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King s uide is an excellent and well written overview of self publishing with these standouts the specific recommendations for various tools and services the honest evaluations of services and warnings about some and the brief but heartfelt suggestions for how to Verdammt verliebt go about self publishing and particularly marketing I found the discussions light on detail particularly on how to though there are lots of links to detailed analyses and books and websites It s really of a traveluide to the subject than a detailed how to book That said I ve used far worse travel The Way Between the Worlds (The View from the Mirror, guides It also has a bias toward non fiction a lot of the material only applies to thatenre and it really needs to discuss the differences between fiction and non fiction self publishing in the separate sections Finally it is very light on strategy particularly marketing strategy a lot of lists of things like plan your strategy but no detail on what works and what doesn t for uniue kinds of publications The book and its accompanying website are a must read for self publishers but expect to explore further on your own once the plane lands and you figure out the roads and trails I already owned King s 3rd edition of Self Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Independent Authors but so much has changed in the world of self publishing since the last publication even in the last year that I knew I needed the update King does not disappoint I should note that I was a beta reader for King s 4th Edition which not only Inverloch Volume 4 gave me an early preview but taught me a lot about the process of using beta readers in the self publishing process so that was a plusOh and a LOT has been revamped King does not tweak a few links as some authors might have done She even maintains a free resource list accessible to readers for all the many many tools and services that change between editionsKing looks at all the possible categories of what a self publisher in 2019 needs but she starts with a thorough undergirding of self publishing foundational concepts including identifying your readers and knowing how to connect with them for everything from research to attracting beta readers I like that King covers all aspects of the self publishing process from editing to creating your business to keep things legal to developing a realistic budget Sales marketing and distribution She covers it from all the angles How to sell to libraries She shares the steps Social media marketing and building your web platform for your book King s there Protecting your intellectual property rights Yup The steps for a successful book launch She sot a detailed timeline based checklistHowever where King s newest editing really shines is her way of explaining the essential technology For my purposes her walk through of print and ebook formatting styles and how to achieve an error free uploadable manuscript is worth the price of admission Her coverage of developing the metadata for your book and for your website makes the concepts simple repeatable and unstressful Finally as alluded to above her Consumers Guide part of the book but constantly updated for free for subscribers hits on all of the resources you wil. Carla King’s self publishing books have been the The Good and Beautiful God go touides for authors since 2010 This new edition has been already been downloaded by tens of thousands of authors to help them in their indie author journey In it she curates a list of affordable tools and services you can trust and warns you against companies with expensive fees who prey on authors eager to publishWhether you're writing fiction nonfiction or creating a full color book you'll learn how to produce it in print and all the popular ebook formats with technology that does most of the work for you This uide is a thorough but friendly tour of the process with to do and checklists lists to et you.

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Ho wants to be credible honest and do everything the right way in the appropriate order This is not for those who want to rush the process or aren t willing to invest the time and money in themselves and their product It is a book for those who want to self publish traditionally publish or a little I ve just launched my first self published book The Self Pub Boot camp for Authors was never out of sight It s full of valuable information presented in a methodical easy to understand style Self publishing carries a steep learning curve and it s hard to know where to turn for advice Now I know to turn to this uide and I highly recommend it and her website for others This uide for self publishers is one of a kind It offers so much practical advice how to find a cover designer how to connect with potential readers how to beta publish and what that This book is packed with resources and options for self publishers I have heard Ms King speak several times at the San Francisco Writers Conference and have absolutely no doubt that she knows her stuffEarly in the book there is a prompt for authors to consider whether they are prepared to support their book financially or whether they re actually hoping it will support them I particularly liked this The list of costs and business necessities is a little daunting but it s better to be aware of the likely costs of publishing in advance rather than during the processIdeally I would have tried some of the new to me vendors suggested in this book before reviewing it I haven t had chance to do so but am than happy with my long list of options to investigate It would be my personal preference that the author not be an affiliate for some of the services she recommends but I do understand that s a necessity of making a living online these daysFor authors outside the USA know that most of the content will apply and be useful to you however there are necessarily a few parts which may not In my opinion you ll still The Horse in Celtic Culture get plenty of value from this bookI received a free e book in return for my honest review Due to the e book format there were a few places where I would have loved some flowcharts tables or other visualuidance but I assume this was not possible in this format Another reviewer made a useful point that boot camp might imply a structured process whereas this book does lean to laying out your options and then leaving you to discern and decide what is best for your individual situation and publishing oals Overall this is an excellent resource If you are considering self publishing or have already self published but would like to improve your knowledge I warmly recommend it very succinct and easy to use road map I ve been using Carla King s Self Publishing Boot Camp Guides for Authors since they were first published and have just used it to publish my third book Carla walks you through everything you need to know in a methodical and makes what could be an overwhelming process organized and manageable Even the way she presents it is calming and inspiring You know the resources are vetted and credible and the Guide is full of them A must for indie authors of any enr. Tar bookstores and libraries formatting and conversion EPUB format and MOBI for Kindle and creating a full color fixed layout book for the new tablet readers printing mailing lists websites and blogsIf you can’t find the answer in her book Carla replies to uestions very uickly via email The new or clarified information Every Boys Dream goes in the next update This is why her Self Pub Boot Camp series of books and workshops have been so successful She is committed to providing access to information to ease the self publishing journeyThe pre release version of thisuide was downloaded tens of thousands of times by authors eager to jump into the self publishing journey Join the.

L need to know and use or if she advises avoid From book sales tracking to distribution services editing tools to professional associations for authors copywriting services to marketing tools King anticipates the disparate categories writers needs to know about and fills each with detailed lists and wise adviceContent aside King has a casual breezy conversational writing style There s no stuffiness here You ll find that you feel like you re reading well researched blog posts or perhaps an email from a friendly mentor who knows way about the self publishing industry than you do Also note that in the resources section where some services or software does than one thing the item may be listed in than one category and in all likelihood the descriptive information in that section will be a repeat of what you may have already read in a different category But that makes sense because a reader may only need that particular category Finally for my purposes I d be inclined to Starflight Zero get the paperback version and fill it with sticky tape flags and highlight it like a textbook Because basically that s what this is a textbook for the entire self publishing process Personally I m a bit too ancient to love navigating an ebook but to each his or her own But doet the book if you actually hope to make the self publishing experience a reality and you want to avoid the many pitfalls one can make without this kind of A Succession of Bad Days guide Carla King s Self Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors is a wild ride Ms King s vast expertise is evident in this highly accessible and comprehensive account of everything and I do mean everything you need to know about the ins and outs and dos and don ts ofoing indie At the end I felt empowered with than enough of the right information and tools to confidently and successfully self publish Ms King has saved us all a lot of time and money by thoroughly researching all of these products companies and methods so that we may avoid the pitfalls that others have endured Indeed a most useful resource I ve been using Carla King s Self Publishing Bootcamp books since her first edition eight years ago She covers everything from the importance of producing uality material all the way through publishing distribution and marketing She provides an annotated list of resources for every step of the way and free updates if you provide your email Especially with the demise of CreateSpace this new edition is a critical addition to my library as I edit format and The Multi-Orgasmic Man guide other authors through self publication I ll be re reading the sections on distribution and marketing before my next bookoes out If you re a first timer this book will help you avoid costly mistakes If you re an old hand at self publishing the updates will keep you current with minimal effort Full disclosure I volunteered as a beta reader for this edition in exchange for a free early copy There were a few litches which she corrected after etting feedback just as she advises us to do Self Publishing Boot Camp Guide For Authors is a total all encompassing title of what this book contains It is a formidable arsenal of tools and information for every author Started on the publishing path that's right for you or if you need to start over it’ll help you back out of a process that is not working If you're not doing it yourself you'll learn enough to hire and uide a book producer or a team of professionalsTopics include choosing the right tools for book creation and distribution running your publishing business author brand and platform social media marketing and traditional promotion hybrid publishing with trusted partners attracting an agent and a traditional publishing deal raising money for your book sales and distribution metadata SEO and book discovery in and all the online retailers selling in brick and mor.

Carla King is an adventure travel author and self publishing coach Her books include American Borders China Road the Self Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors and A Consumer's Guide for Self Publishers Her writing has been published in Wild Writing Women Stories of World Travel Travelers Tales anthologies and In Search of Adventure Her book American Borders is the first in a series of