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Less fortunate and wishes to pursue a career in social work Scarred from her last relationship she wants to keep things casual however when she meets the guy who resses up as Sherlock on one Flawed (The Butcher, day and Doctor Who on another he hasefinitely piued her interest Out of the 3 that I have read in this series I fully expected to really like this book because I generally like reading about performing arts but surprisingly this was my least favourite out of the lot It The Covent Garden Ladies: The inspiration behind ITV show HARLOTS doesn t follow the exact structure of the other books in the series however there were similar themesI think it s time fore me to take my leave on the Hot and Nerdy Series even though each book is aifferent storyline I feel like it s getting repetitive and slow however I wouldn t mind reading other books my Schroeder Review can also be found on Orchids AmethystsTitle His Dream RoleAuthor Shannyn SchroederRating 255 Thanks to NetGalley and Kensington Books for letting me receive a Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins digital copy of this book before its official releaseI am not sure what happened Alright I have no freaking clue I was so into this series liking both of the previous books but His Dream Role missed my expectations The story idea itself was good but I missed background informations andepth Also with Hunter in His New Jam I Flaunting, Extravagant Queen (French Revolution, didn t notice but I kind ofisliked reading the same scenes from the previous two books from Free s point of view It was like a Pages From Bee Journal deja vu and I have just rather skipped thoseHowever I feel really sorry for not liking this book better As mentioned I liked the first two so why not this one It felt a little forced to me like the characters themselves Stones of Witness didn t know what too with their lives I m talking about Free especially here First I got the impression he My Indian Kitchen didn t like joining his father s business and suddenly he got into a fight with Sam because he wanted to Iidn t understand thatTalking about Samantha I was surprised to read about a girl that worked in a shelter I loved that It was a really good idea only we Lots of Mommies didn t exactly read about her work at the shelter Weid but only in conversations she had with other people There aren t any scenes at her place of work Why not I would have liked that That s the reason I complain about the book s epth It lacked of itOne thing I liked was Free s costumes The characters are supposed to be nerdy and Hunter wasn t much of a nerd not as much as Adam anyway I m glad Adam and Free were so similar uoting movies ressing about as Doctor who yeah Free has got a real nerdy heart I liked thatAlso it was mentioned that Sam came from a rich family and though there were a couple of conversations with her parents I would have liked to find out about her past life how she grew up with rich parents Maybe I can t expect that of a short book but I feel like a lot of things were missing and I am sorry for thatSo just because His Dream Role wasn t what I expected I think you should read the other two books I have reviewed though They re called His Work of Art featuring my favourite male character of Shannyn s Adam and His New Jam for the music fans among you guys His Dream Role is the 6th book in Shannyn Schroeder s Hot Nerdy series It has a great plot fun characters and is a nice easy read There is no cliffhanger here folks and you will have an HEA at the end The story is told from a third person point of view between the main two characters It can be read as a standaloneNow let me hop onto Free and Sam These two were just fun and for me this book took a Fantasy Man different turn than the 4th and 5th book in this seriesid Free is an actor who The Flame Of Adventure dresses up in costumes toraw attention away from his brother It is sweet but it also shows so much personality on his part The problem is while playing all these roles he s never sure if a girl will like him for who he actually is Sam on the other hand is one of those characters you just like That is the best way I know to put it She s fun she s caring and kind hearted She reads like she has an old soul too while still being youngThese two are not without their struggles however and assumptions or omitting things unintentionally can throw a wrench in the works The chemistry between them is ifferent in this book It isn t what I would call instant In fact at first I thought to myself he likes this girl but he seems to zip off within five minutes of talking to her every time I came to like and understand that The chemistry efinitely has a slow build but when it goes off it really goes offI m sad to see this is the last of the Hot Nerdy series I actually hope there will be because the topics and Divine Magnetic Lands different plot lines make for fun and interesting reads You really got to sort of jump into Free s acting here as well as what Sameoes for her job Yes I m being vague no spoilersI would most Frog and the Treasure definitely suggest you pick His Dream Role up and give it a go It is a sweet story that will stick with you. Crazy However it turns out Sam has a soft spot for theater nerds And the time they spend together the their steamy romance begins to take center stage Only problem is thereoesn't seem to be a script And it's anyone's guess how this one will end.

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His Dream Role is a cute but frustrating read It is harmless but also The Butterfly Club dull and shallowCharacters and theirevelopment are often what makes a great romance story and what separates one from the other and makes a story interesting But neither Sam nor Free get really interesting There s a hint of internal external conflict but it never really becomes believable Instead it seems contrived and sometimes a bit ridiculous The worst example for me is when Sam wants to talk instead of kissing until they have had Lilith Enraptured (Divinity Warriors dinner but then can t figure Free out when heoesn t flirt but just talks and even makes her laugh Or when Sam says I His Substitute Bride (Seavers Brides, don t want you to think that because I have my own condoms that I m not into monogamy I am What Since whenoes condoms eual not having a steady boyfriend The list of parts that irritated me is long but I will leave it at this and just say that with all the amazing books out there His Dream Role is not worth my timeI reveived and ARC via Netgalleycom in exchange for an honest review Free sucked at asking girls out and had not been on a Tu Alma ¿La Conoces? date since Kim broke up with himSamantha Sam was at the coffee shop Free went to She couldn t find her money and Free paid for her coffee as well as his own Sam volunteered at a shelter and went to school Her parents had money but not her Sam felt her life was unsettled Free wore costumes when he went to the gym with his brother Cary to take the attention off I found this one to be cute Both Free and Samantha were so unsure about themselves that it was fun to see them interact with each other I even found how they had toefend the other to their friends to be charming Both seemed so starved for the acceptance they received from each other Review copy given through Netgalley for my honest revew Free or Humphrey is the third friend to get his romance He loves acting and goes to the gym to help J.M. Coetzee divert the attention away from his brother Meeting Samantha afterwards at a coffee shop has given him a new role boyfriend Samantha is studying to be a social worker while Free studies the stock market He is a true gentleman and uses movie uotes when he s nervous adorable This couple is probably my favorite between the three not necessary to read the others but theyo overlap a bit All three stories are happening at the same time ending at the New Year s Eve party The way these stories are told and the playful covers make this author one of my favorites COPY PROVIDED BY NETGALLEYThis was a great book It was entertaining and fun And most importantly it was a smooth read And This is what I like about Shannyn Schroeder I actually never heard of her before THE HOT AND NERDY series and I have got to say I loved what I read This series could easily be one of my favorite even if I only rated it three stars Actually it s than three but not uite four and I recommend this book to any romance lover who want to spend some good time with a book without thinking much about the plotThe plot is simple actually but you can t help it you fall in love with the characters all of them They are sweet funny nerdy and special in their own special way You have to read it to understand what I am talking aboutIn this book Free and Sam were great individually and as a couple The chemistry between them catches you up from the beginning and you simple Feminization and Chastity Training for the Sissy Husband (The League of Dominant Women don t want to leave their company before the book ends And even then you wish you could stay a bit lingering between the pages and asking for to the storyAs I said I am glad I found this series of Shannyn Schroeder and I think I am becoming a fan of the author I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewRating 4 StarsI wasn t sure what to expect from this novel as it was a new author to me Having read it I would now say that I would be than happy to read books by Shannyn Schroeder especially if they re a part of of Hot Nerdy seriesOne of the first things that I liked were the pop culture references There were a lot of them some of them favorites of mine but I never felt like they were overpowering or just thrown in there to keep the book relevant Free for example cosplays as a way to helpraw attention from his self conscious brother while he exercisesThe family ynamics in this book could easily have gone over the top and become cliches of problem families rich parents that think they know what s best for their kids pressuring them into the parents plans etc While the narrative easily could have gone that way the author chose to humanize Free s parents as well as Samantha s the female MC It was refreshing to see that happen for the parents to be overbearing as parents can be but to not spiral into these awful people that care about image and status than the happiness of their childrenWhich leads me to the main characters Free and Samantha They were each a joy to read together and on their own Usually I expect FreeMitchell loves the theater In his reams he's the one taking the spotlightBut so far he's played against character by following in his father's footsteps as an investment banker When he's masuerading as Dr Who or Sherlock Holmes to help his br.

Character like Free an actor in his spare time to rebel against his investment banker ad and say how his acting was his art man In this however while he loved acting it Forced Feminization (The League of Dominant Women didn t have to be everything to him He was getting the best of both worlds his acting which was a break from the real world and the banking job which he liked and was very good atSamantha was a good person studying to be a social worker Sheid have a few of the rich girl trying to make it on her own traits refusing Daddy s car 새로 만든 먼나라 이웃나라 12 - 미국 3 dating boys that she knew would annoy herad but I Ossos Perdidos (Temperance Brennan, didn t think that they overpowered her personality She genuinely wants to help her clients the women and children at theomestic abuse center she volunteers at You could feel it through her involvement with projects for them reading through practice case studies and so onI liked how the problem of the story the thing that might break them up wasn t ludicrous as I see in romance novels sometimes It was believable and while yes I think Sam bore rather responsibility in it even becoming a thing it wasn t something that they let blind them to the power of owning up to your mistakes and pursuing a future together 25 starsCautions Rant Spoiler AheadIt saddened me to give less than good rating to this book I was so looking forward to Humphrey Free Mitchell book in this series Caught glimpses of his story in the previous two books like his wearing costumes whenever he accompany his brother Cary to the gym and that he Born Fighting d likely have had aispute with his girlfriend by the time Adam Free and Hunter s New Year s party was held But the way it happened Pissed me off Saint Samantha RUINED the book for meThe story started good enough for me though Free was totally adorkable in his awkwardness he s brilliant with numbers and good at amateur acting His only shortfall it seemed was at social grace He put on costumes and used famous lines from the character s as a way to hide his clumsiness in connecting to strangersAt first I also likeD Samantha Sam Wolf character An only pampered aughter of a wealthy businessman who chose to study and work as Social Worker She was intrigued by Free s costumes and further liked him when she learned the reason behind itWhat I really isliked afterward was for me her holier than thou attitude when later on she found out Free planned to join his father as investment banker after graduating Firstly while I understand Free and Sam s relationship was a new one barely a month it s WEIRD just like Hunter said that they idn t exchanged the basic info like what major they studied Though upon Free s recollections that Sam wrinkling her nose when told about one of his classes So she id learned something but DIDN T PAY ATTENTIONSecondly she saw the costumes and Free s rehearsal then made assumption that acting was his passion Let me repeat ASSUMPTION So she had this IDEA of who Free was and was smitten it Then went crazy when that idea proven wrong Well young lady I was NOT amused by you Just because you chose the social worker path A Wartime Nurse didn t make you a Saint Itidn t give you right to judge other people s choice in life Which was why I loved the way Free s brother Cary put it bluntly for her Is there something wrong with wanting to make money and build a good lifeNo My frustration sounds crazy when you put it like thatIt sounds crazy because it IS crazy Yep I applauded Cary at thisThirdly oh yeah I haven t Split done ranting about this young lady sheidn t apologise to Free for her When Stories Clash drama ueen behaviour There s a scene where Free when felt pressured freaked out but he soon APOLOGISED and admitted to Sam that he overreacted Andoing it pretty soon afterwards Face to faceBut Mother Teresa wannabe saintly Saint Samantha She Sword of Honour Second To None didn t say sorry for overreacting and made a scene It was Free who apologised to her for her misassumption Sheid gave reason for freaking out but in The Extra Cadaver Murder doing so managed to insult Free yet again Ion t want to be with a guy who overvalues money I knew that wasn t the case with you as an actor Most actors Perfect Girl Evolution Vol. 6 don t make it big Well thanks for the vote of confidence Saint SamanthaIouble checked and still idn t find the I m sorry I overreacted or some line implying that on the last chapter SIGGGHBecause I m really fond of Free from among the trio best buds I couldn t gave bad rating to his story But really I really wished he umped this girl and found a new girlfriend Free Mitchell was TOO GOOD for Sam WolfThe whole rating is edicated to Free and Free only None for Samantha In fact the MINUS I gave her already ate up Free s portion ARC is kindly provided by the publisher via NetGalley for the exchange of a fair and honest review I ve become uite acuainted with the Hot Nerdy Series and I ve liked what I ve read so far therefore once again I m here to give my review Samantha comes from a wealthy family and has a passion to help others who are. Other he feels he can escape his shy orky persona But nothing's prepared him to play boyfriend to a gorgeous girl like Samantha WolfSamantha isn't uite sure what to think of Free He's cute sweet and uirky but his outlandish costumes make him seem.