingo is the leading authority on higher education worldwide and editorial director of The Chronicle of Higher Education He speaks on the topic often and appears regularly as an expert on radio and TV including NPR PBS ABC and CBS