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Lia Fray I liked the idea of this story It was funny at points but focused on what it would be like to take back someone you thought had betrayed you I m not sure I would have been so forgiving but man I loved the sexy bits You could totally imagine what she was feelingHe Said Yes by Felicia Fox Wow This was hot Really hot At first I felt anxious about how the night would work out because of the main character s feelings but the twist put all of that to rest Saucy and seductively writtenPlayful Vibes by Jackie McMahon Sweet and sexy little illustrationI was given an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review How is it possible that there are no reviews on this little gem on I remedied that This is an amazing collection of bedtime tales that have just the right amount of naughty I m going to leave a few tidbits of love below My Master Be by Aurelia Fray has a light power play feel with an unexpected ending I ve got my fingers crossed for that third meeting with Xadian in the future The White Wolf by Kathryn M Hearst screams with the flare of a fairy tale but has a hot little spin that tugs at your heartFuck it Out by Caroline Baker is a gritty sexy poem If only all men new how to fight like this Tug Love at First Sight by Bry Dig is a hot fast paced read How many tugs does it take to get to the center of a man Read it to find out Wicked Game by Josephine Ballowe is definitely a wicked little morsel I say if the gown fits where it One More Round by Caroline Baker This poem will have you thinking about how you play the game Do you feel luckyFacing the Past by Sabina Bundgaard is far too short and leaves you wanting of this story I d love to wrap my hands around a full length version of this story Totally love the celebration at the end since I can relate Control by Caroline Baker is a uick dominating poem that will sweep you off your feetInevitably Yours by Aurelia Fray is a twisted little sexy tale of deceit and redemptionHe Said Yes by Felicia Fox is everything you come to expect from this author This short story is playfully erotic and gripping Playful Vibes by Jackie McMahon is a tantalizing piece of artwork that will get your motor runningEach contribution to this collection is great in its own way I devoured this one whole in one sitting but I would suggest drawing it our longer with one author a night EnjoyI m giving this one a collective 45 STAR. Walk down memory lane to rekindle the flames of what used to be Find the means to rectify a wrong Whatever it is whenever it’s given grab hold with both hands and don’t waste a seco.

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest reviewNaughty Bedtime Stories Second Chances is an anthology filled with short stories art and poems that all give a naughty twist on second chancesThere were a couple of stories that I wasn t so een on but overall the stories and poems were well written interesting and show that just because a story is erotic that doesn t mean it can t have a decent storylineAll of the stories were uniue but my favourites were the two by Aurelia Fray My Master Be and Inevitably You I was sucked in and really felt for the main characters Another story I enjoyed was The White Wolf by Kathryn M Hearst it had a fairytale theme and I liked the twist the author gave itOverall this is a uniue anthology that I enjoyed and would recommend I was gifted this book for an honest review I did take the time to read than just the one story I was asked to for the review My main focus for the review was He Said Yes I did enjoy this story Keep in mind these are uick little eroticas There were a couple that felt could be a prelude to something and were great He Said Yes is great just the way it is and I felt it was complete For He Said Yes I give this story alone 5 stars The poem in the book I didn t much care for I felt it was very lacking but this is just my opinion others may very much enjoy it The White Wolf story has a bit of a Beauty and the Beast sort of feel but made its own and was enjoyable This one I give a 45 Tug I liked This is one I feel there could be of a story to if it happens There s enough opportunity in the short storyline that gives the option of being added to it later on down the road I give this one a 5 because I did enjoy it and there was even a bit of humor in there The very first story in the book feels as if it s opening up for a bigger story and this is just to get you started I enjoyed it but at the same time didn t find it as enjoyable as some of the others and give it a 4 on its own As I finish the other stories I will try and come back with an updated review Overall for the stories I have read I give the book a 45 stars Good luck finding this title by yourself on It s hidden You can t search for it You need a direct link It s right up there where it says Purchase Click on that Or you can get the paperback it appears from Barnes and NobleThis was a sexy anthology filled with short stories and po. It’s not everyday an opportunity for a second chance drops into your lap Tuck in with eleven erotic shorts poems and art from eight amazing writers Naughty Bedtime Stories Second Chan.

Ems all based around the concept of Second Chances Rather than bore you with a long detailed review I ll just say it s worth the time it took to readThere are some outstanding stories unlike anything I ve read before The one that stood out above all the others was The White Wolf by Kathryn M Hearst It was a NEW fairy tale which I haven t read since childhood The author made up her own story with hints of the fairy tales of old and a splash of eroticaThere were also a couple stories that were in serious need of editing work Though the stories came across okay and would have been really good the authors should respect themselves and their readers by doing the work necessary to put out the best story possible This collection would have been five stars without those distracting errorsOverall I recommend to anyone who enjoys erotic romance Four shiny stars This was a great collection of stories art and poetry from a variety of authors I liked the whole thing and wasn t once disappointed Each of the stories was uniue and fun and HOT Every single one deserved the five stars I gave the collection I would totally recommend this to friends and readers looking for something sexy and seductive to read My master Be Aurelia Fray I loved this Gee made me laugh and Xadian was hot I liked the way they gave in to their attraction but was frustrated that it wasn t a HEA or even HFN ending There needs to be on these twoThe White wolf by Kathryn M Hearst This was beautiful It had all the makings of a fairytale bedtime story but with a healthy portion of lust and desire thrown in A lovely storyFuck it out One round and Control by Caroline Baker These poems told lusty stories of their own Each of them highlighting parts of a relationship where sex plays both negative and positive roles Hot doesn t hold back poetryTug Love at first sight by Bry Dig This story made me laugh It was funny and hot and the characters were really engaging I would like to see of these charactersWicked Game by Josephine Ballowe Loved this dark little story Sultry and seductive it lulled you into the darkness and then teased you until you submitted much like the characterFacing the Past by Sabina Bundgaard This was real drama with a generous helping of sexy I forgot I was reading an anthology and became absorbed in the story Characters story and conflict were all great Loved itInevitably You by Aure. Ces explores the sexy side of Memory Lane with smoking hot tales of redemption lust love and forgiveness Explore an opportunity at redemption RSVP to an invitation to start over Take

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