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Dependency is the third and final volume of the Copenhagen Trilogy As with the earlier two entries in the series Dependency tells the story of author Tove Ditlevsen s life with this particular volume focussing on her marriages children and eventual addiction to prescription medication As with the others Dependency is well written and well paced but as with the last volume Youth I found the emotional impact of Dependency to be somewhat lacking This was a particular disappointment as due to the subject matter of this particular part of Ditlevsen s story I was eally hoping this volume would be particularly fascinating I definitely felt the final two volumes in the trilogy both Dependency and Youth were just not uite as good as the initial offering Childhood While Ditlevsen s writing is not ever particularly heavy with emotion Childhood had eally great subtle moments of emotional intensity Sometimes these flashes lasted no than a sentence but most sections were cleverly and thoughtfully capped off with these kind of observations I eally felt like in the latter two volumes this uality was distinctly lacking It was particularly noticeable too I sin tredje erindringsbog vender Tove Ditlevsen tilbage til sin ungdom og fortæller om det kærlighedsløse ægteskab med Viggo F om forelskelsen i den sværmeri.

S the big things that happen later in her life such as having children and becoming an addict have so much potential for emotional impact so than just her eminiscing about her childhood Despite this I did not connect with Ditlevsen on these topics nearly as much I also found the eal meat of this volume to be a let down The final section once we The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation, Volume 1: The Pox Party reach Ditlevsen s addiction definitely feelsushed compared with most of the novel and the previous two Though this should be the climax of the story it definitely feels like Ditlevsen is suddenly How to Write Essays rushing to fit in all the things that happened to her during this period and it definitely loses the intensity it should otherwise have because of this Even the ending which considering the fact it closes with her always having some potential toelapse into being an addict that could be interesting and complex is swept up in this pace and left me feeling very little In all I thought the Copenhagen Trilogy in general to be interesting and of a good uality and the first volume in particular felt very special Unfortunately it doesn t uite fulfil it s potential and because of this overall ends up feeling just. Ske Ebbe som hun får sit første barn med og om lægen Carl som hun gifter sig medRomanen er en usminket fortælling om ægteskabet og Ditlevsens omsiggribende mi.

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A little average Harrowing blunt and uncomplaining account of a young writer falling into addiction Good pace to this book just pulled me Blue Moose right along down a narrowing dark corridor Enjoy isn teally the The Sky Weaver (Iskari, right word but I was captivated by her story The last and BEST book in The Copenhagen Trilogy contains some of the most searingly painful moments of addiction I veead maybe ever and I ead a This trilogy is the one of the best things I ead in years More on them later but guys ead these books I urge you This series man A master at work This one has the toughest subject matter of the three and it can be difficult to eckon with the author s passivity at times The details of her addiction belabour the point a little and it ushes towards the end but there s a sense of elief of her getting it out of her system She lays her experience bare it s up to the eader to process the horrors and the mundanities Ditlevsen eminded me of Jenny Diski one of my favourite writers with her matter of factness the way she cuts through bullshit and the way she presents the banality of troubling life circumstances I ll definitely be seeking out of her wor. Sbrug af alkohol og piller Den skabte både opmærksomhed og forargelse da den udkom første gang og indledes i denne nye udgave med et forord af Dy Plambeck See

Tove Ditlevsen var en dansk forfatter som hentede inspiration i sit eget liv som kvinde I sin digtning og som yndet brevkasseredaktør i Familie Journalen udfoldede hun en dyb psykologisk indsigt i moderne kvinders splittede liv Hendes evne til at udtrykke sammensatte følelser i et enkelt og smukt sprog fik betydning for flere generationer af læsere