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E small issues didn t really make a difference but personally was just my feelings towards the flowcontentI d love to continue reading this series A big thank you to Rachel Medhurst for providing me a copy for review DNF 71% I just couldn t stand the flat writing any longer First off even as far as romance dramas go this one has a rather cheesy premise The world is starting to lose faith in love and there are entities who have an interest in keeping that so It s never clear who these are and what they stand to gain by forcing love out of the niverse So 12 people are born with the mission of finding their twin flame or soulmate and inspire such couples to get together It starts to sound greatly like propaganda by married people to force everyone else into coupled The Prodigal Comes Home (Mirror Lake, up states never mind rationale reason or individualityBut the book redeems itself because of the characterisation of the protagonist and her 11 zodiac siblings Pisces is not a strong person But to anyone familiar with th. His lifetime My brothers sisters and I were each named after the star sign we were bornnder We knew that our soul purpose was to fall madly in love and battle through the obstacles that led to that.

This is a magical read about 8 witches and their fated mates and a curse There s some action adventure excitement family drama kidnapping and so much Fab storyline with some great characters and I cannot wait to read I was given this book in exchange for an honest reviewThis was really exciting and I m excited for the series It is a very interesting topic 12 children each for a sign of the Zodiac Pisces was a great character and totally relatable Antony was a great other half I am a chase girl so I love to have a great chase that leads to love it gets me every time There was good set Beast Of Darkness (Knights of White up for the rest of the series and great potential characters I will not lie and tell you I can t wait to read my Zodiac sign s story however it will probably be a while since my sign did not have a prominent part in this book but regardless it was a really engaging start to a seriesMy small hangps were some jumpy parts in the story I would have liked a little flow AND I wanted a little content Thes. The bracelet around my wrist was a permanent reminder of my mission The silver charm that was attached to the leather cord was stamped with my birth sign Mission Unite with my twin flame soulmate in

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E rudiments of astrology she embodies the sign perfectly Pisces is probably the hardest sign to characterise since its people are supposed to have all the signs within them But this book perfectly etches out the confusion the heightened sensitivity the need for space the intuition and the surprising individuality of the sign It also does a fair job of fleshing out Cancer Scorpio Leo and Aries prominent supporting characters From an zodiac viewpoint I m not sure why fire and water are allied so closely when astrology tells Hawks Way Grooms (Hawks Way us it s earth and water that are natural allies while fire and air tend to bond But I m willing to overlook that as part of the fictitiousniverse that the author has created The book also does a marvellous job of tying you into the whole series by strewing various clues about A Biblical Approach to Developing the Inner Qualities of a Leader upcoming books Aries Scorpio I will want to read the others simply to experience a fictionalised version of each of the zodiac signs I got this book off NetGalley I couldn t do it DNF 40%. True love Antony creptp on me and caught me naware He was nothing like I'd imagined my twin flame soulmate to be When he started to run I found that I had to give chase I had to complete my mission.

Rachel Medhurst grew up in a small village in Surrey England She writes to inspire and heal She lives in the British countryside with her dog If she’s not writing she can be found walking in nature and reading For information about current projects including her short story dystopian series Avoidables please check out her website