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S own vulnerable familyGRIEVOUS SIN The sixth novel in the series The birth of their baby girl has filled Rina Lazarus and her husband LAPD Homicide Detective Peter Decker with joy mingled with sorrow since complications have ensured that they can have no children But the situation is grim at the hospital which has been evastated by severe budget cutbacks and staff shortages And when a respected nurse vanishes along with a newborn from the nursery Peter and Rina fear for the safety of their own precious child especially when the missing nurse’s car is fou.

THREE SPINE TINGLING THRILLERS FROM FAYE KELLERMAN’S BESTSELLING PETER DECKER AND RINA LAZARUS CRIME SERIESFALSE PROPHET The fifth novel in the Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus series A victim of brutal assault claims to have psychic powers that enable her to see even Smijurija u mjerama devastating events looming on the horizon Decker finds it hard to put much credence in the victim’s outrageous claims but when herark visions turn frighteningly real Decker’s world will be rocked as the false prophet’s secrets and obsessions entrap him and point a killer toward Decker’.

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Nd at the bottom of a cliff with a corpse insideSANCTUARY The seventh novel in the series A Speer diamondealer and his entire family have mysteriously Ultralearning disappeared from their sprawling Las Angeles manor leaving the estate undisturbed and their valuables untouched Investigatingetective Decker is stumped faced with a perplexing case riddled with The Ring Of The Dove dead ends Then a secondealer is found murdered in Manhattan catapulting Decker and his wife Rina into a heart stopping maze of murder and intrigue that spans the globe only to touch The Lost Literature of Medieval England downangerously in their own backyar.

Jonathan their youngest child and their French Bulldog Hugo