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Arned a place on my list of essential readings due to the changes it initiated in my way of perceiving the world The world of insects to be precise Empire of the Ants greatest strength is the uge amount of real and surprising facts about the little world that goes on unnoticed right under our nose facts that are made digestible by their inclusion in a captivating story which Tigress for Two (Alaskan Tigers, has a bit of everything mystery suspense philosophical pondering and evenumor Until late in the narrative it s not even science fiction in the true sense of the term but rather a blend of reality and fantasy which preserves that necessary dose of credibility People who usually avoid SF literature should think twice lest they miss a fascinating and engaging read which might bring them plenty of discoveries and wonders Bernard Werber doesn t overdo the umanization of insects but endows them with anthropomorphic traits just enough to turn them into believable characters whom the reader can engage with coming to see the world from their perspective The ants are not the sole characters in this novel though the narrative takes place on several levels which alternate in short and alert seuences we ave a story about Crime and Punishment humans another story about ants and interspersed throughout fragments from The Encyclopedia of Absolute and Relative Knowledge which complete the narrative from a philosophical or scientific angle This Encyclopedia was written by the late myrmecologist Edmond Wells who leftis basement apartment in Paris to Sailor Moon Episode Lists his nephew with the warning to never go down into the cellar Of course many frightening and intriguing thingside in the cellar In the meantime we are gradually introduced into the life of a Attentions Throbbing huge antill at the periphery of Fontainebleau Woods as a colony of russet ants wake from Dark Reflections (Dark Reflections, hibernation and resume their unpredictable and dangerous existenceWhat initially seems to be a pleasant and easy story soon turns into a rather tough experience death strikes suddenly violent scenes are described in graphic detail and it becomes clear that the author is not intending to protectis reader s sensibility in any way The world of insects is tough and fraught with danger and Bernard Werber makes sure we get this the ard way Be warned Empire of the Ants can be disturbing for people suffering from phobias and this is neither a book suited for children although it ad never seemed fun to learn trivia related to biology and entomology RODatorit tuturor schimb rilor pe care le a produs n felul meu de a percepe lumea Furnicile i a c tigat un loc pe lista c r ilor esen iale Marele atu al romanului const ntr o concentrare enciclopedic de am nunte reale i surprinz toare despre universul nev zut al insectelor mpachetate sub forma unei pove ti captivante care are pu in din toate mister scene pline de tensiune observa ii cu tent filozofic ba chiar i umor Nici m car nu o po i ncadra la science fiction dec t t rziu spre final c ci p n n acel punct este mai degrab un amestec de realitate i fantezie care p streaz acea doz necesar de credibilitate Din fericire Bernard Werber nu exagereaz cu umanizarea insectelor le mprumut tr s turi antropomorfe doar at t c t e nevoie pentru a nchega o poveste coerent i pentru a transforma insectele n personaje cu care cititorul poate rela iona ajung nd s priveasc lumea din perspectiva lor Furnicile ocup cea mai mare parte a nara iunii ns cartea nu este doar despre ele de fapt ac iunea se desf oar pe mai multe planuri urm rite alternativ n secven e scurte i alerte avem o poveste cu oameni o alta cu insecte i din loc n loc fragmente din Enciclopedia cunoa terii relative i absolute a mirmecologului Edmond Wells care completeaz nara iunea dintr un unghi filozofic sau tiin ific Acest Edmond Wells i a l sat mo tenire nepotului s u apartamentul de la subsolul unei cl diri din Paris cu avertismentul de a nu intra niciodat pivni evident c n pivni se ascund lucruri nespus de interesante dar i nfrico toare n paralel p trundem ntr o colonie de furnici ro cate de la periferia p durii Fontainebleau chiar n momentul c nd furnicile se trezesc din Angélique à Québec (Angelique: Original version hibernare i i reiau existen a imprevizibil i plin de pericole Ceea ce pare ini ial o poveste simpatic i lejer se transform n cur nd ntr o experien destul de dur moartea love te fulger tor scenele violente sunt descrise cu detalii grafice i devine clar c autorul nu are de g nd s menajeze n vreun fel sensibilitatea cititorului Furnicile poate r scoli fobiile persoanelor care se tem de insecte i din cauza secven elor dure nu e o lectur potrivit nici pentru copii de i s nve i trivia legate de biologie i entomologie nu mi s a p rut nicic nd mai distractiv Cartea mi a reamintit i c teva nt mpl ri cu insecte pe care le povestesc pe blog la finalul cronicii Pute i citi aici recenzia mai lung publicat pe blog Blog Facebook Instagram This book is a rather strange experience There is theuman part where describing the protagonists as cardboard characters would in fact be flattering They are like strokes of chalk on the sideboard useless tropey completely forgettable in a plot that most of the time doesn t even make sense 1 star and that s being generousThen there is the ant part which is grandiose What Tchaikovsky did for spiders in Children of Time Werber does for the ants He takes their biological features and describes a believable insight into the ant society with some possible developments that feel true to their nature I could kiss Body Image, Eating Disorders, and Obesity him for that And would just love to forget that there was auman plot I literally raced through the book cause I was so sucked into the ant story So good There is no need to go and invent alien societies the most f An amazing life sized account of ants going about their business crossing the gap between social insects and social readers Dangerously immersive and rewarding in every way G niale mise en situation The Doughboys hauteur de fourmi tr s immersif et enrichissant I found this book on my father s bookshelves when I was 7 years oldwhich was the time that I loved reading some short stories and read the first page of it I couldn t control my body I couldn t stop myands from flipping the pages I couldn t stop my brain to stop reading this bookThe only thing I can say about this book is nothing It cannot close my wide opened mouth It is very astonishing And about the author too Bernard Werber always loved ants and 魔法使いの涙 [Mahou Tsukai no Namida] he always tried to find outow they live Futurity how they get foodow they interact with each other etc This book is the result of Ouija in Suburbia his experiments and notes from observingis ants I really love this book This is the book that made me love fictions and some non fictions This is the book that made me love Sherlock Holmes and other mystery novels This is the book that made me love science math english or your native language This is the book that made me love reading books I don t want to spoil any story for the next readers of this book I beg you to read this book either in English or your native language since this book is translated into many languages I REALLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK 100% sure that you will get the story and also 99% sure that this book doesn t stop you from reading the next page always creates suspense thriller and makes you want to find out what appened next This is my 1 book and I assume this book will be my 1 book always in my lif. ?ობის ერთ ერთი ყველაზე პოპულარული ავტორის ბერნარ ვერბერის სუპერბესტსელერის ჭიანჭველების ტრილოგიის პირველი წიგნი ჭიანჭველები გასაოცარი ამბებით სავსე მრავალწახნაგოვანი წიგნი ჭიანჭველებსა და ადამიანებზე.

Wow those were the exact thoughts when I finished the book this time and back when I first read it over twenty years ago I love this book and I m sure I didn t fully understand it back then but the effect was the same This book is something different The book is written from three perspectives umans note the plural uncle Edmond and ants plural Lenora here as well The writer portrays ants and their dynamic with each other and the rest of the world so vividly that it swept me away Having now read a thing or two about ants I can fully appreciate the way Werber mixes facts with fiction and wove a believable story from the ants perspective The empire or should I say empires are full of individual stories taking into account what is to be part of millions of others with responsibilities and expectations given by nature worker future ueen warrior scout and yetave individual needs It would be easy to think the Werber s ability to tell a story from an ant s perspective stops there Still it goes beyond the personal narrative It grows into a community with detailed descriptions of communication desires Caz Sanatı histories wars past futureow time is perceived and managed temperature Meet me when it is 20 Celsius Desire Sensibility how duties go andow a rebellion can come out of necessity and secrets and by accident Not to mention ealthcare and problems with parasites and wasps and termitesAll that makes this book fantastic read stepping in depth into the consciousness of the creature another than uman But unfortunately there is a but the book falls short with its The Faerie Godmothers Apprentice Wore Green human characters and the story they go through It feels naive and out of tune with the complexity of the ants Okay some of it is deliberate giving as a mirror of our shortcomings yet the occasional emotionless and childlike dialogue feels forced making the characters seem thin Still as I write this review I feel that it was the mystery involving theumans keeping my curiosity up and the story compelling despite its lack of depth compared to the ants It is no wonder as our The Sorcerer of the North (Rangers Apprentice human brain is drawn to need to understand and know why and what isappening Unfortunately the mystery was better than the actual ending I was a bit disappointed Now before you file this book to maybe or won t be reading pile because of the ending I Practicing History have to say the journey was worth it Werber nailed seeing the world from another perspective both the ants and outsider Edmond WellsEdmond Wells is a dead uncle who leavesis ouse to is sister s kid in Some Thing Black his will and there the story will begin Followingis encyclopedia entries and scattered thoughts which are one of my favorite parts Here are a couple of uotes from McClellans Other Story himTOTALITARIANISM People are interested in ants because they think theyave managed to create a successful totalitarian system Certainly the impression we get from the outside is that everyone in the anthill works everyone is obedient everyone is ready to sacrifice and everyone is the same And for the time being all Cant You Make Them Behave, King George? human totalitarian systemsave failedThat is why we thought of copying social insects like Napoleon whose emblem was the bee The pheromones that flood the anthill with global information Leonardo da Vinci have an euivalent in the planetary television of today There is a widespread belief that if the best is made available to all one day we will end up with a perfectuman raceThat is not the way of thingsNature with all due respect to Mr Darwin does not evolve in the direction of the supremacy of the best according to which criteria anyway Nature draws its strength from diversity It needs all kinds of people good bad mad desperate sporty bed ridden Enkätboken hunch backedare lipped Introduction to the Spiritist Philosophy happy sad intelligent stupid selfish generous small tall black yellow red and white It needs all religions philosophies fanaticisms and wisdom The only danger is that any one species may be eliminated by anotherIn the past fields of maize artificially designed by men and made up of clones of the besteads the ones that need least water are most frost resistant or produce the best grains Play Me, Im Yours have suddenly succumbed to trivial infections while fields of wild maize made up of several different strains each with its own peculiar strengths and weaknessesave always managed to survive epidemicsNature Health at Every Size hates uniformity and loves diversity It is in this perhaps that its essential genius liesSOMETIMES WHEN Sometimes when I go for a walk in the summer I notice Iave almost stepped on a kind of fly I look at it closely and see that it is a ueen ant If there is one there are thousands They writhe into car windshields When they are exhausted they lose all control of their flight How many cities The Kings Witch (Frances Gorges Trilogy have been annihilated by windshield wipers on a summer road THE TIME OF CONSPIRATORS The most widespread system of organization amonguman beings is a complex Polvere alla polvere hierarchy of administrators powerful men and women who supervise or rather manage smaller creative groups whose work is then appropriated by commercial personnel in the name of distribution The administrative creative and commercial personnel make up the three castes that nowadays correspond to ant workers soldiers and reproductive forms The struggle between Stalin and Trotsky two early twentieth century Russian leaders is a marvelous illustration of the change from a system favoring the creative group to a system favoring the administrators Trotsky the mathematician and inventor of the Red Army was ousted by Stalin the conspirator A pagead been turned It is uicker and easier to get ahead in society by exercising charm uniting assassins and putting out disinformation than by producing new ideas and things IT WAS LONG THOUGHT It was long thought that computers in general and artificial intelligence programs in particular would mingle Wyoming Triple Heat human concepts and present them from a new angle In short electronics was expected to deliver a new philosophy But even when it is the same ideas produced byuman imaginations It is a dead endThe best way to renew thought is to go outside the An Imperfect Spy (A Kate Fansler Mystery human imaginationSorry about the long uotes I got excited In all of them there is food for thought even if you don t agree with everything Anyway thank you for reading andave an antsy day Note without the agitation Someone s comment on the Empire of the Ants today sent me back into my archives when I was reviewing books for Speak Magazine in the mid 90s I actually found the reviewA literary novel a thriller and science fiction in the literal sense this is the incredible first novel by French scientific journalist Bernard Werber It weaves together the story of a man and Trial Run / Whip Hand / Twice Shy his family who inherit an apartment following the mysterious death of an eccentric uncle with the tale of a colony of russet ants Bel o kan part of a vast and complex empire situated in a suburb of Paris Before long the strangeness the beautiful structure andigh drama of events on the miniature plane take the novel over altogether rendering the events on the ძვირფასი სიცოცხლე human scale a distant second in interest and suspense To call this a portrayal of ant civilization fascinating would understate the marvel of their novel The workings of Bel o kan its geniusistory and great wars are introduced to us through three ant protagonists the 327th male numbered from the year s atch out the 56th female and the 103683rd soldier Their adventures encounters with natural pred. 1991 წლის მარ­ტში რო­დე­საც წიგ­ნი გა­მო­ვი­და ის­ე­თი შთა­ბეჭ­დი­ლე­ბა მქონ­და რო­გო­რიც შე­იძ­ლე­ბა ქა­თამს ჰქონ­დეს კვერ­ცხის და­დე­ბის შემ­დეგ კვერ­ცხი თორ­მეტ წე­ლი­წადს იჩ­ეკ­ებ­ო­და რო­მა­ნის წე­რა თექვ­სმე­?.

Ators mating flights interspecies wars and their ingenious adaptive solutions present a ighly energetic and innovative society of beings different from us in every way yet eually if not successful at occupying the world under our feet The pleasures of the Empire of the Ants are literary as well as informational A mystery at the Six Thinking Hats heart of Bel o kan is discovered by Werber s three tiny protagonists a conspiracy whose secret is know only to the ueen and ultimately links the ant story with theuman portion of the taleDeft suspenseful elegant Bernard Werber s novel explores the world from the alien perspective of a colony insect an endeavor Chicken Soup for the Soul highly appropriate to the relativism at the end of the 20th Century a time of a Copernican revolution of consciousness when theunan race is uestioning its own species centric view of the planet How can we expect to communicate with aliens from deep space or even recognize them the book s theme suggests when we cannot yet understand one another let alone the other dominate planetary civilization coexisting with us on every patch of earth Mixed emotions about this book The ants empire outstanding is like seeing a documentary narrated by Sir David Attenborough who somehow managed to infiltrate Misbehaving himself into the ants life and became one of them Theuman part not convincing shallow lots of gapsYes the Blooming Red human characters are secondary still they are really laughable Especially in the end Not the technology part which was a brilliant idea but their choice Edmond the entomologist uncle after whose death the events are taking place is the only character with credibility As for the others I guess this part was written by a newborn ant with yet insufficient knowledge aboutuman nature DIf you ignore the Irrevocable Trust (Irreparable, human interference the empire of the ants and their adventures will really blow your mind However I cannot relate to just a part of the story I guess at the end Iave found out the answer to the uestion in the book about the stupidity of mankind A magnificent and fascinating story about another civilization on Earth ants An ingenious story with elements of science fiction an easy detective and a philosopher s essay The book is very interesting and fascinating it is read in one breath After reading you will learn many interesting facts about ants and their civilization for their 100 million years of evolution they Forensic Science have achieved much and in many respects are similar to people and even ahead of them Very interesting the author describes and compares two civilizations people and ants The book is worthy of theighest praise I recommend 100 I read books on Scribd and Google Books by Readlax Chrome Extension LOVED this book Would read it again Not for the story as much for the introspectionToo many good uotes but The Penguin History of Early India here is oneNature with all due respect to Mr Darwin does not evolve in the direction of the supremacy of the best according to which criteria anyway Nature draws its strength from diversity It needs all kinds of people good bad mad desperate sporty bed riddenunch backed Exploring with Frémont hare lippedappy sad intelligent stupid selfish generous small tall black yellow red and white It needs all religions philosophies fanaticisms and wisdom The only danger is that any one species may be eliminated by anotherIn the past fields of maize artificially designed by men and made up of clones of the best Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out heads the ones that need least water are most frost resistant or produce the best grainsave suddenly succumbed to trivial infections while fields of wild maize made up of several different strains each with its own peculiar strengths and weaknesses Beauty and the Beast (Demon Tales, have always managed to survive epidemicsNatureates uniformity and loves diversity It is in this perhaps that its essential genius liesCan t this be applied to EVERYTHING in your life Your work your self your marriage your friendships your church congregation on and on and on It s that same thought of you don t The Secret Life of Callie McGuire have to be perfect but we re going to tell you the faults you canave That is Here is a case of two distinct stories foolishly and needlessly bound together The one that deals with ants is truly eye opening At first I suspected Mr Werber a Frenchie of severely embellishing some of the attributes given to the ant species discussed their incessant warfare with each other their proclivity for farming and their ability to engage in sophisticated communication dare I say language It turns out the author was only slightly exaggerating The other story the one with Kuzuların Sessizliği humans is lacking in both believability and depth Now it may be the case Mr Werber did this purposefully to showcase the relative sophistication of ant civilization but I doubt it The Huguenot constructed escape tunnel underneath theouse that later becomes the world s premiere center for When We Left Cuba human ant civilizational exchange yes they do end up talking to each other is for lack of a better word ridiculous So too is the fumbling unrealistic police investigation into the disappearance of a dozen or so people into this tunnel Once you add in the ailing grandma who transforms into a lissome rat killing wonderwoman you really want the story to just stick to the ironicallyuman characters the ants Despite the shortcomings I would recommend Empire of the Ants if only because it makes you realize that ants are anything but primitive creatures and that they will be Enlightenment Now : The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism and Progress here long after we ve nuked ourselves Oh and it s an easy readThree Favorite Passages1You justad to wait and the terrified game would enmesh itself without any assistance Such was the first precept of spider philosophy There is no better combat techniue than to wait for your enemy to destroy Protecting Your Parents Money himself2 SKELETON Is it better toave the skeleton on the inside or the outside of the body When the skeleton is on the outside it forms a protective shell The flesh is safe from external dangers but it becomes flabby almost liuid and when something sharp manages to pierce the shell irreparable damage is done When the skeleton forms only a fine rigid rod inside the body the uivering flesh is exposed to attack from all sides The injuries are many and permanent but it is precisely this apparent weakness that forces the muscle to grow Escape from Shadow Island (Max Cassidy, hard and the fiber to resist The flesh evolves Iave seen Snap human beings whoad forged intellectual armor to shield themselves from adversity They seemed stronger than most They said I couldn t care less and laughed at everything but when adversity managed to pierce their armor it caused terrible damage I ave seen uman beings suffer from the slightest adversity the slightest annoyance but still remain open minded and sensitive to every to everything learning something from each attack 3 OLD MAN In Africa people are sadder about the death of an old man than about that of a newborn baby The old man represented a wealth of experience that might The Viking's Captive (Clan Hakon Series Book 2) (English Edition) have benefited the tribe whereas the newborn babyad not lived and could not even be aware of dying In Europe people are sad about the newborn baby because they think Kentucky Traveler he might wellave done wonderful things if e ad lived On the other Flyaway hand they pay little attention to the death of the old man whoad already lived Marley his life anyway ENI was mystified to learn that only the first volume of Bernard Werber s trilogyad been translated into English because this book as ??ი წლის ას­აკ­ში და­ვიწ­ყე და ოც­დარ­ვა წლი­სამ და­ვას­რუ­ლე ყვე­ლა­ფე­რი რი­სი თქმაც მსურ­დაამ წიგნ­ში იყო და მხო­ლოდ „ჭი­ან­ჭვე­ლე­ბის“ ავ­ტო­რი მსურ­და ვყო­ფი­ლიყავი ეს იყო ჩე­მი ცხოვ­რე­ბის წიგ­ნითანამედროვ?.

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Bernard Werber's Ants trilogy made him one of France's most popular science fiction novelists in the 90s Werber began studying journalism in 1982 in Paris where he discovered the work of sci fi writer Philip K Dick In 1991 he published the novel Les Fourmis Empire of the Ants a complex fantasy novel in which ants were the heroes and humans the pesty antagonists The novel became a cult hi