Jenny Devall: Hacking the Billionaire

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Loved WTWI was enjoying this book until the endand I ctually paid for it becaus. Riley’s brutal ttack remains s much mystery s the security leak she’s been hired to trace – but her April Blood: Florence and the Plot Against the Medici arrangement with Dirk is what has her feeling the most confused At times he is remarkably sweet but his tendency to try to control everyspect of her life is threatening to drive her mad She knows he’s just trying to.

E I wanted to know the ending of it Guess what A freaking cliffhanger so how does. Keep her safe but she doesn’t need his domineering presence hovering over her Especially since the relationship is marked with n expiration date She keeps reminding herself that he’s not Mr Right – he’s Mr Right Now – but can she really believe herself The best possible thing for both of them is for her to find the lea.

It ends Guess I will never know unless the next one is free So that why three star. K nd finish the job uickly before whatever they have gets too complicated to bearno matter how much danger she has to put herself in to do so The last thing Riley wants is heartbreak But the last thing Dirk wants is to endanger her life And if she can’t ccept t least some of his help she just might lose than her independence.

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