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Ound myself cheering her on at very turn Tenley however was the opposite for me She was Black Boy exactly what you wouldxpect a self absorbed teen to be annoying Yet she was humorous and by the Nighttime Sweethearts end I grew to like her Holden and Laraby were strong male characters They were both outgoing in their uests to help the Pennie and Tenley It was neat to see them all learn and grown throughout the book Operation Tenley was funntertaining gripping and uick I almost wish it would have been longer to really let me fall Maternity Bride (Silhouette Desire even in love with the characters I needed just a little to make me sing its high praises but it definitely is a uniue book that I ll suggest to anyone looking for a great middle grade read I hope there will be another book in this series because I d love to share this with kids some day I received a digital ARC of this book inxchange for an honest reviewIn Operation Tenley we meet Pennie a descendant of Fairiesalso known as a Fair One As a Fair One it is her duty to look out for Tenley a human with the ability to control the windshe s sort of like a guardian angel but she s kind of been slacking at her duties and failing to report her charge s use of her Elemental Power The problem is that Tenley isn t supposed to be using her Elemental Power and Safe in My Arms every time she uses it she risks making Mother Nature very very angrywe re talkingarthuake and tornado level angry When Pennie s bosses get wind no pun intended of Tenley s inappropriate use of her powers they send Pennie to Earth to convince Tenley to sign an agreement not to use her power or Presunta colpevole else she would berased and Pennie banished from her home But things don t uite go as planned leading to some very crazy situations and lessons in trust and friendship for both Pennie and TenleyI seriously do not know how Pennie did it She must have really loved Tenley because I would have given up long before the deadline was up Truthfully Tenley was very hard to like She was determined to win a contest called America s Next Most Inspirational Teen through her nail art and online videos But she was a self absorbed walking disaster But I guess Pennie truly did love her since she was willing to go to Earth to save her and had been monitoring her since she was born Perhaps in those 13 years Pennie saw something I didn t and hopefully Tenley finally saw the light and changed her ways after Poisoned Secrets (Murder and Mayhem everything was said and done don t want to spoil anything so I am not going to mention what happened but it was majorI did love Pennie though She was a sweetheart with the patience of a saint and I would have loved to have known about her background and family She had a good heart and I loved her interactions with all of the other characters She was really a cheerleader forveryone and helped boost the confidence of whoever she was speaking to which was nice Even her fellow Fair One Laraby and his human charge Holden aren t immune to her kindness by the Safe Words end of the story It was interesting how she and Tenley were almost complete opposites and how they interacted withach other and other people It was a little weird how Tenley and her mom just welcomed Pennie into their home though no uestions asked I do have to say thatThe whole story and concept was really interesting and not something I had read before I really liked the idea of a guardian Fair One looking over you and the whole world that the author built for the Fair Ones fascinated me what with robes tool belts with magic tools propellers instead of wings holograms magic and It was an interesting mix of technology and fantasyOperation Tenley was an interesting story with memorable characters and a fascinating plot that I His To Claim (McBain Brothers Alpha, enjoyed reading This was a great book It s the story of some kids who have weather powers Mother Nature who wants to kill them and the fairies called Fair Ones who have to protect them It s funny too Tenley Tylwyth and Gavron are my favorite characters I hope there is a book 2 soon Pennie is a Fair One with a difficult job she needs to keep anye on Tenley a girl on Earth with The Black Sheeps Baby (Into The Heartland) (Into The Heartland) (Silhouette Intimate Moments, elemental powers Tenley can control weather Pennie is a rookie she hasn t got muchxperience with watching Elemental Teens yet and she makes the mistake to let Tenley use her powers too much without reporting this Mother Nature is against Pursuit of Justice elementals and the Fair Ones have come up with a destiny for them that will keep them out of her claws it s humane but still terrible This is what threatens to happen to Tenley and Pennie wants to prevent it from taking placeThere are sanctions because Pennie hasn t reported Tenley s weather controlling and as a result Pennie and Tenley might both loseverything Pennie does what she can to change their fates She s Dangerous to Touch even willing to travel to Earth which isn t something Fair Ones like to do Earth is a difficult place for them to be When Pennie arrives her problems have only just started Will she be able to save her future and Tenley s lifeOperation Tenley is a fun and original story I loved Jennifer Gooch Hummer s creative world building She put a lo. Cestors of fairies keep kids like Tenley safe but when rookie Fair One Pennie fails to do so she’s forced to travel to Earth a place where no Fair One wants to go Now Pennie has fortyight hours to convince Tenley to give up her power It.

T of thought into the foundation of her story and that shows The Fair Ones are descendants of fairies and they have certain tasks Some of them watch humans with Once Upon a Seduction (Its All About Attitude elemental powers I liked that idea and thexecution is great Pennie is strong and resilient and fortunately she isn t all alone When she s being sent to Earth her life becomes much Rodeo Daughter exciting all of a sudden and she only has a very short time to complete her mission This results into a fast paced and gripping storyPennie is a caring and sweet girl Her gentle nature gets her in trouble but she also proves to be capable and resourceful Tenley is superficial and she does anything for a little bit of fame She s still young and there is plenty she still has to learn She isn t supposed to use her powers but has no idea of the conseuences Her character is a bit annoying in a funny way Her actions often made me laugh I liked the interaction between the twospecially because some of Tenley s behavior is completely unexpected and I always love to be surprised Jennifer Gooch Hummer s writing style flows My Guilty Pleasure (Harlequin Blaze easily I like her sense of humor and she has created a uniue world for her story I love it when I get the chance to see such a great piece of someone s imagination Operation Tenley is fabulously strange It s the first book in a series and I can t wait to read Just got to read the galley of this book wow Can t wait for the Fair City Files 2 This was my favorite read of the summer Not to be missed full of wit and charm and imagination Operation Tenley is unlike anything I vever read a refreshing fantasy series in a world gone Twilight Hummer is the JK Rowling of fairies Operation Tenley is a cross between fantasies meeting technology in this delightful story of fairies The fairies no longer have wings but now have propellers and are called the Fair Ones They watch over humans who have special powers that control the Elements as Mother Nature wants those powers since the humans are destroying Earth Tenley is a human with the Fatal Secrets (Protecting the Witnesses element power of wind and discovered how to use this power during her childhood Pennie is the Fair One who is protecting her but didn t report that she came into her powersarly which she gets in trouble for not reporting Laraby Fair One helps Pennie with his knowledge of the Fair Ones laws and A Wanted Man (Silhouette Intimate Moments, ends up in the adventure with Pennie and Tenley All the characters seem to learn from their journey and grow throughout the story as they face Mother Nature and the Original Eights of the Fair Ones No spoilers as this is a story with a lot of action packed into it and will keep you on your toes I received a complimentary copy of this book inxchange for a fair and honest review Can be read as a standaloneCharacters Delightful and developedHeat NA as suitable for under 12 yrs old4 Koala Paws I won a free copy of this book from LibraryThing Early Reviewers in My Spy (Mission: Impassioned, exchange for an honest reviewIn the world of Operation Tenley we have a group of beings called Fair Ones who monitors and looks after humans who are born with special powers to manipulate the Elements Their main duty is to protect these humans from being discovered by Mother Nature who is intent of destroying the human race The story revolves mainly around theponymous Tenley Tylwyth an over the top obnoxious 13 year old girl who discovered her Elemental abilities before she reached 18 years old a situation which will normally necessitate said human to be Until You Loved Me (Silver Springs, erased for hisher own good and her overly protective Fair One Pennie s attempts to save her from annhilation What makes this book stand out from the usual run of the mill teen fantasy novel is the back story telling us how the system came to be in place though it was notxpanded upon much in this first book Depending on how the author handles it it has the potential to be The Baby Album either great or terrible I have no complaints about the Hummer s writing Notxcellent but it delivers the story without causing any frustrations along the way which is good I love how she Secret Agent Minister and Deadly Texas Rose excellently deals out small bits of information along the way and avoids heavy information dumping though that does mean we spend a small amount of time flailing around wondering what in the world things like a 3rdi isThe characters are really the highlight of the book We don t know much about the history of the characters and we don t really know what made them who they are today However we do know what their motivations are and why they act the way they do now Every character has a life of hisher own and they arextremely divergent from one another in terms of how they think and act They grew constantly through the book not in leaps in bounds but in baby steps that are completely believable And by they I mean FIVE characters Five uniue individuals got developed in a 200 page book That s a huge accomplishmentOverall this is a fun read that is the book Why Not Tonight (Happily Inc., euivalent of a short beginner level roller coster ride Recommended for children under 12 years oldPlot 35 starsWorld building 3 starsCharacter development 5 starsOverall 35 stars. Won’t be soasy Tenley’s got a way with wind And after falling deep into Mother Nature’s gardens where trees grow upside down and insects attack on command a little wind might be just what Tenley needs to survive Even if it kills he.

Reviewed by Evan age 14 for Reader Views 112016 Operation Tenley by Jennifer Gooch Hummer is about Pennie and her human charge Tenley Tylwyth Tenley Tylwyth was born an Her First Mother (Conveniently Wed, elemental with thextraordinary ability to control the weather Unfortunately people who manipulate the weather are not particularly popular with the very real very scary Mother Nature Pennie is a Fair One a descendant of fairies who rely on technology instead of wings and it is her job to protect Tenley against the wrath of Mother Nature However when it is discovered that Pennie failed to report the full Welcome Home, Cowboy (Wed In The West, extent of Tenley s abilities she is given a mere 48 hours in which to convince Tenley to delete her powers Read and discover all of the unexpected problems that Pennie willncounter on Earth the most formidable of which is gravityMy favorite character was Laraby a Fair One obsessed with knowing all of the many rules that affect the Fair Ones His Snowbound Bride (Harlequin Men in Uniform Miniseries) expertise came in handy in many instances during Pennie and Tenley s journey foiling the many attempts to sabotage Pennie s uest This book took a very interesting approach to Mother Nature instead of an idea Mother Nature was an actual creature that played an important role in the plot This made the book very original and interesting to readI would recommend Operation Tenley by Jennifer Gooch Hummer to people who like magic and adventure The characters were all fun though at some points they acted in strange ways that made them unbelievable and hard to relate I found the plot could be hard to follow at some pointsspecially the conclusion but found it to be uniue Cowboys Baby (Ranching Family, engaging and an overallnjoyable read I give this book a 4 star rating Note My actual rating is 35 stars but I always round up on sites that do not allow half starsI was intrigued by the premise of this book from the moment I heard about it The idea of there being a parallel world of fairies that protects rare Elemental humans from nasty old Mother Nature is just cool Right There are so many things about this book that are clever and adorable I will say that for me it read a bit younger than I had Between the Land and the Sea (Marinas Tales, expected I d call it upper MG lower YA if there is such a thing But it was a good read and I would definitely recommend it for your tween andarly teen readersIn this book the author Gilligan Unbound envisions a kind of parallel world that houses the Fair Ones descendants of those tiny little things we think of as fairies Only due to the unexplained and unsolved absence of the Superintendent of Earth for the past 32506 days themergency stores of Universal Source Energy USE had been depleted and all manner of things had gone haywire Among other things fairies began to lose their wings and the Fair Ones had to turn to gasp TECHNOLOGY So now they keep an Gone for Soldiers eye on their charges using tools like the 3rd i get it and they get around using propellers Needless to say with the Superintendent gone and the Fair Ones somewhat hobbled Mother Nature angry at how humans have been systematically destroying Planet Earth has been getting bold in her revenge sending all kinds of natural disasters to bedevil them And she s doubled down on herfforts to find the Elemental teens being protected by the Fair OnesWhen it comes to light that Fair One PENN 1 or Pennie knows that her charge Tenley has been aware of her powers over wind since she was a baby the higher ups in charge in Fair City give Pennie 48 hours to convince Tenley to voluntarily give up her Hotshot P.I. elemental power Gee wonder how that s gonna go with a teenager From here the story takes off and we are immersed in the fantastical world the author has created There is so much to like in this fun story and I would highly recommend it for readers whonjoy light hearted and humorous fantasy stories about fairies and fantasies set in our modern world I had great fun reading this one and I hope you do tooOverall rating 35 stars Note I received an Mean Girls e ARC of this book for purposes of an honest review for the blog tour Kinda cute story but with a few storytelling bumps that middle graders with most likely speed through Tenley is anlemental teen Her power is wind and the use of her power puts her at risk with Mother Nature There s a battle going on between the Moonlight and Mistletoe (Harlequin Historical, elementals and Mother Nature She wants their powers and the Fair Ones descendants of fairies have been assigned clients aka thelementals to protect Pennie is Tenley s Fair One She is caring and sweet and overlooked the use of Tenley s power putting her in harms way Because of this Pennie is sent to Earth and given 48 hours to convince Tenley to give up her powers If she doesn t Mother Nature will take her or she will be Duty to Protect erased by Pennie s superiors From the moment this book arrived I was intrigued I had no idea just how much I wouldnjoy it I was surprised by the characters the story and just how awesome it would be It s filled with magic fairies and technology Like I mentioned the characters were pretty great Pennie is thoughtful considerate and proved very determined to save her client I connected with her and Meet Tenley Tylwyth an Elemental Teen born with the power to produce weather Cool Not really Elementals who can create weather make Mother Nature angry It’s time she got rid of them Only one thing is standing in her way Fair Ones These an.

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