Katherine Ramsland: Cemetery Stories Haunted Graveyards Embalming Secrets and the Life of a Corpse After Death

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Ndeed All in all if you find yourself fascinated by what is supposed to happen to s after death versus what actually does and are not easily creeped out this is a good basic read on the topic probably better as a library read than a purchase Lots of interviews and Geographies, Mobilities, and Rhythms over the Life-Course urban legend not a lot of research or depth Mary Roach s STIFF is excellent though Very interesting book for me I learned alot from this book about death funeral homes embalming and a bit of what goes on behind the scenes before a funeral or burial takes place Nothing really brutal but can be a sensitive area if you have recently lost a loved one The death industry needs a special kind of person with a certain kind of personality Katherine Ramsland s Cemetery Stories. To mortuary assistants gravediggers funeral home owners and and find out about Stitching and cosmetic secretssed on mutilated bodies Embalmers who do than just embalm The rising popularity of cremation art Ghosts that infest graveyards everywhere If you've ever scoffed at the.

All I can say is this is in my top ten of my very favorite books She goes across the country talking with morticians and their families and teaches in a very storytelling way about the history to now of the mortuary services This was very helpful for me when I wrote my first book The subtitle sums this book p nicely if you ve done other reading on the death care industry a lot of the information will be a repeat Although she does have a bibliography page many of the haunted graveyard and funeral home stories have an air of the apocryphal about them The embalming section does go into detail so if you re easily suicked you might want to skip that section And nless you re really strong stomached skip the necrophilia section TMI Never look at a grave the same way again Admit it You're fascinated by cemeteries We all die and for most of s a cemetery is our final resting place But how many people really know what goes on inside around and beyond themEnter the world of the dead as Katherine Ramsland talks.

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Haunted Graveyards Embalming Secrets and the Life of a Corpse After Death asks and answers many estions on these topics The author covers these areas but The New Goddess unfortunately with her stiff writing style the book which has a great deal of information is flat It comes across as a high school term paper where the student struggles with the topic she has chosen It is written as a list and does not flow as a book should If one has read on these topics before much of the book will be a repeat Not that I am completely comfortable with these areas but the author often appears frightened while presenting her research and interviews with death industry personnel The ghost stories at the end of the book are fun even though some arerban legends. High price of burying the dead or ever wondered how your loved ones are handled when they die or simply stared at tombstones with morbid fascination then take a trip with Katherine Ramsland and learn about the booming industry and strange tales that surround cemeteries everywhe.

I've loved books since I was 3 and the library was a highlight of my childhood I've been fortunate to be able to find great joy in what others have written and sometimes to give this to readers I follow my own muse because it leads me on interesting adventures If others benefit so much the better