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Live and he accompanies the party on the expedition leading to the realisation that Mirabel is in love with him and that he returns her eelings Back in London and now widowed she inds that Hubert wasn t as wealthy as she had thought and she is orced to become a shipping owner Sorry but I Through the Language Glass found the story a bit improbable and couldn t take it seriously Another great readrom dilly courtlove reading her books only thing its really long but a great readlove this author A really good readThis was a really good book rom start to inish it was a gentle love story with hate n love all the way through I recommend this Private Arrangements (Forged of Steele, for a mature lady. She hears that his ship hasoundered and all were lost she has little choice but to accept Hubert’s offer of a home and marriage Although desperately unhappy Mirabel is determined to make the best of her lifeUntil she receives unexpected news and her life is thrown into turmoil on.

Dies suddenly she is ordered out of the only home she has ever known by her vindictive stepmother Rescued by louche sea captain Jack Starke he takes her to a house of ill repute where she is glad to take work as a maid There she meets elderly Hubert Kettle and the two You Are Not A Gadget form an undemandingriendship When Mirabel learns that Jack has perished at sea she agrees to marry Hubert and accompany him on a journey to Florida to search Sanctuary for the legendary ghost orchid to add to his beloved collection As Mirabel has always wanted to travel it seems a golden opportunity While on the hazardous expedition she discovers that Jack Starke is very much HerShe is taken to a place of refuge by charismatic sea captain Jack Starke But the safe haven turns out to be a house of ill repute Here she becomes a parlour maid and catches the eye of an elderly retired army officer Hubert KettleMirabel hasallen in love with Jack Starke but when.

I enjoyed every word that was written on the pages of this book Very hard to put down There are some books Forever Faithful (Forever Faithful, from back in the day that are either hit or miss or just too long with not enough plot or characters but this book had none of that and plenty of plot thatilled every page Friendfluence fromirst to last With so many likeable interesting characters that One Part Woman filled the pages with drama after dramaA really easy entertaining read that didn t have any of that cliche romance of naive young girlsalling in love with men after 5 seconds of looking at them or some such nonsenseI devoured this book and enjoyed every bit of it When Mirabel s Stranger father. The heartwarming and nostalgic new novelrom the Sunday Times Top Ten bestselling author of The Beggar MaidMotherless since she was Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis five Mirabel Cutler was raised by herather to be a lady But when he dies suddenly Mirabel inds herself cast out on the street by her ruthless stepmot.

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