Francesca Quarto: The Wolf Master of Iron Mountain The Witch of Appalachia Book 1

Ghtly from my enjoyment of the book as they tended to break my immersion in the storyCharacter development is well done and the story moves along nicely Although the detail is complete and nicely managed there is nothing that does not serve a purpose in the story All in all a very nicely written tale Excellent storyThis book is filled with poetic words that paint a vivid picture of the people and the town I loved the story and the interactions of the characters. Leen investigates these legends she discovers the town sheriff Jason is as interesting as the town's past With is elp she struggles to uncover the secrets behind the shadow of violence that angs over the town But the closer they get to the truth the she wonders if er trust and attraction for Jason are a mista.

Gonna give a 35 for this one Things I loved 1 The vivid and poetic writing 2 The story in general3 Cathleen4 I definitely want to read the rest of the seriesThings I didn t love1 The editing So many typos punctuation issues grammar things etc 2 How everyone says each others names every other sentence Hi Cathleen i Jason McClellans Other Story how are you Cathleen good Jason U Great Cathleen like ohh 3550Blending the richistory of the Irish Celts magic through Druidic lines with th. Young Cathleen O'Brien comes from a poor Irish immigrant family but she was enriched from Cant You Make Them Behave, King George? her earliest childhood by a father who gaveer the perfect treasure magic Cathleen is part of a clan of Celtic Mages with Magical roots going back to the Dark Times After she purchases a radio station in a remote mountain

E folklore of the Southwest American Indian tribes is a brilliant mix of mythology lore and magicRead full review in the 2016 February issue of InD tale Magazine A thoroughly enjoyable story of mystery I picked up this book and the second in the trilogy at the Tucson Festival last weekendI do not like to give a rating if I cannot give it a full 5 stars and would Leonardo da Vinci have done with this book except for the fact that there are many misspelled words which detracted sli. Own she'll needer magic just to survive Iron Mountain was a booming coal mining town in the late 1800s but there is a sinister cloud Enkätboken hanging over this beautiful mountain setting Old news clipping tell of town folkunted down and murdered and visitors disappearing off the trails never to be seen again When Cath.

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