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I received a copy of this book in exchange for an onest review The Definition of Icing is the second book in the Dallas Demons series by Aven Ellis and is Kenley Hunter and Nate Johansson story And like the other books I Os Filhos da Droga have read by this author I loved it Kenley is a girl who wants to be taken seriously She wants people to see beyonder looks Nate is the For Zion hotockey star who s been traded to Dallas Demons and right now Dallas is the last place Guilty Gucci he wants to be Kenley and Nateave both been The Old Banyan and Other Stories hurt in the past betrayed by someone they loved and as a result bothave their walls up They both مامان جون برای همه چی ازت متشکرم have put finding love and relationships on a back burner and choosing to focus on their careers However when Kenley and Nate meet by chance on a photo shoot the attraction is mutual and sparks fly leaving both uestioning what they want I find myself falling under Nate s intoxicating spell And I see no way to stop it to the point I don t know if I want to I don t know if I m ready for anything but one step at a time I adore Kenley and Nate s story I loved Kenley passion for chocolate oh and it transpires thater favourite film is my favourite film And as for Nate e is a ot Black Chicks Talking hockey player what is there not to love Kenley and Nate were two people whose fear and insecurities about love and relationships wereolding them back and who needed to let go of their past so that it didn t affect their future They were a great couple smart and funny and I could the connection between them Their relationship was sweet fun flirty and passionate Loved watching it grow and their walls crumble as the realised that they may Build This City! have found someone special They shared to manyeartwarming moments that I read most of this book with a grin on my face I know this is where I want to be right now The Definition of Icing it was a cute love story that Cunningly Clever Marketing had a lovely mix of sweet funny flirty moment and low on the drama angst but as alwaysigh on the romance Also always there are some great secondary characters great seeing Kylie and Harrison again Kenley s Mother CiCi Oh Winnie-the-Pooh how I love this lady Sheas me in stitches with what she says and does Kenley s flat mate Lexi is lovely such a great friend and I know that er story is a must read How many times do I ave to tell you there is no timetable for feelings I loved the chocolate and The Phantom of the Opera hockey facts that Aven put at the start of each chapter I can t say that Iave become a chocolate تاريخ مشروطه ايران hockey connoisseur but Iave learned a thing or two Who knew what weird and wonderful flavours could be added to chocolate My regular bar of Cadbury s dairy milk seems positively boring in comparison to the things Kenley makes Neutral Zone Trap A type of defensive play Carr It s like a little sample suare of chocolate Overall I loved this one If you love romance stories that are low on the drama and angst then Aven Ellis s is your lady I love this author 75 Glamorous Rice Dishes her writing is faultless entertaining and Iave a lot of love for all characters she creates I recommend you one click today Oh and one last thing it s very rare that I find a song that the sum up a couple and their relationship But when I The New Independent Home heard I Love You by Avril Lavigne while reading The Definition of Icing I just knew it was their song and was just perfect for them and their story You re so beautifulBut that s not why I love youI m not sure you knowThat the reason I love you is youBeing youJust youYeah the reason I love you is all that we ve been throughAnd that s why I love youThe chorus from I Love You by Avril Lavigne This review was originally posted on Between My LinesIave a secret that I want to share Whenever I need a little pick me up and an injection of romantic swoons in my reads I turn to an Aven Ellis book The Definition of Icing by Aven Ellis just like every other book that I ve read by this author made me smile and Kissing Galileo (Dear Professor, happy sigh and charmed my bookisheart First Line of The Definition of Icing by Aven Ellis I think I m melting Reasons I loved The Definition of Icing Chocolate Girl I love that Kenley is an ambitious and creative chocolate consultant I want this job She runs er own business teaching people about the art of chocolate runs tasting classes and elps organise chocolate statement pieces for parties Mmmhhh sounds like a delicious career Hockey Boy Nate is protective and gentle and from the first moment we meet im e displays both those traits He Crushing Low Stakes Poker has some issues but nothing ridiculously melodramatic and this causesim to pushpull a bit in the relationship but we can see just Disney Princess Learning to Count how muche is falling for Kenley Swoony romance Together chocolate girl and Ella, The Slayer (Serenity House, hockey boy add up to a tasty and believable duo Theyave chemistry in abundance grow a fantastic friendship as well and I appreciated Modern Viking how they talked their way through the bumps on the road that theyit Cute chapter The Spirit of Intimacy headings Every chapter started with either a chocolate definition or aockey definition and that just added to the cuteness feel and tied the chocolatehockey themes together It also gave a little eads up for what was coming next And I adored when we got the definition of icing as it applied to bothThe Definition of Icing A delicious sweet coating for baked goods Like iced sugar cookiesThe Definition of Icing Not sweet When the puck is shot into the other end from behind the center red line and the opposing player gets to the face off circle first Solid gang of friends I love the warm friendships in this book the gang are loyal supportive and a lot of fun I loved as well that we got to see this friendship develop and grow into something important that they all valued Lots of friendships in books are already established before we start so it was refreshing to watch this one grow before our eyes Who should read The Definition of Icing by Aven Ellis I d ighly recommend this to all fans of contemporary romances with engaging characters that draw you in Fans of Aven s previous books such as Waiting for Prince Harry will no doubt love this one And I also think it will appeal to fans of Sophie Kinsella Rachel Hollis and Rachel HarrisThanks to Aven Ellis for giving me a copy of this book in exchange for an The Amory Wars, Volume 1 honest unbiased review Iave been anxiously waiting for The Definition of Icing to be released I absolutely love One Night with The Sheikh hockey and I ve been trying to find some great romance books that feature this awesome sport What is extra nice is that Aven Ellis knowser Mismatch (Love Match, hockey and it shows in this great storyNow first let me first say you do notave to know anything about Family Wanted hockey to enjoy The Definition of Icing The author even gives little definitions of some of the terms in the beginning of each chapter You also get to read aboutot Keys to Tulsa hockey players like Nate and Harrison don tave to be a fan of the sport to appreciate those guys There is also a whole other element to the story Icing as mentioned in the title is not only a Secret Africa hockey term but as we know it is also used in baking And our main character Kenley is a chocolatier She makes all kinds of yummy chocolate treats and desserts for a living So not only do we getockey terms but we get baking terms as well I learned a thing or two about chocolate and some of the things that go into making my favorite treat My mouth was watering while reading this book and I now Crush (Awkward, have a mission to try some flavored chocolates I really liked the two main characters Kenley and Nate They were both good people with greatearts Kenley was a kind person who مهارت در بازی زندگی has beenurt before and wasn t ready to trust anyone I could understand where she was coming from and I admired the way that she picked The Dragon in the Clock Box herself and followeder dream of going to school and starting a business Nate Oh my goodness I just loved this guy He was so genuine fun and sexy One thing that I found so refreshing was that both characters remained true to who they were and didn t try to change to please the other person I don t know if Aven Ellis is planning on writing another book in this series but I would love to read a story about Lexi Kenley s best friend win. Kenley Hunter finally My Amazing Dinosaur (Tib Tumtum, has everything sorted out Fresh from studying chocolate making in Europe she'sgambling everything oner new business Confection ConsultationsAll Kenley wants in life is people to take The Nazi Revolution her seriously to see the person on the inside rather than theblonde beauty on the outside While pursuinger passion of chocolate Kenley discovered people seek erknowledge They see past the exterior and fall.

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Rience everything with Kenley and I just wanted to be there for er and elpI m a big ice ockey fan so the Wylde Bears (Wylde Bears, hockey related story parts were awesome to read about From the WAG s suit to Nate and Kenley s ritual and the definitions at the beginning of each chapter will get back to them after This really makes me wanna re read Waiting For Prince Harry immediatelyOk back to the chapter starts At the beginning of each chapter there was either a definition about something sweet Kenley or somethingockey related Nate It also kind of described something used or Cooking Light Lazy Gourmet happening in the chapterThere are so many memorable and magical moments in this story It s a tale about two people finally finding each other and realising what they really need and want in life it makes them change their opinion about certain things really fastYou ll fall in love with this AMAZING book the characters and the writingAven s characters and books always make me wannaave a life like the female characters in one of Arise her stories I might repeat myself but Aven really knowsow to engage the reader and she finds a way to make each and every single moment in Archies Americana, Vol. 1 her books memorable and uniue She definitely knowsow to touch a The Book Thief heart AVEN ELLIS WRITESAND SHE SCORES THE CROWDS GO WILDWhat could a beautiful entrepreneur of chocolate confections and a smokingot and Talk to Me hard drivingockey player Silver Mortal (The Gracen Chronicles, have in common Maybe they both want to be taken seriously as than well packaged eye candy Beneath Kenley s blonde goddess exterior is a woman driven to succeed oner merits as a business woman Nate Educating for the New World Order has just been traded to the Dallas Demonockey team leaving behind painful memories yet not looking forward to life in the great state of Texas Neither of these two Living in Little Rock with Miss Little Rock have the desire to beurt again so the opposite sex is off the menu until one gallant move on Nate s part The Character Of An Upright Man has Kenley ready to re define the decadence of sweet delight and Nate ready toand off is eart for the best play of GURPS Conspiracy X his lifeAven Ellis knows the way to my reader seart combining three of my favorite topics for a Just One Golden Kiss hat trick with sweet romance chocolate andockey Scene one page one and I am all in thanks to The Tyranny of Guilt her ability to create a world that beckons you to enter to take a behind the scenes peek at theuman side of life love and the tentative moves of a budding romance She tops it all off with delightful characters that become people to care for laugh with cry with and want to play cupid for There is never a lull in the action although a few bad penalty calls may Phantom Encounters have been made but that s the way of love Ms Ellis writes to entertain and sheas a gift for making Eat Your Way Through the USA her stories breathe with a refreshing style that screams read me and swoon I received an ARC edition from Aven Ellis in exchange for myonest reviewSeries Dallas Demons Book 2Publication Date May 27 2015Publisher Soul Mate PublishingGenre Contemporary Sports RomanceAvailable from Once again I My Dirty Janitor Book 4 had the pleasure of reading the newest book by Aven Ellis The Definition of Icing The reason I love reading Aven s books is because they are lighthearted easy to relate to and you just get the warm fuzzies when you read anything byer Her characters are always real relatable and Stories from Spain / Historias de España have the best blossoming romancesThe Definition of Icing is another book in the Dallas Demons Hockey Romance series after Waiting for Prince Harry I loveow we reconnect with Harrison and Kylie in The Definition of IcingKenley runs Confection Consultations Spanish-American Short Stories / Cuentos hispanoamericanos her own business that teaches people the art of chocolate She is able to source all kinds of ingredients and chocolates forer business to Broken Bear help restaurants party planners and the likeave the best and most uniue chocolate desserts possible She s always been known for Enna Burning her looks sunkissed skin wavy blondair and blue eyes but she wants to be known for Hatter her knowledge ander Paint the Wind heartNate is the newest player for the Dallas Demons Nateas dark brown Wayne hair and espresso colored eyes Swoon and of course a supremely muscular tatted upockey bod The first encounter Kenley and Nate The Perfect Resume have is at a photo shoot where she is presentinger chocolates for a Valentine s Day shoot for Dallas Details Kenley is being forced by the photographer and director to dress seductively when Nate shows up and tells them she can wear whatever she wants will be in The Centurion Code his photo shoot and if they don t agree and she walks oute does too I love this part because Kenley doesn t need saving and Nate knows she s no damsel in distress but Antropologia da Criança he s just such a good guye wants to Air Terisak Membelah Batu helper Kenley asks Nate to dinner to thank Canned him even though she s on a man sabbatical ande turns GIFTED--2005 POETRY COLLECTION her downBoth of themad been urt in previous relationships and just wanted to be friends But the chemistry and flirting kinda made that impossible As with all of Aven s books the relationship between Nate and Kenley just feels so real It s not one of these romances that is too good to be true It is real They ave inside jokes Bae LOLOLOL eating curry chocolate they each Lisa and David Today have their own passions and are confident and supportive of each other s dreams I lovedow their relationship developed from a playful friendship to passionate true love 3Nate loves animals is there anything cuter than a Clinton, Inc. handsome man and a puppy is good with children is passionate driven sexy and romantic Kenley loves animals chocolate strives than anything to get others to see HER and noter looks is also driven in Dvorak Keyboard her career and beautiful inside and out How could they not be perfect together They ve bothad shattered The Muslim Masquerade hearts andad to start from the bottom to get themselves where they are now but that s what makes them mesh so well Their love ealed themI think this book as been the funniest so far of Aven s books When Kenley updated How to Heal Your Body her Connectivity status instead of sending a private message toer sister I was literally dying I almost fell out of my chair laughing so The Book of Revelation hard This book also wins myeart with all of the characters I loved them all even CiCi and Holly towards the end of the book Kenley s sister Amanda was so great and Naughty Bedtime Stories (Naughty Bedtime Series Book 2) her daughter Claire cracked me up Lexi Kenley s best friend was also someone I could see myself being best friends with I m telling you Aven s writing makes you feel like you re inside the story because the people and circumstances are so real Oh and I totallyad a craving for French toast and bacon truffles after reading this book Go download it to your e reader NOW And get some chocolate Practical Prinkery handy My most favorite Aven Ellis book is Connectivity but The Definition of Icing is coming up as 2 faveOh and just so you know The Definition of Icing A delicious sweet coating for baked goods Like iced sugar cookies KenleyThe Definition of Icing Not sweet When the puck is shot into the other end from behind the center red line and the opposing player gets to the face off circle first Nate This book was kindly gifted to me from the author All opinions are my own Advanced Reading Copy review s back Aven Ellisas treated us to a new fabulous installment in what s proving to be one of the best series ever the Dallas Demons ockey romances If you aven t read the first book Waiting For Prince Harry no worries you can perfectly fall in love with The Definition Of Icing without The Art of Not Breathing having read the first one but I would suggest reading them in order it s just funIt came as no surprise that I fell in love with Nate Kenley and their story from the moment I started reading Aven Ellisas a way of writing the girl you ve always wanted to be or wanted as a best friend and the guy you ve always wanted to date Or at least dream about In true Aven Ellis style Cupcakes, Lies, and Dead Guys (Annie Graceland Mystery her characters are fun interesting and original Easy to relate to but always surprising Apart from the gorgeous main characters she also introduces someilarious new people and with every addition to their Dallas Demons world you feel and like you re a part of their familyGet ready to be swept of your feet and to fall in love but make sure you A Peoples Tragedy have a stash of chocolate at the ready Along with some tissues maybe. Buster trade Nate is somewheree doesn't want to be for reasons that avecaused im Deadly Fallout (Red Stone Security, heartbreak on multiple levels Nate knowse will never trust a woman again after whathappened to Akshyay Mulberry Vol.One him in MinnesotaBut whene meets a woman with an intriguing name and a passion for chocolate Nate isn't so sure abouthis theory And Como Abrir Mentes Fechadas he might just learn a definition of icing other than the one used inockey with Kenley as is guide.

K I recommend The Definition of Icing to anyone looking for a fun romance that will leave you smiling 335 StarsThis was a very nice and sweet romance It was cute and contemporary I loved the beginning and ow Kenley and Nate meet at a photo shoot The photographer wants to use Kenley s looks and sex The Old Myers Place (Halloween, her up and Kenley does not want any part of that and speakser mind Nate takes notice and is impressed They start talking and Kenley asks Nate out Nate shoots Witcheskin her down becausee is not ready to date after something that Jack Glass happened toim back in Minnesota The woman e loved cheated on im and it seems to linger in the back of Me Write Book his mindKenley and Nateave another chance meeting and at this point Nate takes Kenley out on a date Nate opens up Cosmological Enigmas howe is not ready to really get involved with someone so Kenley never pushes which leaves At Hells Gate her second guessing their romance It was not a bad read The bookas its moments and then it felt like it was just going through the motions I loved CONNECTIVITY I am going to reread this little gem right now and WAITING FOR PRINCE HARRY by Aven Ellis They seemed to Never Goodbye (Albany Boys, have that punch that made me feelappy but at the same time the tension I want to be teased and as well as tortured Nate did not want to appear like e was pining but is feelings obviously went deep for this other woman that cheated on Hunted by Herne (Otherkind Kink: Horned Gods, him The tension was supposed to be whether Nate would be able to move to a place wheree could Lady Lorena’s Spinster’s Society have a full and meaningful relationship with Henley and move past the woman who lied toim but I do not want my On the First Night of Christmas hero to linger onow another woman cheated on P.S. Im Pregnant him andow e as Cult Science Fiction Films hold off on a relationship even though the woman in front ofim is amazing Don t get me wrongNate was sweet but I got frustrated with is trust issues A copy was provided in exchange for an onest reviewSide note As of the date of this postTHE DEFINITION OF ICING is on UNLIMITED My least favorite love story plot device is when a problem could be completely avoided if the characters would just talk to each other about a small misunderstanding Otherwise I liked the characters and it was a good read At First SightI absolutely LOVE the cover of this book It is so fitting and I love the type of cover where we don t see the actual people and we can leave that up to our own imagination It is a nice switch from what Sailor Moon Episode Lists has become the normal these daysCharacters and RelationshipsNate and Kenley are both wonderful characters From the very first chapter I lovedow Kenley stood up for Attentions Throbbing herself andow Nate backed Dark Reflections (Dark Reflections, her up becausee didn t agree with what she was trying to be pushed into doing As Nate and Kenley got to know each other better it was apparent that both Kenley and Nate were the type of people that would do anything for someone they cared about What better uality could you be looking for in a personI like it when characters don t expect others to change for them People need to be accepted as they are and Kenley and Nate both Spinetinglers Anthology 2008 had this uality as we all should in life Kenley was very involved in gettinger business going strong which was something Angélique à Québec (Angelique: Original version he liked abouter Their interactions were often times filled with laughter and I loved Body Image, Eating Disorders, and Obesity how both of their personalities came through in the writing I sometimesave a The Doughboys hard time with one character or the other but Aven made me fall in love with both Nate and Kenley from beginning to end There were some wonderful supporting characters in this book as well including Harrison and Kylie from Aven s book Waiting For Prince Harry I look forward toopefully seeing some of these faces in books to comeIs This A Kissing BookWe 魔法使いの涙 [Mahou Tsukai no Namida] have some definiteot swoony kisses going on in this one What would you expect from a super Futurity hot Dallas Demonockey player I Ouija in Suburbia have to mention that one of my favorite things about this book and the other books of Aven s Iave read is that Reclaiming Authentic Fundamentalism her sex scenes are all fade to black at just the right time I know I may be alone in this but I don t need every detail of what sappening in the bedroom and I love it when I don t Lenora have to bother skimming over a chapter because of it I am always looking for clean NAadult books so thank you Aven for thatDon t Leave Me HangingThere is no cliffanger to this book and although it is in a series you don t need to read the other book first to read this one In fact I read them out of order and they were both wonderful The Best Gems Dallas Detials The Definitions Chocolate With Curry Fancy Ss Hot Arms Love those arms Nate Coffee House You Betcha Hockey Chocolate TumbleThe Sum UpThe Definition of Icing is a book that I enjoyed from start to finish Aven s writing is delightful and funny and I devoured every page Nate and Kenley were both adorable and fun and I loved sharing time with them while reading their story If you love a smart funny romantic book this is definitely one for you I cannot recommend this book enough Book provided by the author in exchange for an Caz Sanatı honest reviewYouave no idea Desire Sensibility how excited I ve been for this book It s book 2 of the Dallas Demons series Waiting For Prince Harry starring Kylie and Harrison was the first one and now we are back in DallasKenley Hunter is 24 years old and is starting out wither new chocolate business Kenley is strong driven passionate clever and all she wants for people to see er inside Looks is not everything and er last relationship ended because The Faerie Godmothers Apprentice Wore Green her ex only wanteder for The Sorcerer of the North (Rangers Apprentice her looks That s why she is taking a man sabbaticalI liked Kenley from the starter personality and passion really impressed me And yes she studied in Lucerne Switzerland so there is another connection During a photoshoot for the Dallas Detal magazine she first meets Harrison and Kylie yay thanks for that AVen and then also Nate Johansson the new star of the Dallas Demons Kenley stands up for Practicing History herself and Nate jumps in to supporter That is when their story startsNate Johansson was traded to Dallas from Minnesota He doesn t want to be there and the reason for the trade also made im close the door towards women and a relationship in general Nate is sexy soulful thoughtful caring passionate strong and just awwwww my newest book boyfriend Nate is esitant when it comes to going out with Kenley but that changes once they surprisingly meet again at Harrison s Some Thing Black home They way their relationship develops is just amazing Kenley s friends and family is involved as well and the journey is full of surprises Aven takes us on an emotional roller coaster rideere Kenley and Nate get to know each other and and share their past as well it makes them understand the other person better and was so McClellans Other Story happy to see them both falling for each other I adoredow Kenley decribed Cant You Make Them Behave, King George? how she feels about Nate and the added drama and misunderstanding made me read the whole night This is a book you can t put down the storyline is seriously grippingThe characters are genuine sweet and just perfectly well lined out Theyave a real background influencing their acting They are so much fun to read about and relate to Kenley is like the best friend I wanna Leonardo da Vinci have and Nate is the guy I wanna fall in love with Then there is Kenley s mother Cici my god she isilarious and she loves Tumble that s all I can say It s great to get to know Kenley s sister Amanda and Enkätboken her family too Claire adds some funny momentsere and there Nate s family comes to visit and especially Introduction to the Spiritist Philosophy his sister Holly makes a lasting impression Lexi is an awesome best friend and I think we llear from Play Me, Im Yours her soon Oh and then there are Harrison and Kylie of course I loved these tow and their story was an wonderful start to the Dallas Demons Hockey series This is the second book and there is to come and I can say now that this is by far my fave series ever So much to look forward toBack to the story Avenas a beautiful way to write Health at Every Size her style is engaging gripping emotional touching passionate detailed vivid magical and oh so romantic I could go on trust meThe way Aven includes the genuine feelings of the characters is impressive I felt like I was expe. For the chocolate delights in front of themSo with work aser focus Kenley is ready to start The Kings Witch (Frances Gorges Trilogy her career in Dallas Men are out ofer recipe becauseshe fears that once they get past Polvere alla polvere her looks they’ll be disappointed in what they find Kenley decides she'sall about the chocolate nowOr is sheBecause a chance meeting with new Dallas Demonockey star Nate Johansson might change everythingSent to Dallas in a block.

Aven began her publishing career in 2013 with her debut release Connectivity She currently writes hockey baseball and royal romancesHer books are designed to make readers laugh out loud and fall in love Happily ever after endings and good boy heroes are guaranteedAven lives in the Dallas area with her family She is a huge fan of both the Dallas Stars and Texas Rangers Aven loves shopping