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I am sure I would enjoy other novels by Delia Brewster Will look for the. Ns begin to surround her judgement She knows better than to mix business with pleasure but some connections are difficult to gnore and mpossible to deny Follow Ava as she searches for the truth and embarks on her journey of self discove.

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Suspense and romanceLost a lot of sleep while reading Mysterious Touch Ava has always been different Before she could articulate t nto words she knew her ability to “see” wasn’t limited to the here and now Now an ndependent woman she’s s using her uniue gift to solve the toughest missing person?.

Ecause t was so difficult to not continue on to the next page or chapter. ?s cases Traveling to the Deep South she finds herself thrust The Dead Travel Fast into a web of shady small town characters all potential perpetratorsn a multiple missing person’s case While there a surprising and rresistible attraction forms and uestio.

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