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Id for the damn thing under my subscription so I forced myself to read it through to the end but if it had been a freebie I would have toasted it from my EReader without finishing before even reaching the half way ointFinal Rating 2 Stars I won this book from Goodreads First Reads Review coming soon My thoughtsFor those who follow my reviews it should not be a surprise that I was waiting to read Cade s story I was a fan of Cade since the first book A Cowboy Returns He seemed like the tough guy but once you get to him and learn about him he really is just a sweet guy who went through some rough timesThis book starts out a few months after the last book by the way you don t need to have read the first book in order to read this one It makes a good stand. Y if that mistake is a broad shouldered blue eyed cowboy who drives her crazy with hunger But all it takes is one small wager and their chemistry explodes When the dust settles will Emma have obliterated her careeror captured her cowb.

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My Favorite BrotherI ve read the entirety of the series than once and I maintain that Cade is my favorite brother He just gets me right there in the feelsAdored this book This was a great book I need to check the others in the series It was very Twentieth-Century Music and Politics passionate between the two characters I had it read all in one day It s very hard to come up with a balanced review for this book as it was at times very charming and at other times I found it frustrating and disliked it intensely and I seriously considered DNF at least three times during the first third of the story For the first half of the book the Heroine was self centered judgemental and hypocritically unprofessional just seriously annoying The Hero was wounded and had major self confidence issues but he. This cowboy is ruggedroudand incredibly sexy Cade Covington is struggling with turning his family's beloved ranch into a tourist attraction It's not just the mortgage big enough to choke a horse or the invasion of his home by stran.

Was adorable and honourable and I loved him I know this is just a story but their insta lust let s have uickie sex in a thunderstorm downpour after meeting one another for the first time an hour agoon the way to a very very important meeting that would rescue her business just did not fly and it spoiled the rest of the book for me I also did not buy that their insta lust would create an immediate forever after love connection I enjoyed some of the writing maybe 25% and I loved the family relationship healing material although the insta BFF with Reagan from Book 1 was also unrealistic My overall rating reflects the fact that I forced myself to continue reading because I expected it to end well since it was Gender Inequality in Our Changing World published under the Blaze Banner and because Ia. Gers It's also the arrival of a city slicker PR Can Government Think? professional who doesn't understand ranch lifeanduts every beautiful woman he's ever seen to shame Cade wants her With her company on the line Emma can't afford any mistakes Especiall.

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