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Ce person what brother would make his sister sign a non disclosure contract or threaten to ruin her I hope to be put out of my misery soon and either be told this is the end not that this is an ending I like or that the next installment will be out really soon and that WILL be the conclusion and it will be a satisfying ending I do hope soCopy supplied for review 3 out of five covers would agree Even some of the chicks crazy is on the cover Looking straight at the camera kills the look Yep this chick is crazy Who thinks they are crazy the first time they have sex and takes a pic yet trashes the test For the record I have both my positive testFuck he was able to break free from the crazy but had to go chase it down WTF RUN man It s crazy ass chicks like this that make it hard for sa. Ween James and I resurfaced In a gesture of absolute trust he offered to share the full contents of his phone with me However I couldn't return the gesture There was one picture that I could not allow him to see Not yet Would James understand Or would it drive us further apart and keep him from accepting the gift I so desperately want to give him a bab.

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Can t wait for the next one to come out I m so glad that he came to her And it s over or is it over it NOT sure what the point was Or if this is even the last book There wasn t than sex and this girls young mentality thinking that a baby could solve everything wrong and being so stuck on having a babyUghh Over it Allie and James drama continue Is it one line or two A good cry at Anne s sex and an trust issue that sends this rocky relationship off the rails and another surprise ending If you haven t read parts 1 4 you can to get the full story with all this lustfull stepsibling drama3 stars Sadly I think I like the minor character Anne than the two mainssad I know but she comes off as intresting while I m already getting tired of Allie and James This is one awesome seriesHappy. “You drive me crazy” he whispered his words melting into my mouth “I don't know how you do it but you do” I couldn't believe what I had seen on my stepbrother's computer The thought of it made me sick literally But when combined with my missed period I began to suspect something else I needed to get away from James so I went to visit Anne But

Reading Is that really how it ends or can we expect book 6 ok Good serialI like this serial a lot There are always twists and turns that you don t see coming The characters are well thought out You learn a little about them each part I can t wait for number 6 A Baby For My Billionaire Stepbrother 5 by Cassandra Zara4 Stars Short Story RatingIs it over Is there another one to come I don t know aarrgghh I really hate the way that this book is published in sections mainly because the I read the engrossed I m getting and I hate cliffhangers and having to wait Now I m not even sure if there is going to be or if it s overThis girl is seriously crazy Her inner thoughts are crazy and her actions are scary poor James really has no idea of what she is trying to do Mind you he is not a ni. Had to make a stop at the drug store first Anne was the best friend I had in Boston and she gave me some worldly advice With her words in my head I realized I couldn't leave James like this I had to make things right so I put my worries aside and went back to his apartment It was only an afternoon of guitar lessons and pleasure before the problems bet.

Cassandra Zara It's often said that reading erotica is mostly for women but look closely guys The girls in my books act in ways that you will NEVER see a girl act in a porno Cassandra Zara is a young woman in her 30s who has wanted to write the kind of fiction she'd like to read for a long time It may sound cliché but she really does love long walks on the beach with her husband Her new bab