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I found this book hard to ut down a good read from the start to finish and my first book by this author Great story Lots of action and romance Plot leaves you guessing until the end Great book I finished the book in one day I m ready to read the next bookI couldn t Captain China Volume 1 put it down I was eager to find out what happened next Love this author This is the 2nd book of hers for me to read Ready to read another one AWESOMEThis was a fantastic book with a theme that most desperately needs to be addressed It s almost unbelievable how human trafficking has gotten such a foothold not only in the United States but also all over the world Iray for all the men and women who work everyday to ut an end to it Yuletide Abduction is by Virginia Vaughan The book is one of the Rangers under F ire series It is a love inspired suspense which I like because of the lack of graphic language violence and sexual scenes It is refreshing to read without having to skip arts which offen. KIDNAPPED AT CHRISTMASFBI agent Elise Richardson fears the worst when a Mississippi teen is abducted days before Christmas But she won't give up especially when she learns she owes her life to the missing girl's father Years ago fo.

D or get to be too much No one in Westhaven Mississippi knows Elise Richardson is in town She has not even checked in with the Sheriff yet and although an FBI agent isn t reuired to check in she would do so later this morning because she wanted the files on the abducted teen in the town She isn t even here on official FBI business but on her own This is why she did not have her gun nor her ID when she ran this morning No stores were open and it seemed no one was awake except for her and the car following her She uietly headed back to the hotel hoping to get there before anything happened When she sped up the car did too When whoever was in the car realized she had spotted him he gave chase and obviously intended to run her down He was almost upon her when he was hit by a truck coming from the side In the resulting crash she stumbled into the opening of a store front and sustained a concussion when a heavy wreath fell on her head She also sustained a hurt leg wh. Rmer army ranger Josh Adams lost his brother when he died saving Elise Though Josh resents her for the loss she's now his niece's only hope Working with the ex soldier roves dangerous to Elise's heart and to her life when she clos.

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En a iece of metal from the cars Private Elisha Stockwell, Jr., Sees The Civil War punctured her leg The last she knew was a man with the blue eyes of Max Adams was helping her The man was his brother Josh Adams Josh Adams knew immediately who Elise was and knew she was the girl who was instrumental in getting Max killed When she told him she was FBI he knew he had to work with her He had contacted the FBI to help find his niece who the Sheriff and the town had considered had run away Josh knew in his heart that this was incorrect There was no way Candace would run away There was something strange about the letter she left her Mother He knew Elise was the onlyerson who could help him and he had to make her believe him As Elise and Josh Past Lives, Future Lives pick their way through the clues of Candace s disappearance for different reasons they begin to uncover evidence thatoints to a bigger and sinister Love with Every Beat plot The big uestion is who is targeting Elise and Josh and why Can they stay alive long enough to find out and to find Candac. Es in on what she fears is a human trafficking ring If she's right Elise has only days to rescue Josh's niece for a holiday homecoming and torove herself worthy of his loveRANGERS UNDER FIRE Nothing's dangerous than falling in lo.

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