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For a ear He s been going to his group regularly While trying to get his writing mojo back he s been ordering sandwiches from an Indian family owned deli Shyla has been delivering his sandwiches for a uite a while when one day she brings a sandwich for herself and asks Nick if she could join him for dinner They re attracted to each other and Nick is fairly surprised that shy Shyla makes the first move Shyla is an NYU 4th Zero (The Orbit Series year college student studying to be a teacher She tells Nick that she has an idea for a book Nick and Shyla start their dating relationship and writing her book Shyla s book within this book is very intriguing and heartbreaking It s about a baby girl in rural India that was found abandoned in a crate in a stream She was left to die A woman whose only son had died finds the baby girl and brings her home Her husband wants very little to do with the baby girl When the girl Asha is school age the woman enrolls her in school where a catholic Nun Sara helps nurture and raise the girl When she becomes marrying age the father arranges a marriage with aoung man that has small farm nearby The story within the story was so sad The transition between Shyla Nick s story was very well done Nick continues to help Shyla write her book from her notes Their romance was very sweet but Shyla let Nick know that she s going back to India to teach the poor It was all arranged He scholarship and student visa were ending after graduationThe last third of the book was a big improvement for me Shyla is actually very strong and firm in what she wants to do with her life Nick s own writing comes back also He continues his own writing career The twist and the reveal at the end was very good The characters kept me interested but the beginning of the book was barely a 3 star read for me I bumped this up to 4 stars due to the 2nd halfThere s an HEA that satisfied me Nick was a fantastic leading man and Shyla turned out to be much stronger than I realized I would love to buy the editedpublished copy and reread this againARC received from Netgalley 4 STARS I Loved this book LOVED ITFirst I picked it up because of the author MK Schiller is a name I associate to books I adored a couple of Women, Creativity, And The Arts years back The Other C Word and The Do Over Sexy funny and entertaining contemporary romance booksWhat motivated my choice secondly was the blurb mention of a shy heroine I don t know why but something about a shy woman in this particular premise just appealed to meThe fact that the heroine is coming from a rural part of India and the forecast of cultural differences between the hero reformed meth addict and this shy indian girl just confirmed my decision to make of Unwanted Girl my next readAnd I definitely don t regret my choice This book all of it was a breath of fresh air From the premise to the multi layered characters the parallel story ingeniously mixing woman s fiction with contemporary romance to the twist at the end Everything made of Unwanted Girl the perfect read for meI m not sure what to tellou about the story itself There is a twist in Unwanted Girl and although I guessed it myself really early on I think Captive you d better try to dive in as blind asou can The blurb says enough for Darkfever (Fever, you to get toour own conclusions regarding that twist anyway That s my clue to Concorso MEF. 400 collaboratori amministrativi. Quiz a risposta multipla per la preparazione alla prova preselettiva di tutti i profili economici e giuridici. Con software di simulazione you So it s not really a super secret twistThe heroine Shyla Metha is a shy reservedoung woman coming from a rural Indian village and attending NYU on a student visa She took a part time job as delivery girl for an Indian deli and that s how she meets Nick DorseyShe s the one delivering this mysterious gorgeous and recluse man his sandwiches gathering over a Bullfrog Grows Up year of time enough courage to speak to himNothing big at first just weather forecast nonsense Until one day she gets as bold as it gets and invites herself in for dinnerThe whole dance between them at first is endearing The many differences between the heroine shy sweet introverted joyful innocent and the hero dark forward tortured and unabashed was enough to hook me in and make me sit forgetting about any real life responsibilitiesNick is a successful author currently experiencing a writer s block and is attracted to Shyla s personality she intrigues himThey connect effortlessly their shared dinner is soon becoming a routine making the perfect occasion to discover each otherShyla has an idea for a book but she is not a writer she makes a proposition to Nick to write a book together she has the story and he has the right wordsAnd so the author takes us to a parallel story the story of Asha a devastating story a beautiful story one that almost put Shyla and Nick s in the background I m not saying I hope the blurb will be enough of an incentive forou to read the book if not I hope this review helped ou Unwanted Girl was maybe not perfect but I could tell that the subject addressed in this story meant a lot to the author and I thought it was an interesting idea to mix both genres this way The Nitpicking Partor The Importance of a Good Editor I deliberately waited the end of my review to address the following because I love this book and didn t want to make umbrage to a fabulous story with my nitpickingNow I loved this book and read it in one sitting but I thought I d talk about a few minor issues I had while reading It s nothing really if editing issues but it was silly enough that it was really anticlimactic to the serious matters discussed within its pagesAt the beginning of the book when Nick first started writing the story for Shyla there was a character s name misplacement that kind of revealed the twist of the story I contacted the author and she told me it was unintentional therefore a typo In all honestly it left me frowning because although I had my idea set on the twist already it just confirmed what it was and I m not the kind of reader liking to get spoil even by minor spoilers So being clued in by mistake by the author itself kind of sucksA little later in the book I think I had the loudest guffaw I ve ever heard in my lifeSee there are typos and TYPOS I m not exempt of doing them far from it But then I m not a writer so I ll even ask ou to excuse myself in advance for any typos in this review or bad grammarAnyway the heroine was in a seduction mode and uestioning her newfound rather brash attitude That s when it happened He covered her in a thick soft towel drying her uickly before placing another around his hips Shyla felt safe but wonton Satisfied but not sated Timid but bold at the same time WONTON Holy ravioli she felt like a Chinese dumpling What does this mean I wonderOh maybe the author wanted to say wAnton As in lascivious sexually lawless woman I like the idea it could be some kind of food analogy I m not aware of Meeting the Living God yet but I really think it would be a long stretch lolI m really being picky here but no one wants that kind of disruption in the middle of a good scene an meaningful scene It threw me off honestly reading that she felt wonton Imagine a lover suddenly farting in bed during intercourse no one wants that kind of interruption it kills the mood Arc offered in exchange for an honest review More reviews and book talk at You can find me here to. E Nick Shyla hails from a village tooa rural village in India They have nothing in commonet he makes her feel alive for the first time in her life She is not ready for their journey to end but the plans she’s made cannot be brokennot even by him Can they find a way to rewrite the next chapter.

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Him to help her though it So together they started the journey of writing a story where Shyla narrated the story and Nick gave words and expressions to the writing They were drawn to each other but hesitated to do anything about it since they belonged to two very different worlds and Shyla had plans to return to India after her graduation which was only a few months away But finally their deep feelings overcame the hesitation and they decided to be together as long as they couldAs I said before I really enjoyed the book It was fast paced interesting emotional and I couldn t put it down I also loved the characters They felt real and pretty refreshing because like most books this wasn t about opposites attract rather the two characters shared a lot of similar traits I was a little miffed by Shyla st times because she kind of seemed a bit too tenacious at times but we come to know about her reasons at the end so then we realize why she wasthe way she wasI love Schiller s way of story telling because it simply draws The Red Saka you in untilou feel like the characters are a part of our life I also really liked how after the first few chapters the chapters kind of alternated between Nick and Shyla s present account and the story they were writing Asha s Story Honestly at first I though it would be boring and annoying like ou re really engaged into what s happening between Nick and Shyla and suddenly in the next chapter Nijinsky And Romola you have to read Asha s story But it was not at all the case In fact Asha s story was so compelling there were moments I wanted to read her story that our main characterssoeah there wasn t a single dull moment in the book for me at leastI was also pleasantly surprised by the amount of research Schiller seems to have done for this book because there were a lot about the Rural Indian society culture names customs rituals etc in the story and there were also a couple of tales about this Indian god and goddesses I was really happy that majority of the details were accurate However I did find some errors so I have to point them out 1 There were some errors in the names of the characters As I mentioned about Metha actually being Mehta Then Asha s husband s name was Aditi which is not a name for males in India It is a name for females And her brother in law s name was Mukash but the correct name should be Mukesh2 In the book it was written that in Asha s wedding the bride and the groom took FOUR rounds around the holy fire to signify their tie to each other But in any Indian marriage the bride and groom take SEVEN rounds around the holy fire as their seven vows to each otherSo apart from these main errors the details were mostly correct I guess There were also a few spelling errors here and there which I hope will be corrected in the final printAnd lastly the twist that comes in the endNow I have a read a few other reviews of this book and a couple of them said that they found the plot twist predictable I ll have to be honest here I did not anticipate it I really didn t So the twist at the end totally shocked me but i loved itThus Unwanted Girl by MK Schiller was a fantastic read and I enjoyed every bitMy rating 25 35 Stars Received a copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewRomance and gendercide aren t topics that one commonly finds in the same book But after watching a documentary about female gendercide author Schiller felt compelled to write a happy ending for a fictional girl who had had to deal with the threat of such violence Unfortunately Schiller s writing is not as strong as are her good intentionsThe premise of Schiller s story a college student from India forms a friendship then a romance with a down on his luck American ex junkie mystery novel writer during which she convinces him to collaborate with her to write a story about an Indian girl who was rescued from gendercide by an Indian peasant woman and a Canadian nun is promising But we aren t told much about Shyla as a character at all which makes it difficult to get very invested in her Keeping the reader clueless about Shyla s background is a deliberate decision on the author s part I m surmising so that the book can spring its surprising ending on us although most will guess the surprise long before the characters do Without knowing Shyla s real goals or motivations though I never felt for her or with herI found Shyla s friendlover Nick out and out unappealing despite his guilt ridden romance hero backstory His dialogue was often crass where it should have been charming and besides his good looks I couldn t understand why Shyla would be drawn to himThe story I read is an advanced ARC so I d hope that the obvious errors wonton instead of wanton conscious instead of conscience just to name two will be corrected in the final book But I m not as certain that grammatically correct but often simply awkward writing will be improved Telling a story worthy of a literary novel in prose that misses the literary uality mark is a problem Word choice is off A LOT One example of many Sarah also had a proclivity for non secular texts proclivity means an inclination towards something or a propensity to do something so it isn t uite the right word here Kindle Loc 744 Wrong choice of preposition is also very common she d always associated the act as something disgusting instead of she d always associated the act with something disgusting 1550One last problem Shyla is from an agricultural backwater in India but her sensibilities do not often reflect her background Granted she was educated by a Canadian nun but still she rarely thinks or feels differently than American Nick To me she came across as a character imagined by someone who had read about India but who had never known someone from India in any depth Compared to a book like Chitra Bannerjee Divakaruni s Sister of My Heart this story comes across as far less culturally aware I ve read a few of MK Schiller s books My favorites are The Do Over and Variables of Love and I liked The Other C Word and its seuels I immediately put this on my WL then I decided to pre ordered Then I received an ARC copy YAYI was intrigued by the story of the H h from different cultures I thought that this would be similar to Variable of Love NO it s not I checked the author s name Yep Schiller Wow this book is SO different from her others It s been a while since her last book The ARC copy that I received seemed like it was typed up sent to me BEFORE an editor had seen it There were words than ran together an a was often attached to the word after it Words and sentences were spread apart on the page The next sentence and the next chapter were on the very next line It took some adjusting but I was getting hooked on the storyI really LOVE the character development I loved Shyla and Nick Nick is a fairly successful author with writer s block and is a recovering meth addict OH that was almost a deal breaker I do admit I have a problem reading about drug addicts or watching TV show or movies about drug dealers addicts I m not unsympathetic it s just that the story turns into a viscous circle or it glorifies drug use Big NO NOs for me This book didn t do that Nick s been cleansober. Ook of her own he agrees to help her The tale of a oung Indian girl growing up against a landscape of brutal choices isn’t Nick’s usual territory but something about the story and the beautiful storyteller draws him in deep   Shyla is drawn to Nick but she never imagines falling for him Lik.

This book had a fascinating premise I really enjoyed both main characters and their internal reasons for not getting involved with people were very believable I do wish that time had been spent outside of their bubble of Nick s apartment I also wish that Nick s addiction was woven firmly into the character He s in treatment for a very addictive substance and I would have liked for his treatment to be discussed further especially in regards to how he handles stressful situations It was such an unconventional choice for a romantic hero that I wish it had been integrated fully into the story There are a lot of convenient coincidences that I could have done without Similarly it bothered me that a woman giving her partner an ultimatum to come out or not be in a relationship with her was treated as romantic The Choice Less parts of the story were so different in the way they were written that it felt almost like a different book and I struggled with them for the first few chapters because of the sudden shift That being said I was incredibly invested in Nick and Shyla s relationship and the beats of their journey together worked really well The side characters were vividly rendered The story touches on some important issues that don t usually get exposure in the romance community and I look forward to reading from the author Unwanted Girl is a book within a book allowing the reader to peek into the challenging world of women in India If I tried to describe the story it would sound depressing but in MK Schiller s hands it emphasizes the strength the drive and loyalty women share making them survivors Shyla a student at NYU is in the US on a student visa from India She meets Nick an author when she delivers him sandwiches the same order every night for months We uickly learn that Nick has a tortured past and it is giving him writers block That is until Shyla shares a story with him and they decide to collaborate on a novel Schiller s inventive descriptions of both NY and India are fresh and creative Just when ou think The Wedding Ghost you have the story figured out she adds a new layer to the story Notour typical romance novel Unwanted Girl read much likewella novel Fortunately as a romance novel reuires it had a happy satisfying ending I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Reading Unwanted Girl s blurb I guessed this story wouldn t be as light as other romance novels I have read recently I was prepared for tough subjects I wasn t ready though for the depth of the feelings I experienced I avoid spoilers when writing reviews because I don t like reading them when I m choosing a new book so I won t give The Value of Optimism you any However I can comfortably say to any potential reader PICK THIS BOOK right now You will thank me Not only is it an enjoyable romance with steamy scenes but also a powerful story with a few twists and refreshing ideas for this genre namely the story within the story bit I particularly appreciated the way M K Schiller fleshed out the characters and built the plots both in the real world of Unwanted Girl and in the fictitious world of The Choice Less Lastly even though I predicted correctly right from the start what the big reveal in the end would be that didn t make me enjoy it any less Unwanted Girls was the first book by M K Schiller I read and certainly won t be the last Kudos ARC was supplied via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewOh wow This is a very heartwarming story of survival hope finding true love and so much It s tragic emotional and gut wrenching Though I ve already guessed the twist in the story earlier on it s effect is still heartfelt and profound nonethelessI m a big fan of MK Schiller s books like The Do Over and Variables of Love When I saw her newest book on Netgalley I can t resist but wish for it I was so elated when my reuest was approved This book gripped me from the beginning till the end I hated it when I had to take a break from reading All I wanted to do was finish it and devour the book because I badly wanted to know how it will endWhat drew me to this book is that the main characters are from different cultures The story does not resemble Variables of Love but both female characters are Indian Shyla is shy while Nick is a recluse He is a writer experiencing a writer s block while she s living in the States on a student visa She s a sandwich delivery girl delivering Nick s sandwiches every evening One night Shyla finally got the nerve to ask Nick if she can eat dinner with him It s from there that their friendship startedI really don t want to say anything about the story because what happened from there on will keepou on our toes I went to this blindly and I want ou to do the same The reading experience is so much enhanced when Storm of Locusts (The Sixth World, you don t have any expectations All I can assureou is that the story will keep La Chanson de Jerusalem you guessing and will breakour heart at some points and Biomedical Informatics you won t stop turning the pages until the endMK Schiller wrote a very compelling multicultural romance Ifou re skeptical how this will work then read this book I am impressed by how she injected a story within a story Both stories are riveting and will hold The Book of the Honda S2000 your interest A great read indeedreview posted at these blogs Aholically Aholic Musings of the Book a holic Fairies Inc 35 really I wish this has been edited for typos Hey check out my Blog to find reviews and stuff REVIEW I received an ARC of the book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewSo I ll start with listing the two main reasons I have been wanting to read this particular book for a while now Firstly because MK Schiller is the author of one of my very favorite contemporary romance novels The Do Over and I love her writing 3 Secondly I am Indian and when I read that this book had an actual Indian heroine with an actual Indian rural background instead of the normal Indian American heroines I ve read before a couple of times I knew I had to read this book Soeah I was really looking to Unwanted Girl and MK Schiller surely did not disappoint I really enjoyed the book I was a little bit skeptical about how the author would be able to combine a serious topic like gendercide with romance because is sort of seems to be an an unlikely combination but Schiller manage to do it pretty well Now in the book we had Nick as the hero who was a writer and living as a recluse He carried the burden of his past when he was a meth addict and blamed himself for an incident that changed his life and forced him to overcome his addiction He lives a life without really living it and simply goes through the days without feeling anythingThen there was our heroine Shyla Metha which I would like to correct is actually Mehta because there is no Indian surname called Metha who came from a remote village in India and was studying in America on student s visa She worked at a little eatery near Nick s home and had been delivering sandwiches to Nick for a ear She was a shy reserved and sweet girl and it took her a long time to even speak a few words to NickBoth Nick and Shyla were intrigued by each other and gradually formed a friendship It was then that Shyla revealed her desire to write a book to Nick and asked. When a man loves a woman   Recovering addict Nick Dorsey finds solace in his regimented life That is until he meets Shyla Metha  Something about the shy Indian beauty who delivers take out to his Greenwich Village loft inspires the reclusive writer And when Shyla reveals her desire to write a

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Not knowing a word of English MK Schiller came to America at the age of four from India Since then all she’s done is collect words After receiving the best gift ever from her parents—her very own library card—she began reading everything she could get her greedy hands on At sixteen a friend asked her to make up a story featuring the popular bad boy at school This wasn’t fan fictionit was f