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Ely etc And it provided a good oundation of context too Definitely a must have if you re tackling TF whether on your own or with a post secondary class I am so glad it was one of our reuired readings This still did not clear up anything about The Faerie ueene or me Blegh Top reader s guide by my old teacher at Reading. D by students while reading the poem Each chapter is devoted to a separate book of the poem and sub sections treat particular episodes or seuences in detail.

Etter things out there This book SAVED me Not only did it make understanding The Faerie ueene easier as it works as a bit of a selective summary of each Book but it also just showed me different ways of viewing things It was just the example I needed to really see how to look at Spenser s writings allegorically igurativ. Culties of allusion and interpretationThis volume is the only convenient and up to date guide to Spenser's poem and is designed as a handbook to be consulte.

Alright I suppose and possibly useful if 1 you re reading F alone 2 you re taking a class with a poor teacher 3 you ve got to study The Canadian Regime for ainal The discussions border too close to a modern reading of the Faerie ueene and thus is too Testing Aircraft, Exploring Space far awayrom a good clean look at the work So it s a ine study but I m sure there are The Faerie ueene is the irst great epic poem in the English language It is a long and complex allegory which presents the irst time reader with many diffi.

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