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S ngaging Fatal Secrets (Protecting the Witnesses entertaining and compulsive reading I literally devour them Yes I was a bit cross with the hero for not being able to keep it in his pants but I couldn t put this novel down nonetheless An interesting storyline completely different from other historical novels I ve read The characters were interesting all very different andach had their own personality However I found this book a little dull nothing really very interesting happened till nearing the A Wanted Man (Silhouette Intimate Moments, end And then thexcitement sort of fizzled out without coming to a climax I didn t feel very satisfied after finishing it I wouldn t call it a page turner too dragged out go to be that grabbing A good book but not brilliant This absorbing historical novel has the firemaster of James I of England as its hero and is a follow on from the novel The Firemaster s Mistress which I read and My Spy (Mission: Impassioned, enjoyed a few years ago In this story the firemaster who is called Francis uoynt is sent as a spy to a small Italian state where he has to find a secret document that compromises the safety of King James s secretary of state Robert Cecil The task is complicated however by the madness of the prince of La Spada and the beauty and cunning of his daughter Sofia the Principessa of the title A wonderful mix of history suspense adventure and romance I reallynjoyed this book and would recommend both of them I had previously read Dickason s The Firemaster s Mistress and while I Until You Loved Me (Silver Springs, enjoyed that I wasn t blown away by it But the character of Francis uoynt was an attractive one and in this book I think Dickason has fulfilled some of the potential that was shown but not uite achieved in the first bookSet in an imaginary Italian city state in northern Italy bordering the Balkans it takes a d I had to get this one finished if only so I could get Nessun dorma out of my head which I found myself hummingvery time I picked the book upSofia s rules for living remind me of Turandot She yearns to rule an Italian princedom but is hampered by a father who is dying of syphilis who has infected large numbers of his people a half brother who aspires to the throne simply because he s male and she s not and there are also lots of mysteriou. E to a hostage but he wants Cecil's firemaster Francis uoynt the best in his dangerous business Cecil immediately seizes the chance for uoynt also serves as his spyLa Spada is a wealthy beautiful Italian city state – the gateway of Europe Whoever controls the mountain passes of La Spada also controls the flow of intelligence and much of the trade from the Middle East As his mind disintegrates into fantastic obsessions the

This is the story of the Principessa from the town of La Spada and the adversity she overcomes as she tries to avoid her father from killing her and her brother seizing the throne It is also about Francis uoynt Who travels from England as a firemaster on a secret mission to help the reigning Prince a mission he is told nothing about until he gets there This was an alright book uite good historical fiction in the time of James I The follow on story from the Firemaster s Mistress was a disappointment I felt bogged down in certaini parts of the story so much that I skipped whole chapters Francis is asked to go to Italy by Cecil to obtain a Bond that was given by the English Government to the Count in La Spada Cecil wants this bond backThe Count is dying of the Pox and wants Francis to send him to the Heavens on a rocket This book is the second in a series the first being The Firemaster s Daughter It is a great historical read and for anyone with an interest in ElizabethianJacobean England it gives great insite Christie Dickenson has thoroughly researched the period and brings her characters to life with very word Although this is a novel it feels like living history The reader has the pleasure of gaining knowledge of the period while still njoying a good read This is the seuel to The Firemaster s Mistress and it s just as fantastic as the first story I loved that the action took place in Italy Francis gets sent to La Spada in the Italian mountains by Robert Cecil to spy on the slightly insane Prince who reigns there under the guise of helping him create an out of this world firework display Whilst there he s seduced by the Principessa Sofia I didn t like Sofia as much as I did Kate in the preuel she was a little bit too cunning for my liking but I did like how brave and determined she was And Francis was captivating as Secret Agent Minister and Deadly Texas Rose ever I don t know whyveryone compares Dickason unfavourably to Philippa Gregory Let s face it Gregory though I love her too has banged out some real dull reads in recent years with all the hallmarks of having been written hastily to meet a publisher s deadline as such Gregory is the victim of her own success I find Dickason s novel. Sumptuous glorious vocation of Jacobean London and Renaissance Italy from the acclaimed author of The Firemaster’s MistressRobert Cecil Secretary of State to James I has a problem He owes a vast and secret debt to the Prince of La Spada who is dying and has called in the loan – and Cecil cannot pay Even worse he has staked as security without royal authority the King's Great Pearl To Cecil's surprise the Prince will agre.

S characters who we don t know if we can trust or notEnter from England Francis uoynt pyrotechnician His job is ostensibly to send the prince to heaven in a vehicle which does not rely on fire to propel it so the prince can bargain with God and try to save his soul spoiler alert His real reason for going is to find and destroy a bond which Robert Cecil the Secretary of State has ntered into with the prince in an uncharacteristic lapse of wisdomNeedless to say when Francis meets the princess Sofia all her rules are blown out of the windowI found this book a bit repetitive but it did keep me wondering till the last page how Sofia s problems could be solved Starts With Promise That Never MaterializesI thought that Christie Dickason s novel The Firemaster s Mistress sounded very interesting and I picked it up Her First Mother (Conveniently Wed, earlier this year only to give up reading it because it wasn t very good It s characters seemed very stereotypical and the writing was of the caliber of a romance novel rather than historical fictionI was willing to give Dickason another try and I thought that this novel sounded interesting It starts with a bang when the Principessa s brother Ettore commits a horrible crime that changes her life and her plans for survival It continues with a likeable protagonist faced with an interesting problem to solve Frances uoynt firemaster and spy is on a mission to serve his patron Robert Cecil Secretary of State to James I Cecil needs uoynt to negotiate the issue of repayment of a loan from the Prince of La Spada the Principessa s father The Prince is mad and dying and has an impossible demand of his ownThere are references to relationships plans andmotions that are never fully described There are many abrupt revelations with no logical flow to the ideas themselves There is very little forward motion to the story and around half way through the book I knew little than I did at the start The vents that unfold are somewhat beyond the realm of likelihood Overall the novel has a very sophomoric feel and seems better suited to a young adult audience though I think it would be hard to keep the attention of the younger readers as it was barely able to keep mine. Rince makes his treacherous illegitimate son his heir Which thwarts the deadly ambition of his daughter Sofia – the PrincipessaSofia is young seductive wily and recently widowed Already a blooded player of politics she could outdo Lucretia Borgia in the lethal game of survival Which she must now play to save herself and her beloved state As unpredictable as gunpowder will she choose to seek Francis's heart or his life Or bo.

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I started to write at the age of three long before I could spell Understandably I hid my poems and very short stories from my English professor father who could spell words like ‘desiccate’ and also insisted on correct grammar All the same he passed on to me his delight in books and words as well as his joy in pursuing intellectual curiosity Under his influence I learned to relish resear