Linda Oatman High: A Heart Like Ringo Starr

SUMMARY A Heart Like Ringo Starr

Painted Often verse is used to put the reader in a happy playful mood but Faith s mood is not happy but defensive in as playful a manner as a rebelious teenager can be Faith was born with a heart defect and is in need f a heart transplant but doesn t know how much time she has nor does she know when Rufus or if she will ever receive a transplant Though she is livingn borrowed time the reader does not do what Faith does not want you to do feel sorry for her She does not want your pity but the author wants you to know her for who she is a young woman with desires and ambitions like anyone else The clever method f using verse to deflect the irritating and monotonous well wishing that typically come her way enable you to get to know her immediately in intimate fashion and gain enough empathy to be n her sideThis is an engaging read that teens from 10th to 12th grade can relate to and possibly be inspired to put their You Are a Miserable Excuse for a Hero!: Book One in the Just Make a Choice! Series own lives in verse which makes for a good creative lesson It can also be used to put them in touch with their feelings about theirwn mortality It could also serve as a history lesson and teach them who Ringo Starr is I would recommend this book for a high school English course seeking to put reality fiction in the hands f YA readers I loved this story in verse about a girl dealing with her identity as Sick and how she learns to define herself therwise A great add to a YA collection clean enough for middle schoolers but probably most interesting to readers. Someone dies Unless there is a match Staying alive will mean a heart transplant Faith copes with wit and nerve She’s.

14 Luckily this book in verse is a really uick read done in Women and Social Work: Towards a Woman-Centered Practice one sitting The story line had so much potential and the verse format could make it accessible to a lotf readers but it just wasn t executed well The author seemed concerned with the sometimes just too cutesy rhymes and less about the story flow r characters It was too sparse to get to feel connected to any f them I want a heartthat ticksThat tocksA cardio clockthat rocksThat knocks tothe beatof meTold in verses A Heart Like Ringo Starr is the story The Cowboys of seventeen yearld Faith Hope Stevens who has a congenital heart disease She is among thousands who are part Sins of Treachery of the Here s a Wish foundation It s basically a wait list for people who need a heart transplant The story is told in Faith s pointf view giving readers a glimpse into her feelings about her condition her self image her hopes and dreams and even her thoughts about her futureIt was an interesting plot However I think the book falls short n execution I ve read ther verse novels but none uite so rhyme y as this book The rhyming was a bit much for me I didn t care for it OH MY GOD IT WAS SO AMAZING ASDFGHJKL I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH AND YOU NEED TO READ IT I DONT CARE WHAT YOU RE DOING STOP AND READ IT I seriously read this book in My Grandfather's Prison: A Story of Death and Deceit in 1940s Kansas City one night it was a great story but a lot different than what I thought it was I love the story and how the author wrote itut I will be writing another small review n my blog so go check it ut Mediageeksuniteblogspotco. Also a little pissed Whos Next? Guess Who! off She will never growld She will never have a boyfriend Then ne shocking day everything change.

It drew me in with the interesting format but it rhymed entirely too muchI finished it because I knew it would take that much time to do so but I won t pick up another ne by this author I honestly think that this book was a uick read just because it s Papi's Gift onef those poetry kind f books but ther than that I really enjoyed it because Flash Fiction Forward: 80 Very Short Stories once I had foundut that she had her boyfriends cousins heart inside her it just made me have a little hope in this world I enjoy a story written in rhyme unfortunately not this グライネリエ 1 [Grainerie 1] one Not this time The story wasn t bad could have been worse But seemed rushed and cheesy written in verse Ah well so long adieu On we go to something new This is definitelyf a middle grade than YA read Faith ur protagonist is lovely and the story shows so much hope As far as fantastic characters go I hope to someday be someone s uirky Aunt Mary This book holds so much potential The plot fell apart for me though because the author seemed focused n rhyme than depth f storyline It s a uick read and is certainly likable but there isn t anything plot wise that is thoroughly developed I love novels written in verse r poetry There are very powerful novels written in this style This ne however fell short Linda Oatman High s approach to introducing the reader to the heroine Faith Hope Stevenson is unconventional to say the least We meet her in first person verse Not in silly jovial rhyme but in a somewhat annoyed and sarcstic tone as she is getting her toe nails. Her family runs Stevens Brothers Funeral Home Which is ironic since Faith Hope Stevens is not long for this world Unless.

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