Serena Simpson: Sergey Love Me Harder #3

Could be humanor not hmmmm the adventure and suspense action and adventure along with all the smoking hot love scenes let s just say I was instantly hooked and had to keep reading from the first page of book one and Ill be buying every SINGLE book by this author as long as they are all this amazingly great Totally worth your time and money to add to your library I will read over and over and over and over and over lol Great read Love the brothers I absolutely loved this and and the previous two books in the series This au. Rashing down With nothing left to do she enlisted she might as well be all she could be Then one day the military let her down also Now she was damaged goods destined to live a long and lonely life What hap.

Thor knows what to do to make you feel apart of the story A big thumbs p If you like aliens then this is definitely for you I like the characters in this one than the others The heroine has backstory than the hero he was very one dimensionalSadly the only part that made sense was the matingsex The conflict was confusing and Hawks Way Grooms (Hawks Way unbelievable It was like we need a bad guy so plop here we go There is a lot leftnexplained Then it ends with approval beyond the grave I hate that and it seemed out of place except to add warm fuzzie. Pens when the forgotten one meets a woman damaged physically and mentally They will either heal each other or be killed This book contains adult content it is not recommended for readers nder the age of 18.

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In my opinion not as good as the first two Aran and Niko This story lacked the element of surprise from the heroine of the story as the first two As a reader I like to visualize the reaction of the when she finds the man that she is interested in is not what he seems In Sergey there was no surprise Absolutely freaking AmazingThis was one of the best series I have read in a while Sexy hot totally make your panties wet aliens who are on earth and looking for love with their only true mates Then throw in a twisted bad guy who. On the world Sergey came from everything happened in birth order as the second born he had been skipped and there would be no mate for him Lorali se to believed in sunshine and roses ntil her world came