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While this book can be read as a standalone I would recommend reading Rumor Has it first before tackling I Heard A RumorThe title of this book is perfect because I heard many rumors about the main characters before I really got to know them Zach and Chante are both dodging the media while trying to leave their crazy exes behind As we find out that s easier said than doneChante is trying to put her life back together after a broken engagement She s lost her ob and any sense of privacy for the time being Running away from the media circus in her town she goes to Charleston where she meets Zach Harrington a man who is trying to separate himself from scandal back home in New York CityWhat starts off as a vacation fling uickly turns into something for both of these characters However will Zach stay by Chante s side when rumors start to circulate about her When Zach s ex wife starts to wreak havoc will Chante stay for the long haul and see pass the liesI enjoyed this story and loved the chemistry between these two They had a deep connection which proved to be vital as they had to weather a few storms early in their Chante Britt is nobody’s fool and she’s definitely not standing by her cheating ex fiancé and current mayoral candidate Robert Montgomery Too bad he chose to tell the media otherwise To escape an onslaught of prying reporters Chante flees to her grandmother’s South Carolina beach house But when she mee.

Elationship They were both scorned by their exes and their reputations almost tarnished They both knew the feeling of putting their trust in someone and then finding out that everything they knew about their partner was a lieThis book had uite a few twists and turns as we got to dive into the world of politics While I appreciated the unexpected turns some of the drama these two went through seemed a bit unnecessary at times and I felt like some parts of the book dragged a bit However I Heard A Rumor was a solid read and Zach and Chante realized that their love was strong enough to withstand any rumors they had to endure Reviewed by NatalyaThis review was originally posted on Romance Novels in Color Chant ZachA great read You have a lot of drama Crazy ex boyfriend criminal ex wife and sneak up on you love that makes all the drama worth it this A River of Royal Blood (A River of Royal Blood, just wasn t my book i could not even finish it yet i think it is simply a matter of taste though and not necessarily the author s writing ability iust simply cannot abide female characters that want to live in their mothers vaginas it seems pretty childish and uite frank. Ts Zach Harrington she may be out of the frying pan and into the fire The man is arrogant way too forward and way too sexy   Newly divorced and dealing with a scandal of his own Zach should stay clear of all women Yet something about Chante draws him in maybe it’s the drink she throws in his face after his.

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Ly ridiculous never read the first book but felt sorry for the bestie ust based on how this character described the eve 4 starsI really enjoyed I Heard a RumorThe storyline was funny sweet hot and heartfelt I was drawn in from the first page until the end I read it in one sittingBoth Chante Zach were such strong characters loved their personalities and the way they brought out all these emotions from one another They truly made this book a fun read with their banter and smoking hot chemistryI highly recommend this bookThank you Kensington Books Dafina via NetGalley for the advance copy Another SEXY addition to this political action romance seriesZachary and Chante are INSTANTLY and passionately attracted to each otherand once AGAIN amidst all the drama is a bit of comic relief between Zach Chante and the rest of the cast of charactersRobert is still annoyingly INSANEit s also NICE catching up wLiza and JacksonChante s Granny is uite a COLORFUL and lively additionChante s mama was AWFULand Zach s sister Zoe and Agent Carter Banks give a teasing glimpse into the next bookcan t wait Also hope Gabby gets a HEA too. Too hot to handle surprise kiss Still Zach firmly believes they can help each other take the edge off And once he gets her to agree what could have been a fling promises to be much until their personal and public dramas catch up with them Will past wrongs keep them from finally having the love that’s righ.

Cheris Hodges was bitten by the writing bug at an early age and always knew she wanted to be a writer She is a 1999 graduate of Johnson C Smith University and a freelance writer in Charlotte North Carolina A native of Bennettsville South Carolina Cheris loves hearing from her readers