Sophia James: The Wild Wellingham Brothers

In this exciting collection Sophia James unleashes the charms of the four wild Wellingham brothersand their sister HIGH SEAS TO HIGH SOCIETYAsher Wellingham Duke of Carisbrook had happened upon Lady Emma Seaton swimming naked and beyond her beauty had seen the mark of a sword on her thigh The Duke is intrigued by this lady of contradictions and vows to possess herONE UNASHAMED NIGHTForced by a snowstorm

Sophia James ☆ 2 Summary

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Ty Lord Cristo Wellingham looks different from the man she knew so briefly in Paris but he is still as magneticTHE DISSOLUTE DUKEThree years after notorious rake Taylen Ellesmere Duke of Alderworth turned his back on their marriage Lady Lucinda has just placed one delicately shod foot back in the halls of the ton when her husband returns He has an offer she can’t refuse And in exchange Their wedding nig.

O spend the night together uarded Lord Taris Wellingham and plain Beatrice Maude Bassingstoke seek solace in each other’s arms The passion they unleash surprises them both How will their lives change with the coming of the new dayONE ILLICIT NIGHTAfter one uncharacteristically wicked night the once reckless Eleanor Bracewell Lowen now leads a safe and prudent life On his return to London’s high socie.

Georgette Heyer novels formed Sophia James's reading tastes as a teenager lying in the sun on her grandmother's porch overlooking a wild west coast beachHer writing life however started in Bilbao Spain After having three wisdom teeth extracted she was given a pile of Mills and Boons filled with strong painkillers she imagined that she could pen one tooMany drafts later she thinks she has t